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Guild Wars Eye of the North (PC)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Role Playing for Windows XP / 12 years and over / Published by NCSoft

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    5 Reviews
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      25.05.2009 13:30
      Very helpful



      A Good Expansion For Anyone Whos A Little Bored Of The Previous Games

      Guild Wars Eye of the North is an expansion pack to the Guild Wars series, unlike the last 2 expansions it is not a standalone game and requires and least one of the previous games to play. I will be reviewing the new content in EotN, if you wish to read about the original Guild Wars, much of which applies to EotN, read it here:

      http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/pc-game/guild-wars-pc /1245313/

      The aim of EotN is to provide the experienced player with a high-level challenging campaign, therefore your character will need to be at the maximum level beforehand. This time around there are no new professions, this is more of a mission pack giving you some of the best missions and quests we've seen on Guild Wars to date. The game is very hard, although most of it can still be done with Heros.

      Dungeons are a new feature to EotN, these multi-levelled bad-guy infested areas are some of the hardest areas in the game, but also provide some of the most rare and expensive drops. The one thing I found about EotN is that I never ran out of gold. Between the gold items, rare materials and gold I found on my travels I always seemed to be flush.

      EotN also offers a whole host of new armour and weapon skins, some of which look great, most of which look just OK. To be honest its a good job there is an increase in gold as these certainly don't come cheap. There are also a number of headgear and other items that can be worn by all professions including the bandanna and glasses.

      The story in EotN is a bit different to the previous game. It basically splits up into a number of sub-storylines, introducing you to a whole host of new characters and species, including the Asura, an ultra-intelligent albeit cocky race. The Norn, towering warriors with a sense of honour, the Ebon Vanguard, Ascalons in their fight against the Char and the Dwarfs who we've seen before in the first instalment. While the story is a bit chopped up it works well and is quite interesting.

      The game also comes with an additional 10 heros for you, while these look different they offer no real difference from those you already have. Your also provided with a whole host of PvE only skills, which as the name suggest can only be used in the PvE side of the game. Some of these skills are great and overly powerful but fun to play with.

      Overall Guild Wars EotN was, in my opinion, exactly what Guild Wars needed. A high-end portion of their game for the more experienced player. That doesn't mean newer players can't play though it, its just that the experience player will benefit more from this expansion.

      Andy Creighton


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      26.07.2008 02:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      good, but nothing spectacular.

      First of all, like many others i would like to point out that this is an expansion and not a stand alone campaign like all previous guildwars released. If you do not own a previous campaign then buying eye of the north is pointless.

      This title in the guildwars serious is an immediate change, in mnay ways. beggining with the already mentioend fact that its an add on. The differences then continue, with the way this new instalment works.

      ''Missions'' are not quite the same as they once were. The majority is now quest based, and uses a lot of smaller quests to build upon the story line, but unlike the old type of quests these are near enough all relavant to the story line, instead of you doing something pointless like finding a lost soldier or something stupid like you used to, you are more involved with the story line.

      It is not clearly advertised, but one of the purposes of this instalment is that it prepares the players for the release of Guildwars 2. not through the story line, the story line in guild wars 2 hasnt actually been released ( i think ). But through acheivements. one major moan that the majority of current players had was that all the work they had done so far on their accounts was going to be lost. For this reason eye of the north has the hall of monuments. it is a palce where you save all your major acheivements. but dont be fooled. feeble acheivements dont count. its all or nothing.

      overall this game is fun, but uses a similar style to the rest of the guild wars saga and is not particularily anything out of the ordinary. Its only major difference is the quest structure.

      like many other games, it very similar to the old versions. if you liekd the old ones then you will this one. theres nothing absolutely special to say about it to be quite honest. but amazingly theres nothing bad to say about it either.


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        05.05.2008 01:28



        Requires another guildwars copy to access this game.

        This Guildwars being a add on and not another campaign to the other guildwars is intented to somehow tie into the story of guildwars 2.

        Since this is a add on i'm guessing that anyone who would be reading this would have another guild wars game and would be understanding this. If you do not own another guildwars, i must say that you require to own another to play this one.

        Players cannot create a new character in this version on Guildwars, they must own any other Guildwars campaign and have a character at atlest level ten.

        While playing this i found there are many mini-missions and quests not even tied in with the main story, which is a good thing i guess.

        With 40 New amour sets, 100 new skills, and 10 new hero's and a brand new story line, what is the reason not to get this?

        This is a must for any Guildwars gamer.


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        03.01.2008 17:48
        Very helpful



        recommended for any GW player. Lots of fun

        ~~Introduction to Guild Wars~~
        I presume that most readers will be familiar with the other Guild Wars games, Prophecies (the original), Factions and Nightfall. Just a quick word for those who are not, Guild Wars is a MMORG, somewhat similar to World of Warcraft, but without subscription fees. That is to say, once you've bought the box with the game inside, then there are no subscriptions.

        However, to play Guild Wars: Eye of the North (GWEN), you need to own one of the other campaigns, as GWEN is an expansion, not a campaign. Make sure you don't just get GWEN, as you won't be able to play it by itself.
        How Guild Wars Works: You create a character with whom you will adventure on the continents of Tyria, Cantha and Elona. The character has a limited number of skill slots, only 8, meaning that you can take a maximum of 8 skills with which to fight with. Most of the fighting is done in teams.

        The max level in Guild Wars is only lvl 20 - this is to prevent long hours of grinding, and make it more even for newer players. It's the skill bar and how you use it that really matters, as opposed to how long you've spent killing the same monsters again and again.

        ~~Eye Of The North~~
        Eye of the North is a great expansion on the previous 3 Guild Wars campaigns. It is the precursor to Guild Wars 2, and introduces all the new concepts that will be involved in GW2. The new races are introduced - Charr, Asura and Norn will all be playable races in GW2.
        The story for GWEN is pretty basic RPG-style story. Large, fiery monsters called "destroyers are coming from under the earth's surface. You must find and defeat their leader, the great destroyer. To do this you must gain the trust of 4 groups of allies who live in the north - you can gain reputation with these allies, and they will help you.

        ~~Groups You Can Gain Reputation With~~
        Short-tempered giants with the ability to change into bears, these expert hunters roam the north solo, and respect only strength and courage.
        These are small, humanoid creatures that remind me of piglet from Winnie the Pooh. They are excellent wielders of magic, and respect intellect.
        These live in caves under the Shiverpeaks. There's not that much to say about them. They are the first creatures you run into in GWEN.
        ~The Ebon Vanguard~
        This is an organisation of humans living in the far north, focused on fighting the charr in their homeland. A large battalion of theirs has recently gone missing.

        ~~New Stuff~~
        There is a lot of the kind of new stuff that GW players will enjoy immensely. There are
        - 4 new sets of elite armour, one for each faction
        - 5 new titles, one for each faction and then the master of the north title
        - Many new skills, some of them faction based.
        - 10 new heroes, one for each profession
        - New "destroyer" weapons, which can be transferred to GW2 via the Hall of Monuments
        ~The Hall of Monuments~
        This is an invention that many Guild Wars players will be thanking Balthazar for. This allows players to create a monument for their characters, in which their achievements can be transferred to GW2. The transferrable achievements are Titles, Heroes and Pets, Armour, Weapons, and Minipets.

        I have no real complaints with the expansion, but the main storyline could have been a bit longer. I finished it in less than 2 days.
        After one has completed the storyline and defeated the great destroyer, there is plenty more to do - the Dungeons do not even feature in the main story line, and the various minigames leave a lot to be explored - there is Dwarven boxing, the Norn Fighting Tournament, Polymock (a tactical minigame played with miniatures), all of which are challenging and something different.

        Definitely recommend this to any GW player.

        NB I have published a similar review on Ciao under the same username. This one has been improved a bit though.


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        13.09.2007 09:03
        Very helpful



        A new threat has arrived under Tyria

        This is the 4th Campaign in the Guild wars MMPORPG saga, and the very first expansion. OK so some would say this isn't a typical 'Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game' down to the fact you gather a group of people to enter a area , and once you enter the area it is 'instanced' - actually created just for that group so you don't see other groups/users in the same area. Unlike Guild Wars, Guild Wars: Factions and Guild Wars: Nightfall, you must have at least one of the previous campaigns to play this one, preferably the original Guild Wars.

        As Prophesies is/was based mostly on Europe, factions on china/Japan, Nightfall appears to be based on Africa. Eye of the North can find a lot of its influences from Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark. The setting is north to the original game storyline.

        Investigating a mysterious opening in the ground near Lions Arch (or Keining Center or Kamadan), you come across a dwarf and a asuran in a dire need to rush away, as they are closely followed by a bunch of Destroyers, prompting you to run after them into a portal to safety. Who are the destroyers? Who is the great destroyer?

        On playing Eye of the North you encounter 2 new races, the Asura - a race of technically magical advanced race forced to live above ground by the destroyers and the Norn - a race of giants who can change into bears. You also meet the Ebon Vanguard, a group of humans stuck way beyond the Charr frontline and lead by a character called Gwen, who just happens (if you have a character from the original game) to be a little girl that followed you round in pre searing. Unfortunately 6 years on Gwen is now a rather jaded teenager with a lot of issues.

        Game play for Eye of the North is not really for the beginner. You cannot create new characters to start there, and no character can travel there without at least being level 20.
        There are some major differences in this campaign to the others. Instead of missions there are repeatable primaries, and there are also dungeons which involve some puzzle play as well as fighting.

        Other new additional features include:
        10 new Heroes: rather more controllable than the normal henchmen, they are earned through progression on the storyline. 2 are gained via a tournament.
        Single player tournaments and quests, such as Dwarven boxing, Norn fighting tournament and Subduing a Ice griffon.
        There are also 40 new armour sets, 4 for each existing profession. These can only be bought once you have reliable reputation with the group you wish to buy the armor from, either Deldrimore 'delver', Ebon Vanguard 'stealth', Norn or Asuran. I have to admit the Asuran title track has the most fun titles. At level 3 I have earned the title of 'Not To Smelly' which makes me giggle.
        There is also introduced a new concept. 'Consumables' which are perks that can be crafted to enhance your game play by removing death penalty, increasing a team's speed or transferring skill points.
        I really enjoy playing Eye of The North, it really does prompt your mind a fair bit rather than being a consistent battling. However it doesn't answer some of the questions I had lore wise from the original game, but has opened new questions. As I mentioned before about the points, I really like the titles on them, and earning the points seem less like a grind than in the previous chapters, with random bonuses appearing every 25 kills that range from set number of points, to rampage bonuses, to 'kill a boss in x time for a bonus' and many more. The dungeons are a nice touch, even if a touch daunting at first! The experience (for me) was a good one, although I do know a number of high end players have been moaning it is too easy. For now, I feel it is just right. I'm sure later Arena net will make a hard mode which will be even more of a challenge!
        Eye of the North is supposedly the final chapter for Guild Wars, as Guild Wars 2 is planned for release in 2009

        So what are you paying for?
        At the end of the day you are basically paying for access to a game server. This game can't be played off-line at all. The actual game software engine can be downloaded from the website

        Price £17.98 from Amazon, Amazon also do Guild Wars: Eye of the North Expansion Pack & Prophecies bundle (PC DVD) for £29.98
        If you have already got one of the other campaigns you can buy Eye of the North through the in game store for £24.99 by most major credit/debit cards. There is a bonus for buying this way uptil 31st October 2007, in the form of a mission bonus pack, 4 missions that show various battles that make up the lore of guild wars.
        You get (in store bought): booklet (well a big booklet really), key reference, access key on collectors credit card
        If you purchase in game there are no boxes or paper bits as the game is purchased digitally and automatically added to your account.


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      • Product Details

        In the face of Tyria's greatest challenges, heroes have returned to bring to an end the forces of darkness. Abaddon has fallen, Shiro has been unmasked, and the Titans were driven back to the demon realms. Now great earthquakes decimate the lands, opening huge chasms beneath the earth. Boiling up from that darkness, a threat spreads that may spell the end of the Age of Man. Guild Wars: Eye of the North is the first true expansion for Guild Wars and calls players back to the continent of Tyria, the home of the original Prophecies campaign. Players must take their existing characters and stand side-by-side with both friends and enemies from the past, recruit new allies and heroes, and delve deep into perilous dungeons to face an ancient evil. Win or lose, the players will set the stage for Guild Wars 2.

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