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Delicious Emily's True Love Premium Edition (PC)

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Developer: GameHouse

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 21:16
      Very helpful



      A good game with cute graphics.

      Release date: 30 November 2011
      File Size: 257.19 MB
      Publisher: Gamehouse

      ~ The story ~

      "Emily's True Love" is the 7th and most recently released time management game of the Emily's series. It is about an American girl called Emily, who tries to balance her life and work to find the true happiness. She runs a family restaurant with her mother Evelyn, her father and her best friend and she is always trying to keep her customers happy.

      One day she receives a love letter from an old summer romance that turns her world upside down. Jean Paul was her teenage love from France. They broke up 16 years ago because his mother didn't approve his relationship with an American girl. When Emily reads the letter, she follows her heart and goes to Europe to find the man of her dreams.

      She decides to take the plane to Paris but due to a volcano there are problems in the flights and the plane lands to Madrid. There, she works in the airport restaurant, she makes new friends and learns how to dance salsa. She discovers that her suitcase has been lost and located in Copenhagen so she is forced to stay in Madrid for 10 days.

      Her next journey is by train to Paris so the third restaurant is inside the train, called "Fresco's Diner Express". In every trip she meets an interesting man who falls in love with her. During the game you keep wondering who will she choose to be the man of her life. In the train she meets Phillipe, a food critic and her initial feeling of dislike towards him change into a good friendship.

      When she arrives to Paris, she finds Jean Paul's restaurant and this is her next working environment. She starts a relationship with him but soon she discovers that he has other girlfriends too and she departs for home disappointed.

      She is heartbroken and she goes back to her family feeling depressed but soon she starts flirting again with Patrick. Patrick was introduced in the first days of the game as the florist that comes every morning to put flowers in the restaurant. He is funny and he has a secret crush for Emily but he doesn't find the right moment to express his feelings but he is always sweet with her and he brings her roses.

      It's a charming story line and very well developed. It introduces different characters in each location and it gives you a background for each one of them. Every new character, even the staff members play a role in the story of the game and they appear again during the gameplay. Actually, I was impressed about how well this game is strustured with the story.

      ~ Game play ~

      It is a time management game and the player is running a restaurant. Customers enter the restaurant, they give orders and you have to click on the ingredients to complete them. Sometimes you need to cook the dishes and make combinations with the right ingredients or wait for the coffee to be prepared. The customers with simple orders might ask only for the newspaper or for a tea while others may have more complex orders. Once you have all the ingredients on the tray, you click on the tables or the individual customers that come in front of the counter to serve them and then you receive payment by clicking on the cash register. If you are late for the orders you see the customer's face blush from anger and they might leave without paying.

      The focus of the game is to reach the target score in order to proceed to the next day, or if you are very quick you can gain the expert rating and earn more reward money. For the target score the game gives you 100 coins to spend on the upgrades or 200 coins for the expert achievement. There are 3 different levels of difficulty in the game: Beginner, Normal and Advanced. I played the game in the medium level and I didn't find it that hard to achieve all the target scores. It was a bit challenging to get the expert goal in some levels in the first time though.

      The game play is simple and if you run the small tutorial in the beginning which shows the basic steps, you won't have any problems. In the first days of each restaurant there are only limited choices in food while later Emily upgrades to a bigger tray and more tables, and there are different food varieties and ingredients available. Moreover, she is receives help by other staff members for the table cleaning and the entertainment of the customers with painters, salsa dancers, clowns etc.

      As the game goes on, more items are added in the store and more customers come at the same time. In the first days Emily only serves sandwiches, cakes and juice and later she adds ice cream, coffee, and more ingredients for the sandwich, which makes her job more complicated.

      ~ Game Levels ~

      There are 50 levels in total in this game and 10 additional games can be played when the premium level is unlocked. Each location has 10 days to complete and it is separated in chapters.

      - The first restaurant is Called Emily's place and it includes 5 stories: The Letter (Day 1 and Day 2) where Emily receives the love letter from Jean Paul. Next chapter is called "I'm getting married" referring to Angela's wedding (Emily's sister) and runs for Day 3 and 4. In Days 5 and 6 The Dress Debacle takes place following the Big Day (Days 7,8) and The Decision (Days 9,10).
      - The next part of the game takes place in Carmen's Comedor. 5 chapters also need to be completed: A Detour, The Dancer, The Offer, Goodbye, Hello...Again.
      - The third restaurant is called ''Fresco's Diner Express" and includes the following levels: The Mix-Up, "Just" Dinner, Smooth Sailing, A Fresh Start, End of the Line.
      - Chez Jean-Paul: Reunited, The Surprise, The Promise, The Bitter Blow, Falling Stars.
      - Emily's Return: Heartbreak at Home, Getting Better, Memory Lane, One Cast Cry, No More Goodbyes.

      In the Premium game after all the levels are finished, 10 new days are unlocked showing what happened back home when Emily was travelling to Paris. In this chapter, her best friend François runs the restaurant with the help of Emily's mother.
      - Francois' Place: Animal Rebellion, Attempt to Contact, Lack of Emily, Under the Floor, A Rainy Return.

      " Trophies "
      You can earn various trophies during the game based on your performance and achievements. The trophies' page is a huge purple heart-shaped chocolate box with red roses. For each trophy that you earn, a chocolate appears in the box. 25 small chocolate treats are available and I haven't earned all of them yet, as some of them are hard to achieve.

      " Premium Edition "
      The premium edition is available only after the game is completed. It has special bonus items including 10 exclusive restaurant items, a helpful Strategy Guide with tips and tricks for the game, the Emily Screensaver, and three Wallpapers.

      ~ Graphics ~

      The graphics and the general presentation of the game is very good. As previously mentioned, the game has little stories in the beginning and the end of each day. Everything is designed in detail and the different locations have realistic graphics that suit the story. Further, although the stories are evolved in the main restaurants, the characters change rooms during the small videos so we are also transferred to Emily's house, to a small park in Paris etc. A small pink cloud appears on the screen showing Emily's thoughts every time she thinks about her boyfriend. I would say that the game is perfect and sweet in terms of graphics and design. Everything is very girly and cute (probably too girly for me), the restaurants are full of flowers, roses and love stories. The colours are bright and everything is in red-pink-purple shades.

      During the game, you can see the mood of Emily at her face, for example when she is happy, sad, when she is crying or when she is blushing.

      ~ My opinion ~

      This game has a great, structured story and everything is well connected but I think I would like this game better if I was younger. I believe that they have focused on the story too much and it lacks in the actual game play. The stories are interesting but the days are long and the orders are not that challenging. The only levels that I found more challenging were the ones with the parallel tasks that I needed to complete while taking orders and serving the customers. I really enjoyed this part because besides the basic game play, I had to find time for Emily to read the love letter, help her mother adjust her sister's wedding dress, find the pieces of a broken vase etc. What I also liked about this game is that you don't always play with the same players. The whole family participates in the restaurant and in each level you might work with different players.

      I found myself a bit addicted to the game in the beginning of each restaurant. I noticed that, because the whole environment changes, it was difficult for me to get a high score in the first level because I had to get used to the new ingredients, the way they were placed behind the counter and the order in which I had to click them.

      However, I realised that every restaurant started and ended in almost the same level of difficulty. I was expecting that it would become more complicated gradually but I had to do similar tasks and orders with different ingredients in all 6 locations. So when I played the second location I felt like I had played the whole game and unfortunately it didn't surprise me until the end.

      Also, there are not many options for upgrading the restaurant. Only a few decorating stuff like flowers, rugs, tables, fans on the ceiling and only one upgrading of the counter. As a player, I would like to be able to buy coffee machines, ovens, and upgrade them when I gather enough money instead of putting flowers in the store and improving only the aesthetics.

      " Installation process "
      I found the installation process very slow, it takes about 10 minutes to be completed and it slows down the computer, so it is recommended to have all other programs closed when installing the game.

      ~ Where can you buy it? ~

      Emily's True Love is released from the GameHouse for $19.99 which is around £12.7 and there is the convenient option to buy it with PayPal. The game is downloaded from the website and they don't offer CDs for their games. There is also the option to try the 60 minutes trial of the full game for free.

      More information on the GameHouse website:

      ~ Conclusion ~

      Overall this game has a lovely story and great graphics, suitable for young girls. In the beginning the game was very interesting but it soon became repetitive and the difficulty didn't increase much. I am not sure if I would recommend this, it is a fun game but I don't think it's worth the money.

      Thank you for reading!

      _This review is also published on ciao under my username "sweetybi"_


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