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FIFA Manager 09 (PC)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Sports / Release Date: 2008

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    4 Reviews
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      22.07.2009 17:27
      1 Comment



      This game is one of the best manager sims out there

      The 3D match engine taken from the FIFA 09 game and put into this game is as always perfect, there is no freezing, no players that glide along the pitch seemingly not using their legs. The beautiful game is seen exactly as it should be.

      There's nothing like hearing the crowing roaring after your star striker bangs in a goal and that's exactly what you experience with FIFA Manager, the quality of the sound is amazing, recognizable football chants are used which creates a great lifelike atmosphere.

      Arguably the best feature of this game is the player names and likeness's are so realistic. Some games have fake player names as they haven't got the relevant licenses to pay to use the names but as this is a fifa game EA have managed to include thousands of players.

      One of the best footy manager games out there, defiantly better than the LMA series and on a par with the football manager series.
      As this game is pretty old now you can pick this up for around £15, bargain!

      Warning: Do not buy this game if your PC is pretty old as you will not be able to run it!


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        11.07.2009 16:56
        Very helpful



        There aren't enough noticeable new features to convince you to buy this game.

        I've played all of the EA Sports FIFA Manager series since 2002, and whilst there have been ups and downs, they have generally been good quality games. The series is often overlooked and frowned upon by its Football Manager rivals, and whilst it is weaker in many ways than its rival, it also has some features that are a lot better. FA Premier League Manager 2002, Total Club Manager 2004 and FIFA Manager 06 were, for me, the best of the series, and EA really needed to produce a great game if it were to stop Football Manager's growing share in these games. Sadly, this game has failed to deliver.

        You'll always be looking for new features in these sorts of games, and it is a shame therefore that as soon as you load the game up it looks almost identical to last years game. The new features are limited, although the new "Text Mode" is the one that definitely stands out above the rest. Imagine following the text on the BBC Sport website and you've got the right idea. It adds realism and makes it a bit more fun. The tactics side has changed although arguably for the worse. A "new" 3D engine has been inserted, yet this is barely noticeable and hardly necessary. There is a new staff market, which is a genuine improvement as well, but hardly anything worth getting excited about.

        That's about it. Transfers and wages are still over-inflated (although with the way things are going right now, that's slightly less obvious), managers still have fake names and rarely get sacked, the "transfer rumours" section still doesn't work and old games can still crash out when you try and load them. This might be considered a light-hearted version of Football Manager, but still, give this game a miss. Either purchase Football Manager 2009 or give Total Club Manager 2004 a good go.


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        15.05.2009 20:15



        A great game for the true football fan and one that you have to try to believe

        Well Fifa Manager 09 is here and is it finally the game which for me lives up to the all of the potential which I have always felt EA Sports have had in the field of a football manager game....the answer yes it lives up to what I hoped for and so much more.
        I am playing this game on a 4gb machine and for the first time with a Fifa Manager game have been amazed at how smooth the game is. The graphics are great and the game looks truly brilliant as well as having a very strong user friendly interface. So what is there about this game that mean you should look at getting this above Football Manager...well I love the fact that in this game when you watch the match the graphics are of such a high standard and I have found when making substitutions you can see a huge difference in your team and you truly feel like what you are doing is shaping your teams performance. You can upgrade stadiums, facilities, keep an eye on merchandise stock, build your brand, carry out transfers and build your football club to be what you feel it should be.
        I am a football fan and believe that this game is for those of us who want to feel a part of the action and like we are part of the game rather than just playing it.


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        11.12.2008 08:56
        Very helpful



        FIFA Manager 09.

        FIFA Manager 09

        DVD for PC

        EA Sports

        It was my birthday last week and my wife bought me this game as she thought I had last year's version (08). I didn't, I had FIFA Manager 07, which I have to say I was not that impressed with, having owned all the previous incarnations and not liking last years much....all got a bit samey.

        This years version, helpful called 09, though released in 08 takes us through the 08/09 football season.

        Lets get the techie bit out the way. This is quite a hungry game, if you have Vista you will need a 2.8mhz processor, 2MB RAM, 128MB Video card and some decent screen resolution capabilities plus 3.42 GB Hard Drive.....slightly less than all this if you are using Windows XP (it will not run on less than XP).

        ~~~The Game~~~

        The game comes as a DVD, very easily loaded up with the obligatory registration, a decent enough manual gets you started, but after that it is very much learn as you go.

        Lets be clear this is not a game where you control a football match, you control the management aspects which include (dependent on the level you play at and the role you take), but are not restricted to:

        * Team selection (1st team, reserves team and youth teams)
        * Tactics
        * Team orders
        * Individual orders
        * Roles (free kicks etc.)
        * Construction (medical centre, training pitches etc.)
        * Finances (wages, advertising, merchandising etc.)
        * Objectives
        * Transfers
        * Discipline
        * Hiring and firing of staff
        * Wages and contracts
        * Bonuses, commitment levels
        * National team coaching (if good enough)
        * Player talks
        * Media
        * Fans

        Much, much more, but you get my drift, basically you are the manager and you can hire such staff as coaches and finance directors and assign them roles to take some pressure off you.

        There are of course different difficulty levels dependent on how you want to play. These include options where you never face the sack (coward's option in my opinion).

        There are a serious amount of home and European leagues as well as other leagues such as Asian Leagues. Personally I play my favourite team, Spurs, and then play a lower league side and try and get them to the Premiership.

        A particularly good game option is to start a new, fictitious club, which can be based pretty much anywhere; home town is always favourite, lol.

        There is a great area which you must not forget......your home life....I just got a really hard time for forgetting my wifes birthday (this is in the game by the way, not real life), and you can use your wages to buy things such as cars, houses and even golf lessons, lol.

        ~~~The Gameplay~~~

        You have to go through the season (and between seasons) controlling the above aspects and playing games. Basically a calendar tells you that a game is coming, be it leagues, cup or European and you then have to select a team and get a game plan together.

        When match day arrives you may get the instant results, watch highlights or see the whole game in 3D. You have the option at various points dependent on which viewing option you take, to substitute players, alter the tactics, give team talks and set differing levels of commitment etc. Personally I watch important games and get the instant results for other games.

        There are numerous Gameplay options, such as what you want to see (news reports etc.) and whether you want music and so on. It would be pointless to start to explain all this here as it would take a couple of thousand words, but believe me; you get a lot of options for the money (around £20).

        As well as controlling the team it is pretty great to see your individual players and the team as a whole raise its skill levels, and you can help this along with some clever individual or team training plans, or by hiring top coaches such as fitness coaches.

        The graphics are good but not spectacular, though as this is a management game that is no bad thing, the game engine concentrates more on the database like capabilities.

        ~~~My Opinion~~~

        I like it; I have been playing it every day for the last week or so. I like the 'involvement', I like the little touches like choosing kit colours, like having chats with players to boost their morale and/or confidence levels. I love seeing my team win (of course).

        Okay, here's the catch, it is easy to cheat. Well, not exactly cheat, but this is what I do. Save the game before a match, if you lose, replay it with slightly different parameters; team tactics, team selection etc. There is a pretty sure fire way to win a match and I will not spoil things for you by telling you, but once you find out, use it sparingly, or risk financial ruin!!

        The only thing I do not like is the product placement in the game; The Sun Newspaper and Hyundai cars to name but two, but it's no biggie, I suppose it represents real life in a way.

        I am pretty glad I got this game as a pressie, though it is taking me away from productive Dooyoo review time.....I played till 3am this morning, but I am in the UEFA Cup Final with Spurs, and I really hope I can win it....big money bonus for the team, and the added kudos needed to enable bigger signings in the summer transfer window, lol.

        Though of course I will then have to build a bigger and better stadium, which will increase revenue and then, and then, and then................


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      • Product Details

        LFP Manager 09 gives you full control over the management of a football club. You are responsible for the line-up, the tactics and the training of your team as well as for signing the right players, improving the club facilities and the stadium. It is also important that you maintain good relationships with your players, the board, the sponsors and the press. But LFP Manager 09 goes further. Managing your national team is one of the options, playing as a player manager is another one (in this case you can even control your player on the pitch). And then there is the ultimate challenge: Found your own club and work your way up the leagues to finally become Champions!

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