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Dark Tales : Edgar Allan Poe Premature Burial (PC)

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Manufacturer: Big Fish Games / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2012 09:32
      Very helpful



      A decent mystery game

      When you begin playing a mystery game which involves you locating clues and finding hidden items you either have a good or bad experience and this game was a good one.

      The Edgar Allan Poe series has had a few various games and with various types of outcomes and this game proved to be pretty good on many levels.
      I was given this game to borrow because I was bored over Christmas period not being too well and it was a game I was addicted to instantly.

      You are involved in a story which I will not spoil as that would not help people but the story needs you to explore various scenes and help complete the ending of the story and solve the outcome.

      The game starts off in a wood and this enables you to learn about the different ways of playing the game and there are a few routes to success. You have one way which is where you need to find items hidden around the various scenes.

      However, you are not told where the items are, what items you need or anything you just explore a scene and if you see a wire in a random location click on it and it will be added potentially to your inventory in case you need it later on.

      You move from scene to scene but you might need a screw to put together an item so you go searching for this screw and when you do you come across another issues to solve. You are constantly on the lookout and trying to find ways to complete the game.

      You can pick items in the inventory to use at your leisure and if you pick the wrong item you're told about it.
      You also have some scenes where you click on a vortex type item and it takes you to a situation where you're told to find a list of items at the bottom of the screen usually when you find them all you're given another item to help with your journey.

      You play this game for hours attempting to find the way around because you eventually visit so many scenes and areas you lose track of where you are. You can greet people you see as you go as they can give you pointers sometimes to where items might be stored.

      What makes this game for me stand out is the fact you have so much to do. When you're looking for missing items with a list you know the next scene will be the same and so on and to be honest that is boring and just makes you wonder why you bother.

      This game all the areas you visit you need to keep visiting in order to find items, sometimes items show up in scenes you have checked already to keep you on your toes.

      I like the graphics which really are good they highlight all the types of items and scenery you witness and you also notice the amount of colour in the game. The game play is quick and rapid and when you do click on an item it disappears or tells you if that is an item you need instantly.

      I cannot find a fault in the game except one which would be sometimes you see an item you know you have the solution in your inventory yet the game forbids this movement.

      An example might be seeing a key you have and a door which is locked you know the key you have fits the door yet the game doesn't allow this move. You move around do some other things return a few minutes later and then it allows you to use the key.

      That is confusing and you have no idea as to why this happens but it does happen with other objects in other situations on the game.

      For me the game offers a story, plenty of game play, excellent graphics and a decent all round price. I believe this game can be downloaded from big fish games online for a few pounds, prices can vary.

      I would recommend this game to anyone.


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