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Disney Hotshots: Beauty and the Beast (PC)

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1 Review
  • Fun for little girls
  • Some interesting parts
  • Slightly boring as there are not many free choice options
  • Not very suitable for boys
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    1 Review
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      17.10.2015 19:54
      Very helpful


      • "Some interesting parts"
      • "Fun for little girls"


      • "Slightly boring as there are not many free choice options"
      • "Not very suitable for boys"

      A Disney Classic

      The Beauty and the Beast programme is more of an activity centre than a game. There's an objective (to host a party for Beast) and the child has to go into different rooms to make things happen so that the party goes ahead. It's very feminine in style and not a single boy has asked to play this game so although I don't like to separate the sexes I would say this is more the sort of game you'd consider if you were buying for girls rather than boys. This is mainly because not many boys will have an interest in making cupcakes as pretty as they possibly can, and asking them on opinions to embellish Belle's dress (Beauty) may not go down too well either.

      These are the type of tasks you have to complete to progress through the game and at the end you're rewarded with a party for the big guy. It's not as artistic as it sounds because the players don't have much leeway to customise or personalise any of the levels, they do get to choose how to decorate the party hall and lay the table for a party tea but it's all done from a limited set of options or no options at all and made into a race against the clock. I like the section where you have to dress Belle but again thought the options were very limited for a major element of the game, dressing your own Disney Princess! There are a few styles of dress to choose from but not as many accessories as you need to bring your princess to life, this is disappointing from an adults point of view but in fairness I don't think any of the little girls who have played my copy have noticed the lack of options as they're usually excited enough to be allowed on the laptop anyway!

      The animation and graphics are beautiful and there are lots of cute and classic scenes such as Belle standing at the top of a sweeping staircase or Mrs Potts (the teapot) taking charge of organising the party. It's colourful to appeal to children and an advantage of this game is that you can skip through the levels, with only a few that are compulsory to be completed for the party to go ahead, I class this as an advantage because time is limited for the children who play my copy so it's good to know they can complete the game and get to see the party (if they want to) within the time constraints.


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