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Gobliiins 4 (PC)

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Genre: Adventure for Windows Vista / Windows XP / 3 years and over

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    1 Review
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      11.03.2011 14:59
      Very helpful



      A great little puzzle adventure

      Here's another game for the PC that I couldn't resist "Goblins 4" I have completed the first three, and so much time seemed to pass before I found (by chance) the latest one. But it was worth the wait because I wasn't disappointed.

      Goblins 4

      Released in 2009 for Windows XP (SP2) and Vista, this delightful point and click adventure game was to remain in the same league as the first three games before it. As the previous games in the series became a gaming legend, and that legend was set to continue with this latest addition "Goblins 4".
      If you are at all familiar with the Goblins series you'll already know, by purchasing this game, your on your way to witnessing all the crazy antics of these funny little fellows all over again, only this time you'll be able to discover their own crazy, little world for the first time, as they take you on yet another hilarious adventure, and all in animated, 3D film quality graphics.

      The aim of the game is to find "Riri", the kings beloved pet, Riri is the cure for the kings bout of manic depression. (Sound crazy? Well yes, it is rather) So you will have to embark on this zany adventure with your 3 Goblin friends and work your way through 15 crazy missions.

      Once you launch the game, you will be greeted with the main menu, on this screen you will meet the characters, you can select any of them and give them a silly task to do, just to get a feel of how they work and what they can do. In the right hand corner of the screen you'll see the following options:

      New Game - Click this to begin a new game you just have to type in your name and away you go.
      Continue - Click this to carry on where you left off on a previous game.
      Credits - This shows you the guys who made the game.
      Exit - This does exactly what it says and by clicking this you will return to windows on your PC.

      In this game you get to choose who you play out of the three very different Goblin characters, all three of them help each other throughout each mission and are all capable of doing certain individual things, so you will need to use all of them in order to complete the game.

      "Tchoup" the detective - Not only is he a skilled private investigator, he is also the only Goblin who can take items and keep them in his pockets. To open his pockets and see all he's collected click to select him and then right click anywhere on the screen, this will open up a screen which shows you everything he holds in his pockets. Sometimes it will be necessary to combine items with other items on the screen, it is all explained to you as you go along.

      "Perluis" the magician - He of course is the magic user, he can make plants grow, which you will find very useful, he can also bewitch objects and make them do different things, not, I might add always useful things. (This just adds comedy to the game).

      "Stucco" the strong man - He is the muscles in the game, although what he gains in strength he loses in brains, he can lift heavy items that may be blocking the way and he can also climb ropes and climb plant stems.

      To move the Goblins you just click an "active" spot on the screen, these are highlighted and whoever you have selected will walk to that area and attempt to do what needs to be done.

      There is a gold tooth hidden in each of the first 13 missions which, if you manage to find, it will unlock 2 secret levels. You don't have to collect these but it all adds to the fun of the game.

      In all, there is about 30 hours of game play.
      Minimum system requirements are Windows XP (SP2) or Vista.
      Suitable for ages 3+
      Cost, £4.99 from Game (Preowned) but can be purchased from Amazon for £1.99

      My experience playing the game

      I found this game by chance, I had finished the other three a long while ago and so wasn't specifically looking for this game. However when I saw it, I was delighted and couldn't wait to get home to start playing it.
      As soon as I loaded up Goblins 4 It bought back memories of the others, only this time I noticed the color and graphics were so much better. I had to familiarize myself with how it all worked, but it didn't take me long to get back into the swing of it. I loved the idea that I could play on my own at my own pace. Some of the puzzles are a little tricky and I couldn't imagine any 3 year old, would be able to complete this game without an awful lot of help, but I guess the age is only there to advice of content suitability.
      The game is very silly in places, with crazy sound effects and the funny language the Goblins speak in, it lets you mess around with the little Goblins, making them do really silly things, this aspect of the game would appeal to younger children I think.
      If you decide to buy and play this game, you may well find yourself not wanting to move until you've at least completed 2 or 3 missions, it can become quite addictive, as the game is a real joy to play. Gameplay is very smooth with no glitches, or loading problems and in my opinion, whatever your age, if you enjoy puzzle games I think you'd love this clever little puzzle adventure.

      I give this game 5 stars because I really can't fault it.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also appear on Ciao


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