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Evil Islands (PC)

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Developer: Ubisoft / Genre: Strategy

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2007 21:19
      Very helpful
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      One of my favourite, if rather undiscovered RPG games

      Your character, Zak, wakes up in a field of ruins. He can't remember anything...
      You are on a quest to figure out who you are and what your purpose is. Shortly after waking up you come to a village, where you are believed to be "The Chosen One" to fulfill some ancient prophecy.

      Your missions can range anywhere from retrieving valuable artifacts to assassinating certain key characters. Along your travels you will find many a valuable item which can be added to your greedy little inventory. You can also collect materials (like stone, leather and granite to mention but a few) and have items such as weapons and armor carved from them. There are merchants from which you can buy items, spells and blueprints for weapons. Or if you don't like paying for your items, you could try your hand at some good old-fashioned stealing.

      As the game progresses, you can add members to your party. They can be very helpful when trying to attack a large number of enemies (or distracting them while you run away like a frightened poodle :-) ). The party members can be anyone from a brutish melee hunter, to a silent marksman. You also have the ability to cast spells, which can be a real life saver at times.

      ----Graphics & Sound -----
      The graphics are good and a lot of detail has been added to the items and the layout of the game. The game also has a time system attached to it. Day turns to night and vice versa. There are also added weather effects like rain and fog to give it a more realistic feel.
      The characters are reasonably detailed, and when you equip an item to your character, you can actually see your character wearing it in the game.

      The landscapes are also realistic to a certain degree. The vegetation may not be as lush, but unless you are looking specifically for such minor details, you won't even notice it.

      The sound is also pretty darn good. It's very entertaining to hear your enemy scream in pain (but less entertaining when it's your character). Your characters are also smart enough to whisper when they are in sneak mode.
      A tad more could have been done to improve the voice acting, but that is just a small fly on the windscreen.

      ----In General-----
      The storyline is very interesting, and you will find a smile spread across your face every time you level up or complete a mission. The game is very satisfying, both in graphics and gameplay.

      Best of all, it doesn't need a powerful machine. Mine ran very happilly on a Pentium 3 (only 300 MHz!), 64 mb RAM and a 32 mb graphics card. So basically, unless you do your computing on a calculator, this game will run perfectly.

      Evil Islands is a game very similar to the likes of Diablo and Dungeon Siege, so if you like those kinds of games, then Evil Island will be ranked among your favourites.A Brilliant game, and one of my favourites. It is sure to keep you entertained for quite some time. Definitely recommended for anyone.


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    • Product Details

      Evil Islands features a 3-D camera viewpoint more recently showcased by the real time strategy (rather than role playing) genre. Playing the central character Zak, the plot revolves around piecing your identity back together having lost your memory. Naturally this means roaming maps and going from village to village, bumping off the designated villain or creatures in order to progress.

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