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Farm Frenzy 3 (Mac)

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Manufacturer: Alawar Entertainement / Genre: Arcade & Platform

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    1 Review
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      08.01.2012 18:15
      Very helpful



      An enjoyable game - more interesting that 1&2

      Farm Frenzy 3 is a game that I got for my Macbook a few months ago. Since Apple launched the Mac App Store in January 2011, it has been much easier for Mac users to buy and download different programs and applications, which of course includes games. I had played Farm Frenzy and Farm Frenzy 2 on the iPhone before and enjoyed them, but the third instalment was not available on handheld devices, and so I decided to go for the Mac based one.

      == Farm Frenzy 3 ==

      The Farm Frenzy games belong to the time management/simulation genre and involve you running a farm. There are many levels, each with its own objectives for completion. You can farm a variety of animals, which produce items such as eggs and milk, which can in turn be made into further products in buildings, such as cakes and cheese. You can then sell them on to make money to buy more animals, items and building upgrades.

      Farm Frenzy 3 is no different to the previous two games in that sense, but there is a lot more variety in terms of animals and objects you use. There are five different areas in which levels can be found, such as an icy area (where you farm penguins and walruses) or a jungle area (where you farm llamas and get attacked by jaguars). This makes the game a bit more interesting, especially for those who have played the previous two games, although the format of all the levels remains the same.

      Each level has time limits - one to get a gold trophy on the level and one to get a silver trophy, but as long as you finish it at all you will still get a blue tick and be able to progress to the next level. This means that even after you've finished each level, you can still go back and try to get a gold trophy, if you want to feel that you've truly 'completed' the game.

      == My Thoughts ==

      I really enjoyed playing this game and found it to be on a par with Farm Frenzy 2, which I played a lot on the iPhone. The different styles of levels make the game more interesting than the previous two were and I particularly enjoyed the penguin-based levels, being as they are my favourite animals.

      === Graphics ===

      The graphics in this game are good, despite being rather cartoony. None of the animals are meant to look massively realistic but they do look good and they have a consistent style. While this game won't win any prizes for its graphics, they do the job and I couldn't complain about them.

      === Longevity ===

      This game can be played for quite a long time, as it takes many hours to finish all of the levels alone. While some levels will be fairly easy to get silver or gold trophies on the first try, most of them are much trickier, and so the longevity of the game is extended greatly if you go back and try to get gold in every level. I can't remember how many hours I spent playing it after I got it, but I have memories of playing it a lot while watching TV earlier in the year and so I imagine I've already played it for at least ten hours. Considering that I'm still not very close to getting gold on all the levels, if I wanted to play it until I had done this, the game would take far in excess of twenty hours.

      === Price ===

      This game costs £4.99 from the Mac App Store, which is not a bad price to pay for what is an enjoyable game. Considering that a lot of games in this store cost over a tenner, this game is actually quite a bargain. While it costs a bit more than time management games for iPhone, it is worth it if you want to play this game on your computer as opposed to on a handheld device.

      == Conclusion ==

      To conclude, I enjoy this game and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to fans of this game. If you haven't got a Mac but still like the sound of the game, you can play an hour free trial of it from the Alawar website here: http://www.alawar.com/game/farm-frenzy-3/ . It can also be found for download on PCs if you google it. From the limited research I've done, it appears that the games are identical regardless of if you play them on Mac or PC, but since I've only played the Mac version, I cannot promise that.


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