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Fairy Godmother Tycoon (PC)

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Family & Entertainment

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    5 Reviews
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      12.04.2011 22:43
      Very helpful



      A simple yet compelling tycoon game

      Fairy Godmother Tycoon:

      I have quite a collection of relatively simple, easy to play games for when I need to unwind without taxing my brain too much. Fairy Godmother Tycoon, {FGT}, is one of those games.

      Premise & Gameplay:

      In FGT you play a fairy in charge of restoring the Fairy Godmother's potion empire and restoring her to the potion tycoon she used to be. Over a series of eight levels you must defeat the competition by gaining popularity and meeting the potion needs of the population.

      Every day you get a curse forecast which let's you see what potions you should make and how much you should charge for them. There are lot's of ways to market your potion shop as well as hiring freelancers and upgrading your shop. You also have access to a Loan Shark, who is actually a shark.

      You also get news every day while sometimes this can be useful, i.e. telling you that a certain ingredient is cheap/expensive or that peasants have extra money, or it can be "funny".

      Despite being reasonably simple in design the game requires you to pay attention to lots of factors in order to complete the goals for each level.

      Once you have completed at least one level the "happily ever after" game mode unlocks which allows you to play any levels you have completed infinitely until you get bored!

      The user interface is really simple and intuitive and after the "tutorial" you get with the first level it's easy to remember what to do each day and how to it.

      Graphics & Sound:

      The graphics are really basic with 2D backgrounds and pseudo 3D villagers walking around and it has a cartoony feel to it over all. It all works with this style of game although a lot of the newer games of this ilk have much better graphics for around the same price the very simple graphics used on FGT don't take anything away from the game.

      The sound to be honest is a bit rubbish and the music gets instantly turned off by me before it drives me to murder but again the game doesn't really suffer from this fact.

      Price & Availability:

      The game is available from www.bigfishgames.com for £5.39 which is great value as it will probably take you at least a couple of weeks to complete if you play it loads or months of you play it now and then. Compared to console games it's a total bargain for longevity vs. price.

      My Thoughts:

      I really enjoy FGT and find it an ideal way to pass the odd half hour. It can be a bit time consuming if you aren't careful mind! For the price it's got a good lifespan so it's good value for money and something the whole family can easily enjoy.

      I also really like Big Fish Games as the games are cheap, download quickly and you can try all of their games free for an hour which is plenty of time to know whether or not you will enjoy it.


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        24.01.2010 17:38
        Very helpful



        A great game for everyone

        Fairy Godmother Tycoon from Electronic Arts is a great simulation game for the PC.

        The game starts with you being asked to help build up the Fairy Godmothers potion shop business. You have to meet certain criteria such as competing with other potion shops and putting them out of business and getting a high net worth in order to win the level and move onto the next village which gets progressivley harder.

        The game is a strategy game, you must purchase the correct amount of ingredients to make potions that the villagers need, you will find out what they need by looking at the weather forecast. You also need to ensure that you research new potions regularly so that you can keep up with customer demands. You also need to price your potions correctly otherwise you will lose customers.

        Overall this game is great fun and addictive and is enjoyable for all ages.


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        09.11.2008 17:12
        Very helpful



        It is a game suitable for kids and adults

        The Fairy Godmother potion business is going down. The competitors is going on her way and she needs our help to sell potions and earn money.

        The idea of this game is really interesting. I like this game so much. the graphic is very good and the music background is really cute. But I think this game is really hard for kids, because it needs a good marketing and finance strategy playing this game, since it is indeed a tycoon game which you have to earn money and complete objective to be able to finish the game.

        Going from level to level, the game become more and more difficult. The disease you have to encounter with the potion is getting more various. The features in this game is really interesting and very funny game to play in your boring day.

        If you have low graphic computer, you can set the graphic and sound setting in the options, unless you would find it very slow to load. The game take quite average space on your hard disk, and your memory as well. You can not play this game while opening another application or both would go so slow.

        I like this game, despite of the slowness. It is fun and entertaining. I think it is supposed to be for kids, but it is also entertaining for adults. The thing is, the game is different with other tycoon games.

        Very recommended.


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        13.04.2008 22:44



        This game is very fun for children. This game has a very nice plot and you could also play in free mode. You will love this game a lot if you like tycoon games because it is all the same thing. You will make money selling potions. I say you should try it. You can download a trial by just searching for it. In my opinion it is definitely worth it.


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        16.04.2007 16:41
        Very helpful



        This a tycoon game for the pc

        ~~ Downloading & Installing ~~

        You can download a trial version of the game before buying it, download the trial from http://www.bigfishgames.com/downloads/fairygodmothertyco/index.html?src=bfg 12y09engsfgmt&gclid=CK6jn5mpx4sCFRROQwodd3uhHw
        The download doesn't take long, once downloaded click on the installation icon which then proceeds the installation. Follow the onscreen instructions. Then when done click the game icon and begin to play.

        ~~ About the Game ~~

        Godmother tycoon is self explanatory you're basically working for the fairy godmother, making up potions for the people of the village and trying to improve your sales and reputation within the village. You also have competition which is played by the computer. You also have help from other sources to make your business successful like ….

        ~ Reports ~

        Once clicked on this tab you will notice on the left hand side of the screen there are more tabs which include ….
        Finances, customers, competition, and graphs, this will help you know about your finances, how many customers you have had coming in to your shop and if they were happy etc, you will also know about what your competition is doing, and the graphs is to show all of the above. Also at the top of the screen it will tell you how to reach the next level.

        ~ News & Weather ~

        Clicking on this tab will allow you to view the weather report of the day. This will give a little hint for how much to spend on potion making and also how many to make for the day.

        ~ Supplies ~

        Clicking this tab will take you to the supplies screen to where you can purchase all you need for the potions. You will also notice on the left hand side there are more tabs including the purchase, recipe book and trash. Pick your daily amount for the potions and don't over spend as this could leave you short of cash in the long run.

        ~ Pricing ~

        Clicking here will allow you to set your price on the potions made. Don't over charge as this will make your reputation worse and customers will not buy from you, also do not undercharge as then you will not make profit.

        ~ Marketing ~

        Clicking here will help with advertising of your shop. Set your price for flyers which is a daily cost, and also hire something called a goon, this will also help with the business as they will hopefully attract the customers to your shop rather them going to the opposition.

        ~ Upgrades ~

        Clicking this tab will allow you to purchase many upgrades.
        You can purchase storefront upgrade which will give a different look and feel to your shop front.
        Purchase a spy which will keep an eye on your opposition.
        Potion makers can be purchase this will help with the speed and accuracy of the potion making.
        In store entertainment can also be purchase for inside your shop to keep customers from boredom of waiting
        Purchase a bigger warehouse to hold more potions
        And also you can purchase different spells which do different things.

        ~ Local Characters ~

        Clicking here will let you hire freelancers these are people that will help to cause problems with the opposition, like stealing there ingredients for potions, stealing cash and also closing down there store so customers are forced to come to you, also get people to make the people need potions.

        There is also a loan shark in here too; this will allow you to borrow money if you ever fall short.

        ~ Research ~

        This tab will allow you to set a daily price for your researching, the researching is for different kind of potions but it's a good idea to get in before the opposition does, as then you will get more customers if the opposition doesn't have t hat potion made. The screen will show you the next item being researched, the money that you have set and how long its going to take to make it.

        ~ Menu ~

        You can see on the game screen the menu button which is located at the top left hand of the screen. Clicking this will take you to a options screen in which you can toggle the settings for the game. You can toggle the fullscreen on/off; music and sounds on/off, you can set auto pause on/off which will pause the game if you click elsewhere. You can quit and restart that village whenever you want to as well.

        ~~ Graphics & Sounds ~~

        The graphics are good looking for this game. The sounds are good also but the music can get a little to much especially when playing the game for a long time, so I usually click off the music.

        ~~ Price & Availability ~~

        You can purchase this game from https://www.gamecentersolution.com/RequestOrderForm.aspx?pid=C4213117504552 75223&ReturnUrl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.harmonicflow.com%2fgames%2ffairy-godmother -tycoon%2fgame.php&FormType=buy_now

        You can buy it for $ 19.95 which relates to about £10. I am not sure where I got mine from as it was a present for me.

        ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

        I enjoyed playing this game as I do like playing tycoon games a lot. Its easy for the little ones to have a go too. Its cheap, fun, graphics and sounds are not bad for what the game is. Although can be addictive so if you don't have much time for games don't buy this game.


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      • Product Details

        Build a thriving potions business and climb the ranks of the Fairy Godmother’s operations in this fun, easy-to-play business simulation game featuring cheeky new takes on your fairytale favorites. Buy supplies when prices are low, sell potions when demand is high, employ savvy marketing techniques, and keep an eye on that competition! A motley crew of colorful characters keeps things interesting as you make your bid to run the entire organization. Reach important business milestones along the way to earn tokens you can exchange online for a chance to win.

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