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MB Games Guess Who?

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    88 Reviews
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      18.06.2013 17:39
      Very helpful



      A great classic game from the 70s, and as fun as I remember it as a child

      =MB Games Guess Who?=

      This is my daughters game and over the years we have had many a game of this, and even now my daughter is 10, we still have the odd game with it.

      My daughter has had this game when she was about 5 years old, and I would have paid around £10 for it then,

      =The Game=
      There are two plastic bases, a red board and a blue board, each have rows of mini cards with people on them. There is a total of 30 people on each board.

      there is a mix of ladies and gentleman, and they have different features such as
      - Hair Colour

      There is also a set of cards that match the people, the idea is that you both choose a card and this is the person that your opposition player is trying to guess the identity of.

      =To Win=
      The winner is the person who guesses the identity of the person you have at the front of the board.

      =Game Play=
      There are 2 players,

      -Example of playing-

      Player 1 Is it a man?
      Player 2 Yes or no according

      say its Yes - you put all the female cards down

      Player 2 - Is it a woman?
      Player 1 - Yes or no according

      Say its yes - Put down all the men

      Player 1 - Have I got glasses on?
      Player 2 - Yes or no

      Say its no - Put down everyone who has glasses on

      Player 2 - Have they got blonde hair?
      Player 1 - Yes or no

      Says its no - Put down everyone with the colour blonde hair.

      =One Little Niggle=
      There is not many women on here, it is literally a 2 to 1 ratio of men to women.

      =Age and Players=
      This game is designed for children aged 6+ and needs 2 players

      =Niggles about the game board=

      The fact there is not an equal number of men to woman on the board - if your card happens to be a woman, this gives the other player a better chance of winning.

      The plastic is not very strong- As the base is plastic, if it gets dropped it can break, also the cards are fitted into the plastic slots, if you have a child that is heavy handed this can pull a person out.

      =Plus Points=
      -Quick to set up - All you need to do is flip the board so you get the people up and then choose a card.

      -Quick to learn- Quick to learn to play

      -Promotes observational skills - As the child is learning to look at features

      -Promotes language skills - as the child is asking questions, even though it is to another child, they both bounce off each other and learn from there.

      =Many other versions=
      I always remember wanting this game back in the 1970s but I never had it, over the years other retailers have produced their own version including Tesco and Hasbro.

      =Modern Version=
      Hasbro have recently completely upgraded the Guess Who game, and have changed quite a lot of the features including
      -Central piece is fixed into one section.
      -Characters are hidden behind doors
      An adult needs to set the character sheets into the slots.

      =New Version=
      I have not played the new version, although I have seen it at a friends, and one look at it, I could see faults, as the children literally have to be sat on top of the game it.

      =Why change a game that has worked perfectly for many years=

      =Would I recommend this game=
      I would recommend the old version of the the MB game, as I have had many a good game of this with my daughter, and seeing her play this with friends, as it reminds me of being a child myself, as my best friend at the time had this game, and I use to love this game.

      =Price and Availability=
      This can be picked up for around £10 from toy shops, supermarkets, Argos, online from Argos, amazon, or second hand at car boots or eBay


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      28.05.2013 15:48
      Very helpful



      recreating my own childhood through board games.

      Guess Who is a game I remembered fondly from playing it myself as a child, so when my children got into playing board games, I bought a new version of guess who from MB games. I probably bought this a bit too early for my kids when they were 4 and 2, as it only now that they are 5 and 6 that they really do appreciate the subtlety of playing this game, which is in line with the manufacturer recommended age of 6 plus.

      This is a game for two players which is a bit unusual in our house as most of our games are for 2-4 players, and we usually need this as my sons can argue if left to play alone so one or more of us parents play with them to help them get to the end of the game smoothly.

      The aim of this game is just as I remember it. Each board features 24 flaps that rotate through 90 degrees. Each flap contains a picture of a character - both boards feature the same characters. There are then the same pictures of the characters on playing cards. Each player blindly takes a card which they then hide from the other player, and the players ask each other questions based on the characters appearances in order to try and work out who the other player has first.

      Of course, an adult can easily win against a child playing this game because we are more likely to ask useful questions that eliminate a lot of characters at once, such as is your person a boy? Whereas a child might focus on something more specific to one character. It has taken quite a few goes for my children to see the difference between these types of questions, and get used to asking questions that can only be answered with yes or no. I think as a result, although it is a simple game, it provides many learning opportunities such as being more observant, being patient, listening carefully and phrasing appropriate questions.

      This board while similar to the one I had as a child feels a lot more flimsy. When we first purchased this, I had to insert all the character cards into the flaps and attach all the flaps to the board. The character cards and the flaps are very prone to falling off when you move them about within the game, and you have to be very gentle with it to avoid this happening. I don't remember having to keep stopping play like this when I was small for my parents to fix the board.

      Another feature I don't remember is that there is a small sliding counter on each board so you can move this along and keep tally of who has won. This is a feature we are not that bothered about as it is a little stiff to move along, and it feels a bit competitive when we are playing with young children to use it.

      I like that there is a little slot on the right hand side of the board in order to stand your character card while you are playing. I can't remember if the original had this or not, but it is helpful to have your picture in front of you so you can see but the other player can't.

      This is still a very appropriate childrens game, and I feel that its still worth playing even if the board is a lot flimsier than it used to be. If you are careful with it then it is not too bad. You can play the rounds fairly quickly once your child gets the idea of the game, and it is a fun way to pass the time as a family.

      This particular version of the game is on amazon for a whopping £33 which is quite frankly ludicrous for a few bits of plastic, and I wouldn't pay this for the game. This particular version is described as vintage on ebay, yet available from about £2 second hand. A newer version appears to be made now from Hasbro games which looks a little sturdier than this version.


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        16.04.2013 01:28
        Very helpful



        A classic

        I don't have any children but I have plenty of board games as I have always been a big kid at heart loving my N64, consoles and card games too. I watch a lot of tv, probably too much, and so to compensate for that I play board games with my boyfriend and family, especially my young cousin as he loves them just as much as me.

        Guess Who has been in my pile of board games for years. I have fond memories of playing it with my sister when I was younger and my cat Dusty (now sadly passed away) sprawled out in the empty box filling every centimetre of the box! My sister is definitely not what you would call a patient person, so this would often end in lots of fighting or the board of whatever game we were playing being thrown across the room. Did I mention we used to fight a lot lol?

        The idea of the game is for each player to hold a card you randomly select from the pack or slot it into the board holder (although I'm suspicious of my opponent and hold it right at my chest to avoid them peaking), and guess which character from the card they are holding by asking a series of question to do with their personal appearance. Throughout the game you rule out the characters on each card on your tray by asking, for example, "Is it a girl?", "Do they have red hair?" and putting down the flap which depicts all characters in response to these questions. You repeat this until one person is able to guess which character the opposite player is holding/has in their holder.

        The original set up of the game does take a bit of time so its worth doing this ahead of when you are planning on playing. You must click in each flap onto both a red and blue board, and then click in the character pictures into these flap. I had to be quite careful with this as when I was a little too vigorous pushing in the cards they did fold a little bit and so were a little too small for their holder as they had a minor crease. This meant I had to balance those cards in their slot which became annoying as they would fall out often when the board shut. In fact this happened to many cards seemingly randomly and before playing I often have to reassmble some of the cards which have slipped out. This isn't a very difficult task but can be a little frustrating.

        Not only do the cards sometimes pop out but the plastic flaps are also only very flimsy and so its best to be a little over-cautious when playing. The board itself is quite sturdy and strong but the flaps are very thin to enable you to see more of the images and so as a word of warning its better to be more gentle. Similarly, sometimes flaps do fall down randomly and this can get a little annoying and tedious as you have to remember which you placed down yourself and which just dropped.

        However I do think that the positives outweigh the negatives. The game has a very simple premise which is easy to teach to children for example. I played the game with my 5 year old cousin at Christmas and he picked it up almost immediately. The rules are very simple but I do feel it benefits the child/player as it highlights important qualities like logic and being observant. My cousin has issues with paying attention as he is just a ball of energy and this game has managed to keep his attention as it involves lots of thinking but not so much they become overwhelmed. For someone older its also good fun as it doesn't feel that childish even though the images might be very cartoony.

        We bought this game at around £10. The price is still very reasonable and the MB version of the game I own costs only £8 on Amazon. For the most part the game is of a high quality. None of the pieces of my board have broken and I've had it since 2006. Some of the cards are a little bent and crooked at the edges but still perfectly usable. The box in particular is great as it is still very sturdy and going strong despite my cat using it as her own personal bed.

        Although adults can play this game I would definitely say it is more suited to children. The box explains that it is for use for ages 6+. I have played the game now as an adult but I had a lot more fun playing with my younger cousin as it felt like more of a competition. This means that it'd be lots of fun for Mum/Dad to play with them. It is probably a bit too easy after a while for an adult and when I do play it with my boyfriend we can only go a few rounds before getting bored. I benefit of the game however is that it doesn't go on forever. For example, though I love Monopoly I do sometimes get frustrated when it seems to go on forever when we are all drowning in bankrupcy.

        I have the standard game but they now also make special editions with different characters on the cards. This sounds like a fun idea as you can get a box more specific to your child' taste. However one issue I can see with this is that it might be a little easier to spot the answer if for example you ask "Are they green?" its more likely to be the Hulk than Wonder Woman! I think if you were to get a special edition version it would be better to get one involving more human characters as these are less easy to decipher, like Disney or Marvel characters.

        Overall I think this is a fun game to encourage strengthening cognitive abilities. It is deceptively clever, teaching children to be thoughful about what they are asking but not appearing boring or too difficult. The game is only a 2 player game and so perhaps playing in teams or winner stays on would be a way to involve everyone in the game playing. The price is very reasonable and it is available in numerous places online and in stores like Toys R US and has been for years. The game is a real classic and a great bargain.


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          12.12.2012 18:17
          Very helpful



          For once - new and improved really is better.

          Since dooyoo does not have a category for Guess Who Extra, and I have taken the liberty of combining both games into one review. I am reviewing the older, original Guess Who - not the new version which is almost identical to Guess Who Extra without the lights and noises - but it also does not look as well made and it only comes with two character sheets.

          The basic principle of Guess Who is very simple. Each player selects a character, and the other player tries to guess which one by asking questions which can be answered with a yes or a no. Through a process of elimination, you eventually rule out most of the characters until you are ready to take a guess. The first player to guess correctly wins. The games are meant to be for ages 6 and up, but I would say 5 + would be a better estimate, as my oldest was able to play on his own by then, and much younger children can play with the help of a parent. So when we play, I always help my youngest - suggesting questions if he can not think of one, and making sure he eliminates the right characters. When you have ruled a character out - you close the door over their picture or fold down their flap, depending on the game. We have been playing together since he was 3, and this is one of his favourite games.

          WHAT'S IN THE BOX

          Original Guess Who
          Two plastic trays
          48 flaps that snap in place
          48 small character cards to fit in the flaps
          48 Large character cards to choose your character from.

          Guess Who Extra
          One large flip open case. something like a laptop
          6 double sided character cards which include: grown ups, kids, funny faces, pets, monsters & household items.
          4 tiny rubber pins ( which are certain to get lost eventually as they are about the size of a grain of rice).
          ( this game will also require 2 AAA batteries if you wants lights and sound effects)

          SET UP:
          For the original game, set up can take some time for the first game as you must punch out all the smaller cards and place them into the little flaps and then attach all of these to the tray. This rarely needs to be repeated with a real Guess Who game, but we did have a cheaper knock off version once where the flaps fell off with every use. The cards must be sorted out each time though, unless you have the foresight to keep them separated and bundled up. Our game was used and missing most of these and you can play without them. You just have to be honest about who you picked.

          For Guess who Extra you just choose which theme you are using and slot in the card.

          GAME PLAY:
          With the original game you keep the card with your character in front of you. With the Extra game you slide a small window over your character or characters. The Extra game also has two tiny rubber pins which fit into a hole next to the characters you have determined to be your opponents, but we never bother with this. The game is virtually the same no matter which set you use, but the extra set does liven it up by adding so many different types of characters, and the ability to select two makes elimination so much more difficult. Rather than answer yes or no in this version, you are meant to push a red or green button which will flash and make noise as well and you can add a timer, but playing with a four year old, we do not.

          OUR OPINION:
          My son really did love the original Guess Who until he found the new for £1 at a boot sale. Since then the old one has not been played once and I am looking for 24 dinosaur pictures to replace the character cards and liven things up. As much as usually despise adding batteries and flashing lights to traditional board games - and usually hate new and improved with a passion - I have to admit the new version is better for several reasons. The first is that it all fits into the plastic laptop style case - no need for a bulky card board box, which makes storage and transport so much easier. Next - there is really nothing to lose except for the wee rubber pins, which you do not need anyway. Set up is always quick and easy, and being able to select two characters makes the game much more challenging. But my main reason for preferring this game is the extra characters. My children rarely play as people. They prefer monsters, animals and household items. The household ones are rather odd but the children love them. You can be a a kettle, a dustbin, a toilet, a cheese grater or more with a total of 24 characters. The pets section also has a nice variety and really should be called animals rather than pets as very few people keep things like penguins, elephants or sharks, but again this is good fun and far better than boring old humans in my opinion as well.

          I bought this game solely for fun, not for any educational purposes. But it certainly does have some educational value. Both games help children learn to ask useful questions and use a process of elimination. It can also be helpful for language development and we use it for letter recognition as well - with questions like Does You guy's name start with a 'S' "? Or "does his name have a long A sound?" The Guess who extra is even more educational in my opinion as both children have learned the classification of animals through this by asking questions like "Is your character a mammal"? The possibilities are really endless. It could be useful for colour recognition as well - but I think most children would already know their colours by the time they are old enough to play. If looking to buy a Guess Who set this year - my recommendation is very strongly with the Guess Who Extra - available on Amazon for only £9.99.


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            05.12.2012 13:29
            Very helpful



            Seek this MB version out as some other versions are inferior.

            This is a game where players are encouraged to observe facial features and ask questions in order to go through a process of elimination.


            The winner correctly guesses the character that the opposition player owns before the opposition guessed their card.

            Game Play:

            Each player takes it in turns to ask a question such as, 'Does yours have blonde hair?'

            From the second round onwards you can ask, 'Is this a man?'

            If your card is a woman, the reply is, 'No'.

            Your opponent can then eliminate all the men by flipping the male images so they are face-down on the frame and eliminated as possible candidates. Now this will be rather unfortunate as there are very few women characters, therefore, the opposition is hurtling toward guessing the card you have.

            This is a game for two players only aged six and up. I should say here that we've had children play between the ages of four and six, without problems apart from a little confusion with which characters can be flipped down. This is easily explained and older children are good at helping the younger children to understand.

            This MB game has the old-fashioned and much better design than the modern day Hasbro. I have owned both but gladly returned to the MB version as this is much higher quality.

            This game comes with a red board and separate blue board. The two payers have a frame each and within that are twenty-four different faces. The yellow little pegs are used to keep score. Each time a player wins a game they put a marker in one of the holes provided on their frame. This allows for play to be left at one game or to have an overall winner from several games.

            Pick a card - any card...

            Each player takes a card from a small pack, of about thirty image cards, which matches the people images on the frames. This card is placed in the space provided, in the front of the frame, in order for the opposition to not be able to see the image. Both players work to deduce what the other player has on their card.

            The faces have distinguishable features such as earrings or a beard and a player asks one question per round. Just to remind you, the plastic holders containing the cards are flipped down when the player is sure that the image is not the same as that on the opposing player's card.

            Flip Downs:

            There are very few women represented and the same applies with the Hasbro version.

            I believe Hasbro is the modern update and I had hoped that modern day improvements, from a game played in the 1980s, would include greater representation of women and ethnic minorities I am disappointed, with Hasbro, to count five women and only one of those females is black. The other nineteen faces are all male. This is not teaching our children about sexual and racial equality. No wonder there are still glass ceilings and fewer women than men represented in key jobs. I'm not blaming the game makers for this discrepancy in Western society I'm just pointing out that it doesn't help childhood perceptions. For this reason MB wins as they made this game earlier in time but that's the only reason they are forgiven.

            The plastic is very easy to break. The corners of the image frames are broken in a couple of places. It's not like we've thrown the board around the room in a fit of rage. This has happened through gentle ordinary play. However, Hasbro game design is a billion times worse.

            In the Hasbro version the central game piece is now fixed into one section and the characters are hidden behind little doors that the players open and shut. Plus you have to set this up for the children and make the character sheets of pets and people fit in.

            The plastic face holders and the cards also slip out of the plastic purely because the design has changed and the cards slip in between the plastic. There is nothing there to hold them into place. Now there is one board for the two players to share rather than the much better design that included two separate boards, one for each player. Why would Hasbro go backwards in design from something that worked perfectly well in the past? One has to squint to see the small facial details. This design is ludicrous. It takes forever to set up because cards fall out. During game play, doors open and shut and we knock cards over, you get to see what the opponent has and they get mixed up rendering the game useless.

            Therefore, this MB version wins by miles as though the plastic corners have broken of it doesn't prevent normal game play. The whole point, after all, is to be able to enjoy the game.

            Flip Ups:

            It's good fun.

            This is a very easy game to teach to children. They learn how to pay in a matter minutes and then you can leave them to it.

            Educationally they are developing their observation skills and also their language skills as they must vocalise questions and responses. The game is based on a process of elimination and deduction which will aid logical thinking.

            This is an excellent game for children with developmental disorders as it aids communication and recognition.

            Goodbye to Hasbro's Guess Who? Hello to MB's version.

            Sorry Hasbro, I've ditched your game, in favour of this much better and more fun MB old style version.


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              27.11.2012 14:28
              Very helpful



              A traditional family game.

              Guess Who by MB games is a fantastic game for all the family. Children find the concept easy to understand which makes explanations easier and eliminates a lot of the frustration associated with teaching children new games. Each game only last about five minutes, this means that children can complete a game without losing concentration or interest. The Game consists of two plastic boards one being red the other blue, each of which have twenty four tabs that fold down and each has a picture of a different character, that are also represented on the accompanying twenty four small cards. The boards are not very robust and if dropped do get damaged easily, a few of the tabs have broken on ours and they now need to be balanced rather than them standing independently. The game is two players and is recommended for children over six but if your child understands the game I see no reason why younger children should not play supervised.

              The principle of the game is to discover the character that is represented on the card which the other person has selected. The way you have to do this is to ask questions that require a yes or no answer.

              For example, is the person a man?

              If the other player states no then obviously the character is a woman so all men on the board can folded down. The trick is to ask question which could ultimately eliminate more characters. This game is good for aiding mental problem solving in children but is also very entertaining. The Game has been available for many years and I remember owning this as a child, and I find it nostalgic to play this game. The game has advanced as there are now different additions available my son has also got the Ben 10 version, but there are is also the travel addition which most games now do and even an electronic version. I paid around £15.00 for this a fair few years at Argos but they are readily available in most toy shops and many supermarkets.

              My son has played with this a lot and thoroughly enjoys it, although he does get bored after a few games. I have had to place a rubber band around the cards to keep from losing them as my son was constantly misplacing them, the box is made of a fairly hardy cardboard and is mainly yellow with a picture of two children on the front playing the game. This is the older version I believe!

              We always buy a board game for the kids for Christmas and this would be a great choice for anyone who does not already have it. It's fun for all the family.


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              26.11.2012 16:21
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A good 2 player game

              Guess Who is a game for two players which was first released in 1979. It is made by MB games and is recommended for ages 6 and over.

              The boards vary depending on the edition of the game you get, some have pictures of the characters behind doors and you close the door on those you eliminate.
              In my edition, each player has a plastic board (either red or blue) which contains pictures of 24 different people on plastic hinged cards, which you flip down so you can no longer see their picture as you eliminate. There is a slot for each player to place a card chosen from the deck, which has the image of one of these people on it. Each player is to try and guess who is on their opponents card,
              They do this by eliminating people through asking questions. For example, if a player asks their opponent "Is your person a man?" and they answer "no", they would then flip down the pictures of all the men on their board narrowing down the possible people of the other players card.

              Other questions could include:
              "Does this person wear glasses?"
              "Are they wearing a hat?"
              "Have they got a moustache?"
              "Do they have blonde hair?"

              The players take it in turns to ask the other a question each until they can guess who is on the other players card. If they guess incorrectly their turn will be over, if they guess correctly they have won the round.

              In this original flip style board I find the pictures of the characters larger and clearer to see than the smaller door style boards. It's also easier to start a new round of the game, just tipping the board up to make them stand upright again. It's also less fiddly to simply flick down the characters you have eliminated so I think would be easier for younger children than the fiddly little door style.

              The edition I have, which is quite an old edition is available to buy online for around £10.

              It is also available in a travel sized edition which is handy to play on the go as it's a game with only each players board and the cards it doesn't have lots of small pieces so it is suitable for car journeys.

              There are also special editions which include a version picturing Disney characters or an X Men edition.
              Some editions have electronic features and require batteries although the older ones do not.

              Overall I think this is a really good game, it gets children playing together which is what board games are all about. The age recommendation is over 6 but I think younger children could play it, they may need a little help though. If they understand different colours and the names of accessories and can understand the aim of the game I think any age could play. It could also be played with younger children to help to teach them the names of these things and to improve their questioning.

              I used to love this when I was younger and think it's something quite different to a typical board game. Older children may find it gets dull quickly as they would be able to figure out the correct person pretty fast, for younger children they could get much more longevity from the game though.


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                26.11.2012 13:42
                Very helpful



                A great childrens game

                I used to love playing games when I was little and my Mam put my childhood games in the loft for when I had children, this is one of the games we have started to try with our 5 year old recently.

                The game is created by MB games and can still be bought now at around £10, you can also get it in themed versions such as Star Wars and also a travel edition which I also used to have but wouldn't recommend as the cards kept falling out.

                The game is meant for two players but myself and my husband play against each other with our 5-year-old daughter helping, we will carry on like this until she has a total grip on the game.

                The game consists of 2 plastic boards one red and one blue, there is a slot at the front for the card you select to stand in and then you have got three rows of white plastic flaps which each hold a card with a picture of a different person.

                There is a stack of cards each one corresponding to a face that is on the playing board, you have to shuffle the cards and then each player takes a card and not letting their opponent see it you place it at the front of your playing board. You take it in turns to ask questions all of which have to be able to be answered with yes or no such as "is it a man?" or "does it have brown hair?"

                You have to flip down the characters depending on the answers that your opponent gives you and then eventually you will be left with one which if you have played correctly should be the same person which is pictured on your opponents cards. The winner is the first person to name the person on their opponent's card.

                Sophie really enjoys playing this game but does still need help with it, she can deal with the simple questions such as the sex or the hair colour but struggle more to distinguish things like the nose side. I enjoy playing this game and so does Sophie however I think adults playing against children is slightly unfair as adults can ask better questions to get the answers.


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                24.03.2012 09:40
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A classic game that never loses its appeal

                Guess Who is a classic game from MB Games that is still going strong decades after its original release (I remember playing it when I was a kid!) and is just as much fun as it was then.

                The concept is a simple one. Two players each have a set of characters on a display board , all of which can be flipped face down. One player shuffles the twenty-four accompanying cards and then each player picks a card, careful to not let their opponent see it. This is your character. Now, each player has to take it in turns to ask questions such as "Does your character have blue eyes/ brown hair etc..." As each answer is given, the opposing player then gets to flip down any of the figures on their display that don't match the criteria given. By this way, and by a process of elimination, the winner is the person who guesses first which character is on their opponent's card? Sounds easy? Well, often this is not as simple as it seems........

                Many of the chartacters have similar features and if you don't ask the right questions, it can all get down to luck of the draw. And that is part of the fun because no two games are ever the same......

                My daughter is at an age now where she is just getting into board games and our local Charity shops seems to be in a good supply. I bought an original versiuon of this in good condition the other day for just a couple of quid which is far cheaper than if you bought it new. But many of the Supermarkets often have deals on kids games and, if you are lucky, you can often get two-for-one or two for a fiver etc....

                Certainly this is a nostalgic and classic game that is worth investing in and though you can get different sets based around different characters from various kids cartoons or shows and a generic cheaper version that is called something else but essentially the same game, this original version remains the best!


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                  23.12.2011 11:32
                  Very helpful



                  see review x

                  I used to play this game years ago with my siblings, but now I have bought it to play with my own children. I bought this for £10 from my local B & M, but it may be available cheaper if you shop around a little bit.

                  What comes with the game

                  2 boards each with 24 different characters on.
                  24 game cards all with characters on

                  How to play

                  This is only a 2 player game, to play you first have to make sure that all your characters on the board in the up position, each character does look different but some also have same traits of others.
                  To start you need to shuffle the pack of 24 cards that you have, then you both pick out a card, which will have a character on, the character you picked will then be the one that you have for the game. And the other player has to guess which character you have.

                  This is made easy by asking simple questions, like is it a male if the answer is yes, then you will place all the characters down on the board that are female, if its not then you would place all the male ones down. You can ask whatever question you like about the character.

                  The person who guesses the correct character at the end wins.

                  My overall opinion

                  The game is very durable and is made of solid plastic, the characters also stay on the board well, but if they do come off you can easily just clip them back in. The one I had years ago did last me years, but eventually I did lose it, and this one seems just to be as strong, so I expect this top last years too.
                  The game is pretty fun to play with the kids, I would not play this with an adult though, as I do find it more for the children to play, but while I am playing this with my kids I enjoy just spending that bit of time with them playing something that they do enjoy playing. I would not say this will keep them quiet for hours but you at least get them to play a couple of games, which can take around 30 minutes each time.


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                    20.12.2011 13:29
                    Very helpful



                    One of my all time favourite games

                    When I think back to my childhood, one of my favourite games that I used to love playing was without a doubt 'Guess Who'. I dread to think how many hours of my childhood I spent playing this game with my brother, mum or dad, but it was one of those games that I never grew tired of.

                    ~~~~~ What is 'Guess Who'? ~~~~~

                    'Guess Who' is a board game from MB games that was introduced around 1980. It consists of 2 boards, a red one, and a blue one, and each of the boards has 24 tiles on it, with a different person's face on each tile. Both boards have the same 24 people's faces on them, but these faces are arranged randomly around each board, and both players have a board each. There is also a pack of 24 yellow cards with the same 24 people on them again, and each player chooses a card from the pack without letting the opposite player see the card.

                    The object of the game is then for each player to try and guess what card the other player has. This is done by a process of elimination by each player taking turns to ask a question about the opposite players card. The question has to be answerable by either YES or NO.
                    My strategy used to be to start off with a question that could eliminate a lot of people, such as 'Is it a man? If I got a 'YES' response to this then I would knock all the women tiles down, which is only about 6 tiles, and so this doesn't help much, but if I got a 'NO' response then I would knock all the men down, and then only have about 6 tiles left to eliminate. Other questions would include:

                    Does the person have a hat on?
                    Does the person wear glasses?
                    Does he have a beard?
                    Does he have a moustache?
                    Does the person have Blue eyes?
                    Does the person have long hair?

                    Etc. Etc.

                    The winner of the game is the first person to correctly guess the card that the opposite player has, and once this is done the winner gets a little yellow plastic peg to place at the front of their board. The first player to collect 5 of these yellow pegs is the overall champion of the game.

                    Occasionally during a game, one player will have eliminated all the tiles on their board except for the one which is yours, and so you know that they are going to guess your card on their next go. When this happens it is up to you to take a random guess at their card, from the selection of tiles that you have left standing up, in an attempt to 'pip them at the post'.
                    Just writing this review about 'Guess Who' makes me want to play it right now, as it really is great fun.

                    ~~~~~ My Opinion of the game ~~~~~

                    The game does has an element of luck to it (which tends to level itself out over time), as it depends to a certain degree which card you select at the start of each game. If you happen to pick out a women with a hat and glasses on, then it is likely that the other player will soon guess who (hence the name of the game) you have got. If however you select a pretty boring looking man, with no hat, no glasses, no beard, no moustache etc, then the other player will have their work cut out to try and figure out who you have got. For this reason, it is useful to have a 'poker face' when you select your card, and look at it for the first time, so as not to give anything away to the opposite player.

                    As mentioned above I really used to like this game, and played it hundreds (if not thousands) of times as a young child. We still get 'Guess Who' out most Christmases now to let visitor's children play with it, and surprisingly enough, they still love it nowadays (as do the adults), which is pretty impressive when you consider the huge range of latest technology toys and games available to children in today's world.

                    I found as a child with this game that you tend to get attached to either the blue or the red board, and you also grow to like, and dislike some of the players on the cards. The beauty of this game is that it is so simple to set up, and as such it is probably ready to play within a minute of opening up the box, as it is just a case of standing the tiles up, and selecting a card each, and off you go.
                    Due to the fact that this game is so easy to set up, has very few separate pieces to it, and is quick and simple to play, it makes it ideal to take round to other people's houses, and I remember as a child we used to always take it to our grandparents with us. We also used to play it in the car during long journeys, but with the condition of our roads today, and the ever increasing number of humps or sleeping policeman, this might not be such a good idea, as it may cause the tiles to fall down!

                    Each game lasts about 5 minutes, so it is a quick moving game which stops the players from becoming bored, and it will usually take about 45 minutes for a player to accumulate the 5 yellow pegs to become the champion.
                    A slight niggle that I used to have with this game, was that if the board gets knocked, or moved, the tiles will fall down, and this usually results in having to re-start the game, unless you can remember what questions you have asked, and who you had left standing up.

                    ~~~~~ Summary ~~~~~

                    Overall this is a great game from MB games, which is simple and quick to play and lots of fun for both children and adults.
                    The game comes packaged in a strong cardboard box, and mine has stood the test of time very well over the last 25 years or so! Surprising enough even my old version of guess who still looks pretty modern, and the game as a whole has aged very well indeed.

                    MB games recommend that this game is suitable for children aged 6 years old and above, and the game is available from the likes of Toys R Us for around the £10 price range.

                    Thanks for reading.

                    © L500589 2011


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                      19.12.2011 18:32
                      Very helpful



                      A fun game for children

                      I remember playing a very old version of Guess Who when I was a little girl. There were only 5 women in the game compared to 19 men! Even as a six year old I was puzzled by this inequality! The game has evened up somewhat now though and newer additions feature a more balanced, equal mix of people. I play this game with my niece, who enjoys it very much. It is fun and entertaining and really gets the children thinking.

                      ==Price and availability==

                      The game comes in a variety of versions and there are Simpsons and Star Wars editions along with travel sized versions. I play the regular game with Olive and it was bought from Toys R us a few years ago for around £12.99.

                      ==Game play==

                      This is a game for two people. The set comes with two boards that have 24 pictures of cartoon people attached to flip down plastic flaps. There is a red and a blue board. Each player takes one of the boards and flips all the people upwards, so that they have all the 24 people in front of them. Each player will then select a card from a separate pile of cards containing the same 24 images they see before them. The card that player 1 selects will the the person that player 2 has to ask questions about and through a process of elimination, work out which card the other player has in front of.
                      Players alternate asking yes/ no questions such as "Does this person have black hair?" or "Am I a man?" If the answer to these questions is 'no' then you would flip down the faces that had black hair or were male. Reducing the number of people you see before you, making you a step closer to be able to guess who!

                      ==My experiences==

                      The game is fun and really gets children thinking cognitively about the questions they choose, well crafted questions will knock out a whole bunch of people, making it easier to guess. It is quite satisfying flipping down the people too, although you need to be careful you do not accidently flip down the wrong one as they are quite susceptible to knocks and tilts!
                      The set up of the game is quick which is great as some games take forever to organize and sort out! All you need to do is shake the boards so that all the people are face up and you make a start!

                      It is a fun game to play and I quite enjoy it, it is very basic though and probably not designed for grown-ups playing alone. Children get the best entertainment from the game and it helps them learn; which is another great advantage.

                      I think on the whole, I prefer family board games that get the whole family involved rather than just two player. When I play with the kids we have to play a kind of Guess Who tournament in order for everyone to play!


                      Guess Who is a great game that I wholly recommend.


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                      26.10.2011 14:29
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      A good old fashioned game.

                      I've had this game in my house for years as I used to play it with my 18 year old granddaughter when she was young. Now my Grandson is getting old enough for boards games, I got it back out. I've just read on Google that this game came out in Britain in 1979! That's a long time for a game that's still being bought and played today.

                      The idea of the game is that both players have a board with the same 24 peoples pictures and names on. You both choose a card with one of the people on then you use questions to eliminate people from the board until you come down to one, and guess the other persons character. i.e. "Has your person got glasses?" If the other person says no, you flip down all the people on your board with glasses. It's quite basic but suprisingly fun to play.

                      I think the layout of the game is good, so when you eliminate people with a question, you get to flip their picture down, and this is something that I think children enjoy doing. This was my grandsons favourite bit anyway. There's also a little score marker on the boards, so you can play multiple games and have an overall winner out of 10 or 5 games.

                      Setting this up can be a pain. You have to put all the people cards into the holders on the board and this is time consuming and fiddly. (Well I struggled anyway!) but after that, you're ready to go.

                      Explaining how to play this with a 5 year old wasn't paticularly easy. He didn't completely understand what questions to ask at first, so I had to help him for the first couple of games, but after that, he picked it up and found it great fun when he got to flip all the peoples faces down who he'd eliminated.

                      They've now brought out lots of different varieties of Guess who including Ben 10, Hello Kitty and the original which is only one board now that's got two sides for the two players. The new version of the original game is about £15.00 in Toys R Us, which isn't bad really because it is fun, and it's educational because it encourages the child to think and use their observational skills.

                      Overall, I like this game quite a lot. Compared to the new things kids have got these days like the Wii and laptops, it isn't first choice for fun for them, but if you can get them to sit down for five minutes to play, it is good fun and it's inexpensive. Give it a try. :)


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                        05.07.2011 14:42
                        Very helpful



                        See review

                        Guess who is a board game with a difference that came out in the late seventies - early eighties. It is not a normal board game where you go round a board with the throw of a dice. Instead you have 2 boards with lots of tiles which you stand up to start the game off. The tiles all have a picture of a person on it a bit like the old police identity kind of pictures you got in comics. The idea of the game is that you pick a card each then. This card will tell you who your person is. The other person then has to guess who you have picked by asking questions that will eliminate some of the tiles until there is just one left standing and they can tell who you have.

                        The game comes with the boards and tiles separated and all the faces of people on a piece of card. You have to carefully press out the pieces and fit them into the tiles, then you assemble them onto the board carefully pushing them into place until they click. You have one red board and one blue board so you need to make sure you put the right ones on the right boards. This task is quite easy to do and you can usually let the kids do it themselves as long as they can push them in hard enough and not too hard that they break them.

                        When you start to guess who the other person has got it is really good fun. You usually start off with a wide fitting question like is it a man or may be is it a woman. You can only say one or the other and the other person has to answer yes or no and then if say you have asked is it a woman and they say no then you can put down all the tiles that show a picture of a woman. You can then ask something like do they have glasses, or do they have curly hair. You carry on like this having one turn each until one of you manages to reveal who the other player's card is.

                        The children do love playing this game and they can learn to play it from quite an early age. The only problem they might have is that if they knock the board it can sometimes knock over all the remaining tiles which means you have to start all over again, so best to make sure they are seated up the table or somewhere where the board will be steady.

                        You can buy the game from Toys r Us for £9.29 although they charge nearly a fiver for delivery so best to visit one of their stores unless you are ordering a lot at once. You can also buy a Guess Who game extra from same shop which is an electronic version with a lot more mystery faces than the normal tile game. This version is £19.99. There are other versions of the tile game like a Star Wars version which they have for £14.99. I suppose if you are buying it for a die hard Star Wars fan then the extra money spent would be a good idea but if you just want it in the cupboard to play when its raining and the kids are bored then you are better off with the original game.

                        I would recommend this game as its a lot of fun to play and doesn't take long to get through a game.

                        Copied to Ciao under username Harveydog52


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                          03.07.2011 02:16
                          Very helpful



                          A lovely family game

                          == MB Guess Who Board Game==

                          jack does really love to play and the more interaction he gets from one of us, the better. His favourite board game has got to be this Guess who game that we have had for a good while now and it is a true classic that none of us actually mind to play with him as it is still fun even when your grown up!

                          The game is not cheap compared to the versions that aren't MB but paying that little extra is well worth it because of the quality that you get when buying this version. Cheaper ones are just not as good picture or character wise.

                          This game will set you back around the £13 region and this actual game is so easy to find as it is seems to be one of the most popular too. The price is more or less in line with all the other board games similar to this from the big brand companies. We bought this at our local toy shop so I guess you could probably pick it up for a little less if you were to shop online.

                          The name of the game is simple and it does really what it says on the box. The game is only suitable for two players as there are only two of the game boards included within the box. I guess if you bought two games you could have a four player but playing with two is fine really.

                          There is a coloured board for each player which contains a whole load of flippable picture cards that need to be inserted when the game is first played. Setting it up is very straight forward and easy to do although there is a little leaflet inside the box that gives you some help to do this.

                          One player will be the one to pick a card with a person on and the other will be the one who has to work out which person is on that card by asking questions which allow only a yes or no answer to eliminate the wrong characters. The questions are always the same but the game never seems to get boring. The most obvious questions are:
                          "Is it a man?"
                          "Are they wearing a hat"
                          "Do they have glasses"
                          By asking these questions in that order you more often than not have got rid of most of the wrong characters and only have a few left to ask more specific questions to come to your final card.

                          The game is simple yet really fun which we do all enjoy to play. The age range of the game is for those aged 6 and over but Jack who has only just turned 4 has been playing this with us for a good 6 months and he does really well at it and understands it perfectly.

                          All all I can't rate this family game highly enough. It is far better than playing the computer or watching the TV and it is nice to come together and take turns at playing against each other with this game which is good clean fun. I can't think that anyone would not enjoy it and the quality you get when buying and MB game is far better than buying the imitations.

                          I feel a top score of 5 out of 5 stars an a high recommendation is well deserved.

                          I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

                          many thanks for taking the time to read.


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