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Guild Wars 2 (PC)

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1 Review
  • frequent content updates
  • the core levelling experience experience is fantastic
  • pvp has something of a learning curb which may isolate newer players
  • game struggles to reward new players well enough as soon as they reach the "end game"
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    1 Review
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      15.11.2015 12:44
      Very helpful


      • "the core levelling experience experience is fantastic"
      • "frequent content updates"
      • "beautiful graphics"
      • "excellent pvp"
      • "More than enough content to keep you invested in the game for a while"


      • "pvp has something of a learning curb which may isolate newer players"
      • "game struggles to reward new players well enough as soon as they reach the "end game""
      • "players are required to set their own goals for themselves which may cause some to get bored quickly"
      • "Poorly executed story"

      Guild wars 2 an epic adventure, bringing new variety and skill to the MMORPG scene

      Guild wars 2 is an MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Tyria in which your player character begins their journey. The games beautiful graphics, solid combat system and friendly community have a part to play in making guild wars 2 the excellent game that it is today.

      The story

      Arguably the game's weakest point the story. The storyline itself is gripping and epic but is presented quite poorly. I personally feel that its beginning is good but as it progresses becomes more like a mundane chore to finish and really holds the game back. This is because the player feels more and more like the tasks which they are preforming are forgettable filler quests used to extend the narrative and the story's ending doesn't help this. This game's ending disappointed me as well as most players and will no doubt disappoint any new players coming into the game. Nevertheless the story does do a good job of rewarding the player for their time and the sections of said story that are intertwined with the game's dungeon's are mostly very interesting and well done, with fully voice acted cut scenes.


      The game's player verses player (pvp) is in my opinion the game's strongest feature. As the pvp is split into two seperate areas I should really say features. The first being WvW (world verses world). This game mode features the games larger scale battles between three player servers who battle over large territories for map dominance. Player guilds can join the battle for more coordinated assaults and players with enough skill can even challenge larger player armies (though this is not recommended as like me you will most likely die trying). Siege weapons can be constructed to lay waste to enemy structures. During WvW tournaments players who fought for the winning server are awarded exclusive items including skins or buffs which cant be obtained anywhere else. Unfortunately WvW acts as a host to many players which almost always results in severe frame rate drops no matter how good your PC.
      On the other hand structured pvp is the games other form of pvp and receives constants changes as the result of player feedback. This is set on a drastically smaller scale than WvW and features a 5v5 player environment. This encourages player communication and skill and this mode even presents player leader boards. structured pvp also offers and ranked playlist for the more experienced players allowing them to receive better rewards such as increased gold from completing matches and pvp exclusive skins. However the games pvp may be something of a challenge for newer players as the games steep learning curb punishes unprepared players dooming them to stare helplessly at the bottom of the leader boards.

      Over all Guild wars 2 can keep an average player (such as me) entertained and invested in it for seemingly endless hours. however a number of newer players can become confused and lose interest quickly.

      Disclaimer: This can also be seen on Ciao


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