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Fallout 3 - Game Of The Year Edition (PC)

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Genre: Role-playing / DVD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows XP / Suitable for 18 years and over / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2009-10-16 / Published by Bethesda

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2010 19:11
      Very helpful



      I never knew the Apocalyptic future could be so much fun!

      Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition is an extremely entertaining and extremely addictive RPG! I played Fallout 3 when it first came out on the Xbox 360 a while back but thought I'd give this new version a shot, I'm so glad that I did. After all the price is amazing.. you're getting 6 games for under £20!

      At the start of the game you leave the Vault (Think of an underground bunker for civilians for when WW3 breaks out) and begin your journey across the Capital Wastelands.. what's left of Washington D.C. The main story of the game is about you trying to find your dad who left the Vault for unknown reasons. As you travel through the wastes you'll come across a wide range of creatures from Molerats (A cross between a rat and a mole (Duh!) but the size of dog) to Radscorpions.. you can figure out what the radiation might have done to these not so little fellas!

      You'll run into many human settlements where some of the inhabitants are trying to rebuild the world one house at a time, you'll also find that some of these inhabitants are intent on making everyone's life hell... including yours! Of course, these people will have little 'errands' for you to run. These aren't tied in with the main story and you don't have to do them but they'll add hours of gameplay, great amounts of fun and they'll help your character level up and grow.

      Depending on who you choose to help and how you act towards people affects your karma. Yes, even in a post apocalyptic future where everything glows in the dark you've still got to be a good boy (Or girl)! But of course.. you don't have to be! Evil deeds will drop your karma whilst good will cause it to grow. This doesn't have such an affect as games such as Fable but it's still important. Depending on your karma you'll have different conversation options and people will react differently towards you.

      Combat is well rounded providing you with an array of weapons from mini-nuke launchers to baseball bats! Fallout 3 provides you with an nice targeting tool to help if things get tough, called V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tek Assisted Targeting System), using this costs Action Points which build back up over time. This is used to stop time and target specific parts of the enemy's body. Continually hitting someone's arm will cause their accuracy to drop thus making it harder for them to hit you, hitting the leg will stop them from running and so on. Weapons do suffer from wear and tear the more you use them, so finding additional weapons of the same type to repair them is essential.

      You gain experience points by completing quests and killing enemies. When you level up you'll have a choice of how to spend your points, do you want to be a stealthy ninja or do you favour the "Kick down the door and point an overly sized rocket launcher in someone's face" approach? The Skills you can level up are:

      Small guns
      Big Guns
      Energy Weapons
      Melee Weapons

      You'll also have a list of Perks, you can choose one each time you level up. These give you certain boosts such as 50% damage resistance or "Solar Powered" giving you slightly more strength during the day.

      The attention to detail in this game is astounding with down town D.C. giving you plenty to look at, most other game areas will make you stop and look around just to take in the scenery. Bethesda Softworks have done an incredible job of making the Wastlands feel like just that! When you travelling between towns the extreme sense of desolation and destruction is palpable.. you'll even want to stop in the middle of nowhere just take that in.

      The five expansion packs will give you plenty to play with, from being abducted by aliens (I knew it was true!) to heading to The Pitt, a slave city where you're forced into fighting for your freedom. I was quite glad to be free of The Pitt as it was a dirty, gritty and dangerous place to be! There are plenty of community mods out there, I haven't tried any yet as I'm quite happy with what the standard pack offers.

      The voice acting is superb, each person playing their role brilliantly. I do find however from time to time that the lip synch can sometimes be out of synch. The characters can also glitch into the scenery, they wont get stuck but you'll find that they sometimes have the ability to stick their fists or legs through walls.

      There are some glitches in the game which you'll notice, however these can be easily fixed by patching to the latest level or just a quick Google if that doesn't work. Non of the glitches are game killers, just minor annoyances.


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