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Football Manager 2011 (PC)

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11 Reviews

Genre: Sports - Football / Video Game for Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Mac OS X / Exempt / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-11-05 / Published by Sega

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    11 Reviews
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      06.02.2013 12:59
      Very helpful



      a good football management game


      Football Manager 2011 is the most recent edition created by Sports Interactive and Sega. Having played and reviewed Fifa Manager previously I was interested to try out the game and draw some comparisons to ultimately determine which of the two games is better.

      The game starts in the 2010/11 season. You have the choice of managing a team in a major or minor league from across the world. The default setup of the game is based around England, Germany, Spain and Italy although you could choose to play or simulate the leagues of many countries including Portugal, USA, Mexico or Holland, amongst many others. The nations you pick to play allow you to receiving or apply for managerial opportunities in these countries.

      Once you have selected the country and league you want the game to start in you can view team information such as reputation, estimated value, financial status, stadium capacity, quality of training and youth facilities and the media's season predication. You can also view the players and check that you have some decent players in the team before selecting the team to begin your management career.

      Game play

      The game progresses on a daily basis. The default screen is your email inbox. Typically messages that drop into your inbox include scout reports for future match fixtures, injury reports from the club physio and scout reports on potential transfers. The default page also includes team status information such as highlighting players that are injured, wanted by another club or have been transferred listed or are moving to another club.

      Before match days your scout will provide a brief report on the next opposition which includes likely formation, tactics, key players and results and statistics for past meetings. You can also talk to the media, in relation to the manager of the other team or comment on the dangerman, which can put their striker under pressure to perform which might reduce their impact on the pitch.

      On match days you pick or ask one of your coaches to pick your starting eleven and subs. After selecting your team you can ask your assistant for opposition instructions such as tight marking or hard tackling and then set your team tactics including player instructions. There also the tactics and set-piece wizard which can be used to define formation, strategy and how the team will attack and defend set-plays.
      During the match, you can make tactical changes from switching formation to playing more attack or defence. Players get tired and their condition decreases. When players' are tired they often make mistakes and do not perform to their best ability, so best to ensure fresh legs are on the pitch. Players are also rated during the match so you can substitute a player that is not performing on the day. At half time you can conduct a team talk to motivate your players.

      During and at the end of the match, you can access player analysis and statistics including shots on goal, pass completion %, tackles%, headers won%, number of assists and goals. Knowing who the best performing players are essential as these may not actually be the players with the highest transfer value or attribute values. The key players and man of the match are listed and a brief commentary from the media if the result was as expected or a surprise. The results of other league/cup matches are displayed.


      As the focus of the game is mainly on the management of the football club chosen, the quality of the graphics whilst sufficient is not particularly exciting. You can select to view the stadium and crowd which makes it a little more interesting viewing. Watching a match in 3D mode, the graphics are generic and it appears that team/player instructions are not reflected on the pitch.

      Sometimes, when tactical changes are made during the game, the match pauses although the players look like they're running on the spot until the program has processed the changes. I guess if you are really into the controlling of in-match tactics and want the full experience of dynamic tactical changes then this is the mode you would play. The game does however progress at a slow speed even at the fastest match speed which I suppose could be good as it provides enough time to analyse the match and change tactics before it is too late.

      There are other modes for match day including 2D match in which players are depicted a colored dot and their shirt number and you can watch the football move around the pitch like a ping-pong ball. For me this is a rubbish way to view football matches and the interactivity is minimal. In fact the 2D match mode is probably only part of the game for nostalgic purposes.

      The other match day mode is commentary only which I think is the best and most efficient. Whilst showing a screen with match information such as score, goal scorers, players booked, shots, shots on target and possession%, at the bottom there is a text commentary of the play that is occurring. When there is a key moment or a goal the screen switches to the 3D match to show the highlight. During the match you can check the latest scores for other league fixtures and keep up to date with the league table.
      One minor drawback is that the profiles of most Premier League players do not contain a photograph. I guess this has to do with sponsorship rights of the player. Nevertheless this is a little disappointing as most players in League One have photograph on their profile. There are however, unofficial facepacks which can be downloaded from FM2011 forums and fan-base websites which contain photographs of many players from major leagues around the world. In my opinion updating the profiles of players to have a photograph enhances gameplay as without the photograph, player profiles are a little abstract, which makes it a bit boring.


      Music is generally quite poor for the game. There is no music whilst the game progresses. During 2D and 3D matches there is no live commentary, only crowd noise.
      Other Features
      After starting the game you can opt in to play a second team in the reserve league. This can be useful for secondary players to get some experience and for injured first team players to build up match fitness.

      As club manager you are also responsible for hiring/firing staff and negotiating contracts. You can search for staff at the transfer centre and poach staff from your competitors. At your assistance are player and youth coaches, fitness coaches, physios and scouts. When searching for staff you can compile a list based on their coaching and mental attributes, which are rated numerically from 1 (low) - 20 (high). You can also offer your senior players a coaching or scouting role once they have retired from playing.
      Forming a good staff base is essential to providing the best training and scouting systems for the club. The better the specialisation of the staff the better their services will be delivered for the benefit of the team. For example, you can allocate specific training exercises to staff that are strong in certain aspects of the game such as shooting, tactics, training goalkeepers etc. Each week you can focus training on team blend, defending, attacking and set-pieces.

      Team blend is essential to ensure that players link up play and the best attributes of each player is utilised. Also team blend is affected by unsettled players or players that want to move clubs.
      Picking an assistant manager with specialisation in defending will improve the quality of tactical feedback and player analysis during matches. Your staff will also provide you with pre-match advice and recommend tactics to defeat the next opponent.

      Player interaction is an important part of the game as keeping your players happy increases team morale and produces good performances. Sometimes a player will complain about the training workload, or how the team is performing in relation to expectations. You can suggest moves to improve the player's impact on the field.

      The board are your employers and this game makes that clear. There are a number of restrictions that the board will enforce. These include maximum wage/transfer budgets, staff numbers and management of club facilities. Any improvement must be suggested to the board who will decide whether or not to grant your request. Sometimes you can negotiate to your advantage whilst other times there may not be sufficient funding. In addition wage/transfer budgets are based on season expectations. If the board feel unsatisfied with your performance as manager they can sack you after a string of bad results.

      When you get bored of managing a particular team and seek a new challenge, you can visit the jobcentre and view vacancies at other clubs. When applying for jobs whilst employed by another club, the board can get upset and demand that you resign or apologize. Apologising has no impact on your contract or wages and after there is no problem as it does not affect your job stability.

      One flaw I did notice is that when you have switched clubs and look at club players you still get access to the scout report from your old club.


      The game provides a good challenge as it is quite involved and there is plenty of interaction to make it quite realistic. As a club manager you need more than tactical awareness to win games, you need to be strive for the perfect balance of experience and talent to ensure the short term success and future of the club.

      It is quite a realistic game as newly promoted teams generally struggle as they have financial restrictions in place and are unable to afford top quality players. Even when you can sign half decent players on free transfers and offer them decent wages, by the time the team blends it is usually too late as the team will perform to its best toward the end of season. Thus it takes time for players to gel and if importing foreign players, to overcome language barriers.

      During the course of the year there are updates and hotfix's available from the official FM2011 website. These included patches to fix bugs and other software issues in addition to updating winter transfers.
      At the time of writing (August 2011) there is no update for the current 2011/12 season which is a bit unfortunate as it ultimately means having to purchase the latest edition or attempting to buy the same players that have recently transferred to your team in real life. Football Manager 2012 is out 21 October 2011.

      CPU Requirements

      Despite the game not appearing to be visually dynamic the game does use up a lot of CPU resources. You will need a decent computer to run the game. Most times when I am playing the game on my laptop which exceeds the minimum requirements the fan will go into overdrive, usually when the game is processing the results of international games and during 2D and 3D matches. I'm not sure why that is and moreover I do not know why international games are being processed when I have not selected to play with a national team. It would have been better if the game concentrated on relevant aspects to the club.
      OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
      Processor: XP : 1.4GHz or Faster, Vista/W7 : 2.0GHz or Faster
      Memory XP : 512MB RAM, Vista/7 : 1.0GB RAM
      Graphics: 128MB Supported Chipsets - Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 or greater; Intel 82915G/82910GL or greater.
      DirectX: Version 9.0c (included)
      Hard Drive: 2GB
      Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible

      In comparison to the equivalent edition of FIFA Manager, FM2011 has in my opinion very similar interaction with team players and staff. It does however lack a good 3D match experience as there is no live commentary for match days. In addition and there is no instant results option. Consequently the matches take much longer to simulate.
      Whilst the game is very playable and quite realistic, the gameplay can become quite monotonous as it would be easy just to pick the best players and field them continuously to gain the best results.

      What makes the game more realistic than Fifa Manager is the board interaction and financial restrictions that are in place. This is big part of the game, finding quality players that are willing to play for menial wages then selling them on for a higher value and building the team accordingly. Even the rich clubs have restrictive policies, so even if you choose to manage Chelsea, there would only be money in the kitty for one quality transfer. So regardless of the team selected, there is strict financial control and an expectation to perform to agreed targets.

      I haven't yet found the option of owning a club like it would be possible in Fifa Manager. Another big difference is the transfer values of players, which are more realistic in Fifa Manager. For example, Fernando Torres is worth less than £20 million whereas in Fifa Manager he is valued at what Chelsea had paid.

      Overall I would rate the game very closely with Fifa Manager although football manager purist would disagree. If the 3D match was improved then I would put Football Manager ahead of Fifa Manager.

      I posted the review around 2 years ago on Ciao UK under the screename of costas1234


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        08.10.2011 21:36
        Very helpful



        A superb and thoroughly well worked football management game for all to enjoy

        Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of football management games and have been playing them for a number of years but have always found the Sports Interactive team to offer the best quality games so am delighted to offer a review of their most recent offering in Football Manager 2011.

        The Football Manager series has long been known for its exceptional depth and this game has continued in the same vein with over 50 different leagues from all over the world and a simply immense database of footballers and staff from all over the world meaning that this is a game where you can play through limitless possibilities and try your hand at management of each and every level of the footballing ladder.
        The game is based on a list of numbers which represent the qualities for each different quality or skill...sounds simple? Deciding on what you are looking for from players is the most important part of the game as you need to figure if you are looking for precision, speed, strength, stamina or all of the above and more important than that is what your budget will allow you to purchase.
        One of the biggest things worked on over recent years by the team has been a 3D match engine so that you can watch your side play out your tactical master plan. This is a facililty within the game which I do not use frequently but have used on a couple of occasions and can see why this is something which is worked on so much and is so liked by lovers of the game. The feature allows you to see where things are going right and wrong and allow you to develop your approach to the game to suit your club stature (passing the ball about at a lower division club may not bring you the results desired so you need to work within your clubs budgets and with the players at your disposal) so as you are learning the game this is a very useful tool to have available.
        For me the best part of this game is the amount of control available to you within your club with huge tactical control (passing style, tackling type, offside, tempo of play, etc) with each different selection having a noticeable impact on how your team perform. If the team aren't performing well then the ability to give team talks is a huge bonus and again something which can have a massive impact on the final outcome of your match. Training and players discipline are also tools which are available to you and will help you to develop the team to be exactly as you want them to be or lead to you being out of your job in a short space of time.
        Purchasing players is easy with amazing scouting options and a cleverly designed and implemented transfer market but if you prefer to develop your young players then you can do this with your youth side and reserves allowing gradual development.
        Don't want to do all of the work? Hire your staff and set them to do your work for you and with the number of different qualities that are on offer for your staff members then go out and search around to ensure that things are structured exactly as you want.


        A game I highly recommend and even if things aren't going great when you start then stick with it and develop your management skills and the club you choose to be yours.


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        21.07.2011 20:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Puts you right into a managers shoes

        Manager games for any football fan is a must at some point in their lives. Whether it be the classic Total Club Manager or LMA manager games or the newer managers games that are out now such as Football Manager and Fifa managers.

        Football Manager 2011 is a great game all round. You simply become a manager right from the start and choose your team you want to manage at first and try to take them to glory or whatever position they are capable of. You can also decide to start the game unemplyed and search for available jobs. Don't worry if you start a game with a team and you later get bored of them as you can resign/ get sacked and then choose another club that is looking for a manager. It's a never ending game in that aspect and you can't really 'complete' it.

        There are many teams to choose from from many countries all around thw world. Whether it be from the Premiership or the Spanish 2nd Division you can choose any team you like. There are literally thousands of players and they play for the clubs that they do in real life. One aspect that is worth taking is that their are also Youngsters who are on this game so it's not only your established players, there are actually youngsters as there is in real life.

        There are many aspects to managing your team from buying players to choosing a formation. Buying players can either be players who are on the transfer market or you can even offer clubs to buy their star players which they didn't intend to sell but if the price is right everyone sells.. (Sometimes you pay more than you can afford and then regret it..). However, not only is the money spent on paying clubs to get their players, but you have to use your money to give them contracts and this part is where I always end up paying too much and in the long run realise i'm left with little money to improve my squad because of this. There are also agent fee's etc which are new to Football Manager series.

        You can watch your team play with different game speeds or you can simply skip the games and find out the final results. I like to watch my team play as I want to know first hand who plays well and who doesn't. At half time you talk to the players in the dressing room and say things like your dissapointed or perhaps 'You only need one goal' which quite often inspires them.

        There is alot of media coverage emphasis on this game as it is in real life. Before the match and after the match you have interviews with various media broadcasters raging from well known names such as BBC to Football365.com. If you want to skip these you can send your assistant instead. There are also rumours which are quite often false that you want to buy particular players which is just like real life where the papers make up stories out of the blue!

        You can interact with your players more than ever now as you can have a chat with them. The options of chatting with them are broad ranging from talking about their recent perfomances to asking them who they think the club should sign. Sometimes these talks don;t go well when they disagree with you and can make them unhappy and lose morale which is bad for team perfomance so you have to talk wisely.

        The game itself is very basic. Watching the game is in 2D and their is very little sound in the whole game as their is only sound of fans cheering when watching the game and no in-game music. Also, you are very much 'the Manager' and unlike other manager game like Total Club manager, you dont interfere with things like building a stadium or ticket prices. Also, you simply can play with a mouse and i only use the keyobard if i'm searching for a certain player and have to type their name in.

        There is also an online aspect which i haven't tried out and don't think i ever will but it would be good to read or watch a review on that part as unfortuantely I can't comment on it.

        Overall basic yet challening game. It's great fun and puts you in the shoes of a manager and you feel the joy or frustration after each game as they would do in real life. Everything is basic and easy in regards to controlling the game and so it can be played at any age although i've learned from playing that the experience in watching a vast amount of Football in my lifetime (I'm only 18 but watched ALOT) seems to have helped me choose my players and tactics when playing against certain teams.



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          18.07.2011 18:48



          better than the real thing

          Well what can you say about the Football manager series? Every year is an improvement on the last, and with the additional features in it that hasnt changed, would recommend this game to anyone who loves and breathes football. The usual though takes a while to set up everything before you even get into a pre season trying to find your weak players and searching for the next non leaguer that will in turn be the next Ian Wright!!!!!!
          By far the most in depth installment of the game so far and a truely epic game editor.
          Be warned you may never want to go outside again or even be capeable after the muscles in your legs have wasted away through hour upon hours of playing
          But most certiantly worth it!!! Will be making sure I buy the next installment a lot sooner then I did this year!!! Roll on Football Manager 2012!!!!!


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          14.03.2011 19:06
          Very helpful



          THE must-have game for any football fan. Say goodbye to your life as you know it!

          Here we go again. Firing up a game of Football Manager on your computer, whether it be PC or Mac is something akin to alleged victims of "alien abduction", as what follows is a large part of your day is seemingly whipped away from you. Hours go by like their seconds and therein lies the quality of the game at hand. The addictiveness leading to such phrases as "I'll just play one more game", "let me see if this transfer goes through" or even "Hang on, I want to see how much the board give me to spend for next season". The pure beauty of the game lies in success which make you think you have achieved something worthwhile, especially if you've managed to win the Champions League with Hayes and Yeading. It can involve you like no other game can or ever will.

          So, what has changed from last year's version of the game? Well, transfers are a lot more involved, you get to interact a lot more with player agents and the players themselves when offering contracts, the 3D match view is much improved too and seems to flow better with a wider variety of chances and goals. Pre and Post match interviews are more extensive too, instead of rehashing the same four or five questions all the time. Obviously, player transfers are up to date from the start of the season too, as well as the option for automatic updates via the Steam application. Also new is the possibility of uploading your progress via Twitter and even saving your goals and posting the video on Youtube. The game has basically been finely tuned and progressed ever so slightly in the right areas without losing any of the game's standout qualities.

          If you're a football fan then this is an absolute must, otherwise this isn't for you, having said that I doubt you'd be debating buying this type of game in the first place if football wasn't your interest. If you've played any games in this series before then the natural progression would be to buy this too and you definitely won't be disappointed.

          It's a game that can accelerate time to paranormal proportions and drives girlfriends of players round the bend, but that's because it's so good!


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          26.02.2011 10:27



          Worth a play but could get away with last years

          This is just the latest of a long line of championship managers and football managers, i myself have been playing since championship manager 01/02 which i regard as one of the best in the series but for a more up to date laying experience this cannot be beaten.
          The 3d match engine has been vastly improved since last year and appears to be on it's way to looking more like fifa which i can only hope adds to the realism and doesn't take away from the vast experience which engulfs your life until the next one.
          Another thing added this year is the ability to train your players to a formation which is extremely useful as having a team which is highly experienced in playing your chosen formations increases there match performance and makes you a better manager ;).
          Overall this game isn't much different from last year but is still highly enjoyable and worth a play.


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          23.01.2011 11:57
          Very helpful



          A very addictive game and one much deeper than any FIFA or PES game out there.

          Football Manager 2011 (PC)
          Tested and reviewed based on the PC version
          Review by Ben Nacca
          GT: Darkeyes2k7

          Holding a strong track record for deep, successful football simulators, Sports Interactive (S.I.) are back this year with their latest attempt to once again command the gaming market with Football Manager 2011.
          One of the key points that drive people to this game is the realism. The other side to that coin obviously is that you do not "control" the players. Now for fans of the series, you will know what I mean. For people who are new to this...well you do not control them like you would in the FIFA series. There is no A to pass or B to shoot. You are the manager, not the player and you cannot tell them when to pass or not...in a manner of speaking. FM11 is about tactics, it is about success for your team and the ultimate feeling of glory when you accomplish this...or the disappointment as you swiftly clear your desk if sacked.

          As already mentioned, Football Manager 2011 is as immersive as it was in the previous instalments, with huge database options that contain over 65,000 players and staff members, with hundreds of leagues in countries around the globe, S.I. really do not want to leave you feeling empty.
          There is a number of new features in this instalment, most notably the conversations aspect, which now occurs in everything you do, whether it be to the press, to your players or your staff or even other managers. It is all set out to replicate the progression of talks and interactions within the football world.

          This leads nicely onto the other addition, agents. Players now have agents, and with them come the turmoil of keeping not only the player happy, but the agent to, who in some cases is looking for the best deal for himself, or his client. Contract negotiations are much more involving, immersive and rewarding when successful.
          Reputations added to the leagues now also help to install realism, so for those playing for a number of seasons will slowly see for instance the decline of the Premier League maybe or the fall of the Spanish La Liga, as players look for the most successful and dominant leagues. This could mean that, if lucrative enough, the French Ligue 1 could become the most desirable place to play and see the likes of Messi and future equivalents snubbing once great teams such as Manchester United and Inter Milan for French teams. However, this will be different for everyone, as it is how you play and how you are within the league to whether it will change or not, and to what extent also.

          The introduction of individual training, to specialize your players in certain areas you want, is a welcomed addition and one that really helps you get the best out of those youngsters. Players also come to you more often, with issues or complaints (or maybe that is just my management skills!) and expect them resolved. Starting out in Seria A with Fiorentina, I had Italy's striker Alberto Gilardino complain to me that we doing rubbish... well 15th after 8 games is quite bad but I told him we would turn it around. However, due to his "nature", he got upset and thought I was lying. After the argument, and numerous broken items in my office no doubt, I dropped him till he could be more "professional". We won the next match and are currently on an unbeaten streak in the league after 34 games, carrying on into my next season. Safe to say Gilardino was sold in January and all has been well since.
          That example demonstrates the potentially volatile occurrences that can happen in the game. Finding your team's formation and form is key, along with the right tactics for the league.

          Due to this, I could not recommend this to anyone who does not play football or at least understand the rules and what goes on. Why a manager makes a certain change to his line up or why he must buy every player to make his bench look nice. (Roberto Mancini of Manchester City, we are looking at you!)
          The actual matches play out very nicely and, although still preferring the 2D match view myself, the 3D views have undergone a renovation and look startling realistic and a great improvement upon FM2010's offering. In game tactics and touchline shouts remain unchanged but the saying "why fix it if it isn't broken?" truly fits here.

          Achievements for Football Manager 2011? Well yes, despite being a PC title that isn't for Games For Windows Live (GFWL), it still has achievements on Steam. Now Steam is required to play this for the achievements though I believe you can install it without using Steam. If you have internet connection though, it will use Steam automatically. This is not a bad thing however, it means it installs in under 15 minutes, if that, and has patch support and updates downloaded automatically for you. Back on topic, FM11 features plenty of rewarding achievements that are unlocked for a number of different tasks such as not conceding for 10 games to signing a player for more than £30M. There is a huge variety and with other 80 of them, they will surely keep you busy.
          Standard specs for FM11 are pretty low since you do not need a great graphics card to play this as it does not draw from graphics. It is a game of depth and detail, and therefore will be demanding on your processors and RAM. I play it fine at max settings on a Dual Core Intel 2.3ghz processor and 4GBs of RAM on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit edition. I am sure the minimum spec requirements are much less than this though but as always, check on the back of the box if you have any doubts about your machines capabilities.


          Visuals...well technically this is not a beautiful looking game. It never has been as that is not what the series goes for. Updated 3D visuals and a slick looking User Interface work wonders though and with the available option to add your own player face images and league logos in, as well as kits and other additions, Football Manager 2011 really gives the best it can for graphics standpoint.


          As usual , no menu music or background music. I always have Zune/iTunes underneath the game playing music and due to it not being demanding on computer resources, this is relatively easy to minimize to change songs etc or use keyboard short cuts. However, the only sound in game is the matches themselves with crowds. No commentary sound like FIFA, no particular defining chants as such so do expect a silent playthrough if you do not want music on in the background.


          Hits the nail on the head and beats away any chance of a competition with such depth and detail. The game works superbly well and the feeling of a season coming right to the last game is as every bit nerve wrecking as it is in real life. Player interaction and realism has been improved and commentary has also been updated slightly for extra realism.


          With the singleplayer lasting however long you would like, whether it be a season or 50, the ability for the game to create "regens" or new youth players to grow up as footballers means the game can continue even after the likes of Messi and Ronaldo retire at the grand age of 35+ so no problems with length here. Multiplayer options on offer as well if you would like a quick game against a mate to test your tactics etc.


          Really well implemented but only comes if installed with Steam obviously. A great variety and plenty to keep you going. Would have more drive though if this was a Games For Windows Live title though and went on my Gamertag... cannot win them all I guess though.


          A fantastic addition and by far the best Football Manager game out there so far. Sports Interactive just keep improving and impressing with each addition but it is a shame there were no major revamps to the game this time. Some nice slick features and as always, the ability to tune and customize the game with custom images will always be welcome. A very addictive game and one much deeper than any FIFA or PES game out there. If you have not tried it yet, then what are you waiting for?
          This guide is the property of Ben Nacca and is for the sole use of Lanraiders.co.uk, www.dooyoo.co.uk and www.ciao.co.uk.
          No copying to other websites or other mediums without written permission first.


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          20.01.2011 20:22
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Fantastic football managerial game, the best out there!

          November 2010 saw the release of the most likely game to get you divorced, being the most sought after football managerial game since Eidos and Sports interactive worked together and produced the legendary Championship Manager 97/98.

          Football Manager 2011 is as addictive if not more than the 2010 edition to the franchise. In all honesty there aint to many new features. The features we did see in 2010 are the same this edition but updated.

          One of the biggest and best new features is the all new agent negotiations. Sports Interactive have worked hard on this new feature in order to add more realism into the equation when signing players. I believe realism as been added by this feature as in real life you would deal with a players agent directly. The feature is fun but can be extremly frustrating as agents are money grabbing ................. Fill in the blank.

          Patches are out there yet again, to current date the third patch as just been released. Patches are out there in order to fix bugs with the game. Patches are available for free, from numerous sites, just type football manager 2011 patch into google, this will return plenty of trusted websites to download from.

          Football fans this game is definatley worth its pittance of a price tag.

          Hope you find this review useful, hope you enjoy the most superior managerial game on gods green earth!!!!!!!!!!!


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            04.01.2011 12:17
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A very good management style game

            I have been very fortunate to play many games in the Football Manager series and the best so far has to be Football Manager 2011.
            Every year they release a new version of the game which is about you becoming a football manager of one of your favourite clubs and then trying to use your own talent in securing deals and making sure your team is the best in the world.

            The game is good because they always add new features and this year they have done some new adjustments which make things look better and easier to understand. The first example of this would be when you have sorted out what sort of teams and leagues you want in your game. In the past you just assumed you would take up some memory and that was it.

            This game actually gives you a rating out of five to how quick the game is going to be with all the leagues and database size you have chosen so already there is a big difference.
            When the game has loaded the idea is that you can search for players, find out information about what the club expects you to do whilst in charge and you do have plenty to do.

            When it comes to updating contracts with players the dreaded agents are now present on the game. In the past they were never a big problem but now they help negotiations with their clients and they want some money as well so you have to try and work out contracts with the agents sticking their noses in. This can be a good part of the game as this is what happens in normal football so they have done some research here.

            You also get plenty of information now on players if they are unhappy. You can have conversations with players and this is something which is more updated then it was in previous years. A new player in a new country might struggle to settle in and this allows you to let them have time away and it does help an awful lot.
            The game has all the latest players playing in the right places and the proper clubs but there are a few issues for me in the game. I think the prices of players are somewhat out of touch with reality. In football recently players have gone for extreme amounts of cash yet on the game they are presently much cheaper so that is taking away some of the real problems in football.

            The wages seem about correct and so do some of the egos of players so that is something they have done well but the player prices are insane. The weird part to this game is how much quicker the game feels compared to previous years. There is much more added to the game this year yet you feel the game is quicker when loading up screens and your given much more information.

            Your scouts whom you assign missions are always coming to you with players and they are always doing this when in the past you would rarely get a decent report so this is brand new and much more fun to see.
            I think the reason the game appeals to me is because it offers you the change to run a football team yourself and I will admit this can be one of those games which takes plenty of time up because it is time consuming with everything you need to do. It will keep you occupied for hours at a time but for a football fan like me it is very enjoyable.

            The graphics now on the actual match day are fantastic. You can turn on the television and see highlights of the goals and they are much quicker and seem fantastic in terms of depth of the players and it never freezes the game like it has in the past.

            I think the game could do with more realistic valuation on players and this would help the game much more. I am not sure what else they could have added to the game as everything is much easier to do now and this goes for training and just general game play.

            I would tell people the RRP price of around £30 is extreme for this game and I would not want to pay more than £18 and it is a good game but memory wise this is huge. I found it took over 1GB in memory and can be used on all Window Systems apparently.

            In terms of what new features it has then it works fantastic and it will always continue to improve year after year. The speed is much better, the clubs are all there and it is great fun to play especially if you love football. Overall rating is 9 out of 10 for me for this game.


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              16.11.2010 20:26
              Very helpful



              The king of football management is back in football manager 2011!

              Its back! the greatest job on the planet and available to anyone with the latest installment to the football manager series. Featuring tons of nice little addons, such as improved graphics for the game engine, agents being available for the first time in the game and tons of extra features to take the game up a giant notch from the previous 2010 version released last year.

              I have already clocked up several hours of game time over the last few days, simply because i cannot stay away! With dreams of taking afc wimbledon out of the conference and into a league club, the game has started to swallow me into a deep level of addiction just as similar games in the series have done.
              It truely is an epic game, ok so now its time to discuss the game and features which i find are better from the previous versions and what not.

              Ok so once the game has loaded up you get to start your career as a fully fledged manager, on clicking the continue button, an in game wizard in loaded taking you through which features you want to have in the game, such as which teams you may want to play as, including adding the countries and leagues that you wish into the game. (the more leagues and countries you add) generally the slower the game and your computer becomes because of having to process data for games and transfers for these leagues and countries. On accepting the game then starts to load the database you requested and then enters into a new wizard for yourself, yes you the manager! Like all the previous games you get to set you name, age, nationality etc and your past experience in football. You are then asked to pick the team you wish to manage.

              Most players might opt for one of the premiership or championship teams or their own favourite team. From this point you are thrown into the football world, to be met by the media and your board and staff who will send you messages and notices as the game develops.

              The newest features including that of agents being introduced are great although a little annoying at times as some of the agents are very picky and request high contracts with lots of clauses etc, where us with some there might be little negotiation. I think this is a nice feature and makes the game a step closer to realism in the football world.

              Another not so talked about addon is the fact that its possible to change a countries reputation. For instance in theory if you was to manage a welsh club with enough success and buy bringing some big names in, it would be possible to boost the reputation of the entire league, theoretically of course as it would be a monumental challenge to undertake.

              Other features include the improved graphics during matches, i think they have improved vastly with stadia and pitches looking better than ever before. The graphics also seem alot smoother and with no extra specs needed from the two previous football manager, the game engine also seems alot more realistic which is obviously a nice addition!

              Also there is the possibility of a link with twitter and youtube, so you can upload your favourite replays to youtube and post achievements on twitter as they occur, this is also a nice feature and have yet to try these features out as i do not have a twitter account yet and my goals so far have been rather scrappy so nothing worth saving just yet, but would like to use these new features in the future.

              There is also more board interaction than before with options to opt for a new stadium rather than to upgrade the current one for example.

              These improvements might seem minimal but there really are too many to mention and the game is alot crisper to run and makes the game easier to navigate through as well as to run.

              Its another superb addition to the football manage series.

              Its available for about £30 most places but have seen it cheaper than this on amazon, so may be worth checking out here first.

              I really do love this game, but warning its highly addictive


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              12.11.2010 14:09
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              The best of the best


              It's that time of year again when SEGA and Sports Interactive release their award winning football management sim. This year Football Manager 2011 promises to be bigger and better and quite unbelievably, even more realistic than ever before. This is quite an achievement as each year's offering always takes realism to a new level which seems almost impossible to better.

              Football Manager 2011 uses the same game engine as Football Manager 2010 so if you are a seasoned player of this series, you will already know what to expect. For new players, Football Manager 2011 is not a game you will be able to pick up and play when you have a spare five minutes. A lot of time and effort will be required if you are to be a successful football manager. We'll go into more detail about this later. In Football Manager, you do not actually control the players but, as in real life, the decisions you make throughout the duration of the game will effect your team's performance on the pitch.


              Installation of Football Manager can be accomplished in one of two ways. The traditional method is to use the DVD disk which you will require in the drive each time you start up the game in order for it to read the copy protection information. The more innovative and preferred method is to use the Steam install. Steam are an online distributor of games titles and will authenticate your game for you each time you launch it. This method will not require you to have the game DVD in your drive once installation has occured, meaning you can put the disk away for safe keeping. Both installation methods require 2Gb of hard disk space but the advantage of using Steam is that you will automatically receive game updates before they become available for the boxed version. These updates will be applied without the need for the user to do anything making them ideal for technophobes. If you play through Steam, you will unlock achievements when you reach pre-set milestones in the game such as first win, first manager of the month award and unbeaten runs for example. These achievements don't offer anything else in terms of gameplay that the boxed version doesn't so you won't be missing out if you choose the boxed option.

              ==What's different to Football Manager 2010?==

              Games such as Football Manager which get a new release annually are often criticised by non-followers of the title for being an excuse for software publishers to exploit it's fans. With Sports Interactive, this criticism is completely unjustified as each year the game evolves much further than just a data update. Although the same game engine as Football Manager 2010 is used, the match engine has been updated beyond recognition. Little touches such as night games actually being played at night, wear and tear on the pitch through the winter months and more graphical weather conditions really add to the game's realism. If these changes seem cosmetic, the artificial intelligence of the players has now been updated so that players are more likely to play a pass that you would expect if watching a live game yourself. Of course, what the players do in the game is largely down to your tactics so if you find yourself shouting at the screen because a player isn't doing what you want him to, he's probably only following your instructions.

              Transfer negotiations in Football Manager 2011 are now extremely realistic. Up until now, in every football management game ever released, you would make an offer to a player who would go away and think about it, only to give you his decision a few days later. If he accepted you'd proceed but if he rejected you could make him a new offer and then wait another couple of days for his reply. Obviously, this is not how real transfer discussions take place and this has been addressed in Football Manager 2011. You now get the impression that you are sat round a table with the player and his agent in an attempt to thrash out a deal. If the player rejects your offer you can make a new one straight away which will either be accepted or declined straight away. You continue with this until either both sides are happy or one side walks away without a deal being done. Even if you do come to an agreement at this stage, the player will still go away and think things over before coming back to you with a decision. This is very true to life and a great enhancement of the game.

              Player interaction has been given a new look also in Football Manager 2011. You can now hold conversations with any of your players, asking them anything from recommending a new signing right up to telling them to practice avoiding using their weaker foot during matches. Depending on the characteristics of the player, each player will react differently to your instructions. Man management is a key factor of Football Manager 2011 and if you have a squad with high morale who are prepared to work for each other, you stand a much better chance of being successful, even with a weaker team.

              ==Twitter and YouTube in a PC game, surely not!!!==

              With Football Manager 2011, Sports Interactive have jumped onto the social networking bandwagon allowing you to automatically post updates to your Twitter feed and even upload goals and other match events onto YouTube for other players around the globe to see. These functions are optional and are turned off by default.

              ==The final whiste==

              Football Manager 2011 is the closest thing to perfection as far as football management simulations go. This is a definite purchase, even if you own Football Manager 2010 or below. It will be interesting to see what new features appear in Football Manager 2012 as this looks extremely difficult to beat. Then again, I said exactly the same last year.


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