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Fire Department (PC)

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Manufacturer: Monte Cristo / Genre: Action & Adventure

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2008 12:58
      Very helpful



      Cheap game but well worth the money

      Fire Department is a strategy game which puts places the game player in the life of a fireman. The game puts you in control of an American fire crew you control all of their actions, from putting fires out to rescuing people, to driving a fire engine. This game gives you total control of your team and trucks and lets you make the decisions.
      I got the game free and I was very skeptical as it looked a bit childish but I installed it anyway, the install was easy and the game runs very smoothly on a standard XP machine, the game has a very normal and easy to follow menu which follows the theme of many games. The Graphics are not great but this is compensated by the games AI (artificial intelligence) the fires in the game look very realistic, and behave realistically too. You can watch a fire spread around like you would expect. The way the fires mesh together to create a blazing inferno looks outstanding. The lighting in the game from fires and other sources looks great. When you extinguish a fire you can see glowing ambers left behind from the fire, beware these might start again and reform into a full inferno again. There are loads of different missions from houses to nuclear bunkers and the AI changes each time which means the game is different each time you play it

      The animations are very well done, every action the game characters do has its own unique animation the sound effects, which is mostly fire burning, are great. Almost every action has a sound, using your fire extinguisher, the water canon, walking. But there is no in game music, however due to the type of game and how busy you are you don't really notice it teaches you the basics of how to control fires and drive machines and refill your supply. Before each mission starts there is a cut scene. The fires in the game are uncontrollable and random, as in real life. Firemen aren't the only units you have in the game you also control a driver, medic, and a load of other people. There are a lot of interesting details they put into the game and shows a great attention to detail
      The game is probably a er specialist purchase but I found it to be worryingly addictive. Overall a good game and the attention to detail makes the game really.


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    • Product Details

      A mysterious fire outbreak occurs at the press unveiling of a new commercial aircraft in Eastern Europe. Flames rip through the airport hangers, as civilians flee for their lives. Dangerously close to fuel reserves, the flames jump from building to building, as if they have taken on a life of their own. Tragedy strikes once again in an underground shopping centre, where fire has broken out, imprisoning numerous civilians; billowing smoke suffocating their every breath. FIRE DEPARTMENT 3's real time strategy game play will challenge players from small house fires to toxic chemical plant blazes as they endeavour to maintain the Fire Fighters Code of Ethics - 'As fire fighters, our fundamental duty is to safeguard life, preserve the environment, and protect property'.

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