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Dogz 5 (PC)

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5 Reviews
  • dont have to clean up
  • graphics a bit grainy
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    5 Reviews
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      10.08.2014 15:39
      Very helpful


      • "dont have to clean up "


      • "graphics a bit grainy"

      have a pet without the mess

      After my last review I decided to bring this out mainly with the intention of having a quick play of it so I could review it then donate it to charity. I seem to have a huge selection of games and this is one that I seem to have them all dogz,2,3,4.. and the cat ones :P

      **Game basics**
      Age -3+
      Genre-Simulation; Kids/Family
      Sub Genre-Life Sim/Virtual Pet
      Release Date-1st June 2007
      Operating System-Windows Vista / XP / 2000
      This can be bought used from 1p on amazon .
      In the game you can :
      - have multiple puppyz born in a litter
      Choose from different Dogz Breedz - 5 new breedz!. Its nice that you have a bigger choice on the previous games however I don't think that the selection is that great. I think that kids playing this would maybe like to create a virtual pet maybe like a pet they have and unless they have something really common they wont be able to.
      New Playscenes - Haunted Mansion, Castle, Asian Temple, Pet Salon, and a Nursery- Again this is an improvement on the previous games but you kind of think whats the point of some of the backgrounds.
      Mini Games - There are 5 mini games in all
      Weather Effects - Sun, Rain, and Snow. I think that this makes it more realistic
      Day & Night Cycles - Play with your Dogz during the daytime or nighttime
      New Toys & Clothing - New toys to go along with the new scenes!
      New graphics - Updated to 24-bit! It's simply marvelous!

      ** other Thoughts on the game**
      Sadly this is another game that wont appeal much over the age of 10. I think that the graphics are a bit grainy although to be fair they are okay for the time this came out plus they are a big improvement on the previous editions. I also thought it was nice how this game could be played along with catz but I think they should maybe have brought out a general petz game instead insead of people possibly having to buy both. As a child who wasn't able to have a pet I really enjoyed this game.

      Overall I recommend this as a game for under 10s


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      18.05.2011 18:06
      Very helpful



      Well worth buying!

      Dogz 5 - PC game

      My little one loves her PC games at the moment, coming to the age where she is able to pick up children's games really easily. Two recent games we have bought her (though not recent as in new out) have been Dogz 5 and Catz 5 which can actually be installed together and be played together, something my little one really loves, especially when the dogs chase the cats on the game screen!

      We bought both games for only £2.00 each which seems about average for these games these days, and is a great bargain!

      The game play is simple. You adopt a dog from a whole list of different breeds, all cartoon like for the game. You are able to adopt absolutely loads of different dogs and name them all - I am not sure how many you can adopt in total as my little one keeps getting the option to adopt more, though at the moment she has around 15-20 of them! Of course, with so many to look after, she does end up losing up when they run away if she has not visited them, played with them, fed and bathed them for a length of time! The first time, she was quite upset though she has so many now that I think she has forgotten most of them!

      Once you have adopted a dog, as already stated, you look after them by feeding, cleaning and playing with them. You are able to dress them in a variety of clothes, paint them and decorate their homes. As all of this happens, you can watch them grow from puppy to dog and if you play with two together, they may even mate and have their own puppies! This can be quite comical when two different breeds mate!

      Within the game, there are many different game windows to play your pets in such as the living room, kitchen, back yard, seaside, bathroom and many more play scenes, five of which are new to this addition of Dogz. There is also an option to create your own scene from scratch, though I took a quick look at this option and found it rather complicated for a youngster so we mainly ignore this part, though older children may love this.

      There are also five mini-games within Dogz which enable the child to win more items to decorate their house with.

      The graphics is certainly above average for a game of this kind, and perfect for children. The sound can get a little repetitive and annoying and unfortunately, my little one will not allow me to turn the volume down!

      Overall, this is a great game for little ones. It does not seem to have an age recommendation on the box, though I would recommend this for children age three years plus.


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      13.01.2011 15:08
      Very helpful



      A great timeless game for young and old alike

      Dogz 5

      Although not a brand new game, first released in 2007, this game is timeless for little ones. One great thing with this game being a few years old is that you can pick it up for nearly nothing both in the shops and online. We found this game for £2.00 in the CEX shop, and Amazon has it for just a little bit more at £3.91. Either price is a great deal!

      I was not sure whether it would be a game easy enough for my three year old even though Amazon states it is for three years plus (no age can be found on the game box itself), though she absolutely loves it and after being shown the different things you can do on the game, my daughter picked it up very quickly and was soon able to play the game alone and have a lot of fun with it. It depends, though, on whether your child has experience on a computer, though, to how fast they will pick it up. Myself and my husband have bought our daughter up learning about computers as we both work (and sometimes play!) on the computer and so our three year old has learnt early. It is not only about picking things up with this game, but also a good use of mouse control is needed.

      Before I get on to the main part of this review, I will get the boring bits out of the way. With all games, there are minimum requirements needed. With some games, older computers just will not run them, so do look carefully at the specifications before purchasing to avoid disappointment;

      Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (although Vista is not stated on the box, it works fine on our computer which has Vista installed).
      CPU Type and Speed: Pentium II 400 MMX or equivalent.
      Hard Drive Space: 600MB
      Memory: 128MB
      CD-Rom Speed: 4x or faster
      Audio: Any 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible soundcard
      Graphics: Any 4MB DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card (1024x768x256 or higher)

      With that out of the way, let me take you into the game!


      Dogz games have been going for a good many years though this is the first time that more has been included within the package with regards to upgraded activities and such.
      Dogz is a simple game where you are able to adopt virtual dogs, care for them, feed them, play with them and watch them grow all on your computer so no need to go out in the rain to take them for walks! You are even able to dress your dogz with a variety of different clothing and accessories and watch how they grow from puppies into adult dogs, fall in love and have their own little puppies!

      One good thing about this 5th edition of this game is that it is backwards compatible which means that you are able to bring your other Dogz from previous games and continue the fun with them in this one. You are also able to bring cats from Catz5 into the game so they are all able to play together. We do not own Catz so unfortunately I can not comment more on this feature.
      Setting up the game is simple. It is literally a pop-in and play game, following some simple instructions to load it on the computer which takes next to no time at all, and then you are ready to start.

      There are 15 breeds of dogs to choose from, both male and female from Poodle to Great Dane. The dogs all have a cartoon look about them, though nothing too out there so children can really believe these dogs are real! Once you have adopted a dog or four, you are able to take them to approximately 14 different ready made play scenes from a living room to a haunted castle. Within all these play scenes, there are a variety of different activities in which you are able to play with your dogs. These activities vary from teaching and training your pup with such things as circus tricks and sledging to five mini games which are designed for the child to play without the use of their pup. Through the mini games, you are able to win more toys and rewards to add to your already full up cupboards of toys, food, flower seeds and so much more. All of these items are able to be put both in the carry case to take from one scene to another as well as 'decorating' your scenes by putting clocks on the walls, food in the fridge and so forth. There is also a camera option to enable you to take photos of your dogs. Although there is not a huge amount of interactive items in each scene, there is certainly plenty to amuse my three year old, and even she finds things that I did not even know worked!

      If you find that the ready made scenes become boring for any reason, or you just want to try out your creative side, there is a scene editor in which you are able to import photos and images, set levels and so much more to create your very own scene. Also included on this game is a web fun pack which takes you to clip-art, animations and backgrounds to add to your special scenes. Although I have tried this, my daughter has not looked at this yet as this is certainly something for older children or adults to do as it is a little complex for young three year olds!

      Children learn in a roundabout way how to look after and care for an animal, even if it is a virtual one. My daughter has been asking for a real dog for quite a while now, though since getting her this game, she has asked for a real one much less! And it is not just a game for children either! I have found myself occasionally going on and making up my own dogs, watching them grow and enjoying mixing the dogs to create new breed puppies!

      Although the game is a simple one, the graphics are really good for children. There is a lot of detail included in the different scenes and it is easy to believe that these dogs are actually real and shrunk to fit on the computer screen! The interaction is smooth and well thought out and the whole game play runs perfectly. Even without your constant interaction with the dogs, they continue to play and interact with things without you and so makes for great and funny viewing for the child when they are too tired to do much with their dogs! There is minimal music on this game though the sound of the dogs and their surroundings make up for this. Quite often I have walked into an empty room to the sound of the dogs whimpering because my daughter has taken all their food away and gone off to play something else! The sound can obviously be turned off, though it is by no means annoying, and certain sounds such as the beach scene sound of the waves can actually be quite relaxing!


      For such a little price paid, this game is amazing! Yes, it is nothing really new and has been going a number of years now, but my daughter loves it. She has a few computer games and knows her way around a computer and how to use a mouse and such and so has picked this game up well and plays on it practically every single day! She interacts with the dogs not only via mouse clicks, but quite often we hear her talking to her pets, laughing and generally having a lot of fun with them. It is not perhaps an overly educational game, though it does teach the child how to care for a virtual pet as well as enhancing their computer abilities which is always a good thing in this day and age.

      I fully recommend this game to all children age three and above (as long as they have some computer ability, though if not, this game will teach them that). It is not just a game for young children either, children and adult of all ages will find something they love about this game and for such a little retail price, you really can not go wrong!


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        15.03.2009 10:51



        Average game.

        Dogz 5 is a game made by Ubi-soft and it is a simulation game where you take the role of a dog owner. It was a game realeased in november, 2002. My first impression of this game was that it is a game aimed at smaller children. And, i was right. My younger sister played this game alot more than i did and she, being an animal lover, adored this game. It teaches younger kids the aspect of what it is like to look after a pet, educating them on how to look after dogs, while having fun playing minigames at the same time. You can explore many different places with your dogs and you can also find objects and keep them. The dogs that you can choose are at the beggining of the game when you visit the adoption centre. For example i chose a pug. Then, later on in the game if you have two dogs who are both adults, you can breed them for puppies! Overall i dont think many people would select this as a game of their choice, however younger children will definately enjoy it.


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        31.08.2008 21:30
        Very helpful



        A good game to fill a spare bit of time

        ~*~ Dogz 5 ~*~

        I originally brought this game for my younger cousins to play with when they visited, as they always get bored. I thought then that the game was aimed at little four or five year olds (after all, all you do is watch a little dog running across the screen), but soon
        found out much different! ...

        * Aim of the game *

        Well there isn't really an aim of the game, except maybe to breed a few nice litters (sorry, litterz) of puppies and look after all of your dogs. There are five mini-games in the dogz game which will win you treatz and rewardz for your dogz to play with (yeah sorry about all the z's).

        * System requirements *

        I thought I should add this bit in...

        ~~Pentium 2 Processor 400MHz or above
        ~~Windows 98 or above (so 2000,ME,XP are ok - it says not guaranteed to work on 95 or NT but I suppose that means that it may do?)
        ~~128MB Ram or above, or 256MB + if you have windows xp.
        ~~600MB or more of hard drive space
        ~~Video card of 4MB direct X 8.1 compatible card that can display 256 colour, monitor that can display 1024 x 768 res.
        ~~Sound card that is Direct X 8.1 compatible
        ~~CD Rom Drive!

        So, nothing crazy needed I'm sure most computers would play it easily.

        * What it involves... *

        The game starts in the adoption center, where you can adopt two dogz at a time from a choice of breeds - bulldog, chihuahua, dacshund, dalmatian, german shepherd, golden retriever, great dane, jack russel, labrador, mutt, papillon, poodle, pug, scottie or sheepdog! If you don't like the first colour or gender of dog that comes out, stick him or her back through the door and try again until you find one you like. Then press adopt, and the dogz are yours!

        The game will then take you to the family room, where your dogz will no doubt be running around the screen crazily. Open the toy cupboard and you can feed, water and find toys for them to play with to keep them amused. From here, you can also go to other scenes, like the kitchen, back yard, snow scene, wild west and arabia, plus many more! There is also a salon where you can bathe your dogs and clothe them in a variety of different attire.

        As the days go on, your dogs will grow from puppies into adults, getting bigger every day until they are fully grown. When they have reached adult hood, they are able to have puppies of their own! But first, they have to fall in love (with a dog of the opposite sex of course!) The dogz can have from one to four puppies at a time, and the puppies will look like a mixture of both the parents. Awww. Thenn, the puppies will grow up from newborns to infants, to puppies, to adults, and you start all over again!

        It's up to you whether you want to breed papillons with papillons with papillons and create a pedigree good enough for the kennel club, or create a (rather more interesting) concoction of chihuahua/great dane/bull dog/sheepdog/dalmatian. Whatever you decide, it's almost certain you wont want to wait the 2-3 days it will take for the pups to be born! (So try setting the date forward on the calendar on your computer instead!)

        * For kids *

        Will teach them the basics of owning a dog - each dog needs love and attention every time the game is openened otherwise there is a risk it will become sad an runn away. The dogz also have to bed fed, watered, played with, bathed and, if they choose to do so, clothed. The game is a good alternative to the messier option of getting your child a real dog as a pet! Kids will and do love it - I know my cousins, nieces and friends children do!

        * For adults *

        Yes adults will also love it, although not perhaps in the same way. I became addicted to the dogz game, looking at all the different dogs I could mix to make puppies, etc... And then when I realised that that was all you could do with the game I soon became bored and moved onto something more productive! But hey, it's a good investment for a children's game, and something different to do to pass time!

        * Downloads *

        I also stumbled across a lot of websites where you can download new breedz, such as St. Bernards (Beethoven!! aww), Swedish Elks, and Guinea Pigs - this makes for some very strange looking pups! All fun and games...

        * Overall opinion *

        For kids, I love it - it's something different that children of all ages enjoy doing - definetly give it at least an 8/10. And for adults, well, it's definetly not the most challenging of games but it's something to pass the time and enjoyable all the same!!

        I got my copy for a bargain £5 from Asda, and I'm sure you'll be able to find it cheaper elsewhere as that was a good six months ago.



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