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Day of Defeat World War II (PC)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action / Publisher: Activision / Platform(s): Windows / ESRB Rating: T - (Teen) / Media: CD-ROM

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    2 Reviews
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      04.06.2011 19:45
      Very helpful



      It's worth it for any WW2 gamer.

      Day of Defeat: Source is a first-person multiplayer shooter from developers Valve, who publish it on their own digital distribution system, Steam. It is rated 16+.

      ==So, what's Day of Defeat Source==

      Day of Defeat is a shooter based around the beginning of the 1940s during World War 2. The game pits two teams of players of equal size, Axis and Allies, against each other on the themed stock maps which are designed to look like authentic battles that actually took place in World War 2, or battlegrounds inspired by the like.


      The first thing players should know about Day of Defeat is that it's far from your average military simulation; by that I mean that the game is in no way realistic, players move quickly, weapons are fairly accurate and there aren't even ironsights for the majority of weapons. However, this is not a bad thing - the game focuses more on fun than trying to recreate the feeling of having bullets fly over your head on a real life battlefield.

      The lack of realism can be a good thing though; it makes for a more casual and laidback experience when playing, especially with friends. It also increases the action factor, increasing the pace and making it great for any time constraints you may have, be it five minutes of five hours.

      The game uses a 'capture point' system. These capture points are represented by flags, and each team must try to capture all of the points, but also prevent the enemy team from taking them back. This can cause some fast and frenetic battles surrounding points as those just about to win fight the very-close-to-losers for the very final flag.


      When the player is in-game, they are equipped with certain weapons, these weapons are defined by class. These include the
      *'Rifleman', which on the Allied side has a weaker semi-automatic rifle, and the Axis side is a strong bolt action rifle, as well as their corresponding rifle grenade attachments and a knife and spade respectively for close combat
      *'Assault' which on the Allied side sports a Thompson assault rifle and on the Axis an MP40. Each side also has a pistol that is generally stereotyped to that side. For the Americans, it's the Colt .44, and for the Germans, it's the Luger. This class also has a smoke and incendiary grenade, for blocking the enemies vision or blowing them up completely respectively.
      *'Support' has a light machine gun, although considerably more heavy than the assault rifle in the 'Assault' class, and with a slower rate of fire - it deals a fair amount more damage per shot, meaning that the class is ideally suited to those who can land a shot, and comes with a lovely close combat knife or spade as well as a handgun.
      *The 'Sniper' class has a, you guessed it, sniper rifle. It is suited to those who are a crack shot with their chosen rifle, and it has its own pistol and close combat weapon, much like the other classes.
      *Then there's the 'Machine Gun' class, which features a very heavy machine gun that does potentially devastating damage to the other team, but requires to be mounted before use, or the recoil will wreck the perfect accuracy that comes with the mounted weapon. There is also a pistol and close combat weapon for none-mounted combat.
      *The 'Rocket' class has, once again, you guessed it - a Rocket Launcher. It fires explosive projectiles with a devastating field of damage that can kill easily with a direct hit. It also comes with a pistol for close combat situations, as you don't want to blow yourself up with the rocket launcher.

      Each of these classes have been fine-tuned to ensure that not one team has a particular advantage, and every combat situation can be beaten with tactical thinking and the correct classes on the battlefield. The only exception to the rule is the Machine Gunner class, that once mounted and aimed at their enemies base is practically unstoppable, but it is disabled on most servers in the game.


      The graphics are, as all Valve games, based upon their Source engine. Day of Defeat's visuals were hardly award winning at the time, and they're pretty much average today in 2011, and the wrinkles aren't showing too prominently, which I guess is a feat for games of that era. The textures are, however, far surpassed by the graphical dream-candy of today such as Crysis and Far Cry 2.

      ===The Models===

      The models are the objects in the game, or at least the general shape and depth of them. In Day of Defeat: Source, they are not intricately detailed, but it doesn't matter too much as this keeps your game running smooth and you won't really be staring at the intricate detail on your enemies shirt for more than a few seconds anyway.

      ===The Textures===

      If you picture the models in the game as newly formed clay ornaments, the textures are the layer of paint that is slapped on top of them. In Day of Defeat, they are a little blurry, especially at lower settings, which is a shame, but it doesn't matter too much as you are ever sprinting about, dispatching of your enemies and stealing their command points.

      ===Lighting and Shadowing===

      This is the only element of the game that is distinctly lagging behind many games of the genre. The game features no kind of Dynamic Shadowing, meaning that moving scenery objects do not cast shadows, and the things the characters are holding on screen do not have shadows applied to them either. It also means that the lights cannot move to cast different shadows among the scenery.


      There isn't much in the way of sound to talk about in Day of Defeat, there is minimal spoken audio (although the little that there is, is pretty good) - the gun sounds are for the most part good to excellent and the ambient sounds of explosions and gunfire convincing and immersive.

      ===Value for Money===

      There are two ways of looking at how much 'bang' you get for your buck. The game has only a multiplayer, and the multiplayer has only one built in mode, but then again - the game is only £5.99 from Steam, and comes free with retail copies of Counter Strike: Source.

      There is, however, a fairly avid modding community for Day of Defeat, always creating new maps and modes for the game. The game includes absolutely free the Source SDK modding kit, allowing for the player to create their own modifications to the game. I have created some maps using the kit, and although at first complex, it is easy to get used to, and the complexity in the end only helps with productivity and allows for very complex things to be done. It is an official Valve Development tool after all. Each of the maps have a large amount of replay ability anyway, meaning that you probably won't get bored for hours to come.


      The game doesn't have a singleplayer, but the multiplayer can be either really hard or really easy. It depends entirely on the balance of the map that you are playing on and the experience of player that you are playing with. If you are playing with people that have been on the game for five years every day for sixteen hours, and you've just started - you're obviously not going to stand a chance. But if you're a beginner and you play with fellow beginners, the playing grounds are obviously going to be more even, so make sure you have a few beginner friends with you when you first start to play to play amongst yourselves until you get the hang of it. Unless you feel that you'll be able to take the 'hardcore' masses.


      The multiplayer component is the game component, so I guess it's a good thing that the multiplayer is a blast. There is generally a friendly community out there, and while there are a few young kids playing - there are a bunch of very mature people playing as well, meaning that you won't feel out of place no matter what age range you are in, although if you're ten you probably shouldn't be playing the game. The community and the selection of community made maps makes the multiplayer worthwhile, and you're sure to make a few friends along the way.

      ==Content Watch==

      Day of Defeat: Source isn't exactly the most family friendly game ever, but its far from the worst.


      Players are required to shoot at one another to win, blood can and regularly does splatter on the walls and floor, as well a brief blood cloud on bullet impact, however this does not remain. The blood stains on the walls and floor do, however, for some time. There is no focus on injury.

      There is no other strong content, however, the players are not barred from using strong language and sexual phrases as well as using avatars that depict sexual, vulgar or disgusting content, however, it is possible to simply not look at the avatars, sprays and phrases, although the text chat is vital for teamwork.

      ==Content Conclusion==

      The game should really be alright for a mid-teen, if not younger. I'd trust a thirteen year old with this game, especially since there is no direct focus on pain or injury in the players, other than the blood splashes, and the fact that all of the violence is in a historical, yet arcade-like context. There are also no moments where the violence appears particularly high impact.

      ==Game Conclusion==

      Day of Defeat: Source is most definitely not a bad game in any way, shape or form. It is definitely deserving of your £5.99, and it can deliver hours and hours of fun to those who become fans of the game. There is a star community around the game, and the modders never cease to create something fantastic, so put the occasionally drab and average graphics out of your head, and purchase Day of Defeat: Source - most any FPS player will absolutely adore it.

      ===System Specifications===

      1.7 GHz Processor
      512MB RAM
      DirectX® 8.1 level Graphics Card (Requires support for SSE)
      Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP
      Internet Connection

      Essentially - the game should run absolutely fine on any computer or laptop purchased in the last two to three years, but always ask a techy if you need help deciphering whether or not your computer will run the game.

      The game requires a Steam account


      Copied from my Ciao account of the same name

      I give the game four of five stars, as the graphics are not excellent. At least it ensures the game runs well.


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      30.11.2009 23:53
      Very helpful



      A great online WWII shooter.

      Day of Defeat (or DoD as it's known) is an online modification using the Half Life engine. An FPS (first person shooter) which is set in World War II. There is no single player campaign as the game focuses on multiplayer via the internet, although you can play against bots (computer controlled opponents) if you wish. It's far more fun however to play against live opponents.

      There are a variety of maps, supporting upto 32 players, you can play as the Nazi's or the Americans, thankfully on some maps you can also play as the British, after all we did have a small role in the war ourselves ; )

      Each side has their own weapons with sniper and MG classes to choose from as well, some servers set limits on the amount of snipers and machine gunners are allowed at any time.

      Unlike CounterStrike (another half life mod) you do not receive money or buy and sell weaponary, also unlike CS you don't have to wait until the round is over to respawn (rejoin the game after death). You respawn after a few seconds. This keeps the action flowing on the plus side but makes dying less significant on the minus side.

      The game is divided into rounds, to win a round you must capture all of the enemy flag points, and in some levels, you may have to destroy certain vehicles and/or objects to reach your objectives.

      On the whole the maps are well designed with a few particularly enjoyable examples, namely Charlie, a recreation of the tragically costly D-Day landings and a map set in dense forest imaginatively known as...Forest!!!

      DOD is a fast paced online FPS where a single shot to the head or merely a couple to the torso will stop you in your tracks, this creates alot of tension as instant death could be around the next corner.


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  • Product Details

    Fight to keep yourself and your comrades alive as a soldier during the final days of World War II! / Rated T: Teen

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