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Dream Match Tennis Pro (PC)

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Genre: Sports / Published by Bimboosoft

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2010 22:57
      Very helpful



      Potential rival to Top Spin and Virtua Tennis

      When Top Spin arrived on the Xbox several years ago, many people claimed that it was the simulation answer to the arcadey Virtua Tennis. However, Top Spin still relies on arcadey elements of virtua tennis, such as the rarity of a ball being called out, and this out call results from the same causes.
      With all the qualities of Dream Match Tennis Pro, which started out as Dream Match Tennis about five years ago, it can truly be called the best simulation tennis game in existence.

      If you looked at the menu at the start of the game and then looked at the prehistoric graphics, you would probably laugh at me and this review, and I don't blame you. Why would you pick this freeware game over this silky smooth graphics and great animation of Top Spin 3? Well, if you decide to test out the game, start an exhibition match and take a serve (the action is begun by one of the shot buttons and finished by one of the shot buttons), directing it with the direction buttons (on keyboard or controller). The most likely thing to happen is that your serve may not even land in the court. This ties in with what DMTP is all about: TIMING.

      Timing means, there is no pressing of a shot button to get more power into the shot. If you want to vary the power you are using, there are five shot buttons: lob, slice, drop shot, normal shot (topspin basically), hard shot and super hard shot. If you want to vary the length or direction of your shot, use the directional buttons. Hitting the ball early means hitting to the opponent's backhand but hitting it late means hitting cross-court.
      The computer ai does not assist you. If you are near a tramline, are you hit in a fashion that you want it to go as far as possible in the direction you intend, it will do that (and most likely out). There are no imaginary force fields that you have in VT and TP (where no matter how far left or right you intend the ball will still stay in the court).

      The gameplay mechanics can make for excellent rallies because YOU are in control. Although the graphics belong on a playstation 1, the animation is smooth and the courts are great. There are many selections of courts: hard, carpet, clay and grass. There is a world tour mode with no frills, just play tennis and accumalate enough points to become world no1.

      You can select from a few current players: Federer, Nadal and Roddick and from a greater number of legends: Borg, Sampras, Aggasi etc...

      To enhance the game you can download a patch which will add numerous uniforms and real-life courts.

      There is an online mode, where tournaments are created on forums dedicated to the game. But before you get your backside whooped by an online stranger, try to beat the computer on the 6th hardest level at least. You're only normal if you get habitually destroyed on the INSANE level, which is true to its description.

      There is also a comprehensive tutorial and practice which are very useful for beginners and advanced players

      This game has great potential but the publishers are going to have to employ a good graphics team to compete with TopSpin and Virtua Tennis.


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