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Guild Wars: Nightfall (PC)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Ncsoft / Genre: Role-playing

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    4 Reviews
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      28.03.2012 23:37



      All Guild Wars fans must buy this!

      Guild Wars: Nightfall is the 2nd expansion pack of the trilogy. Having said that, you don't require either of the previous 2 games to play this one, it works as a stand-alone version.

      This game is played online, though no subscription fees are required!

      Nightfall introduces a further 2 professions to the game:

      Dervish: A scythe wielding frontliner who slashes down his enemies with ease. Use the power of Mysticism to transform into powerful 'avatars' or if you prefer, use your skills to instead have huge damage boosts to your attacks.

      Paragon: The leader of the team. Use shouts and chants to guide your team to victory - the Paragon is both able to heal the entire party and boost their damage, all with ease. Wielding a spear, the paragon operates from the middle of the battlefield.

      You start with nothing (as ever, in Guild Wars) aside from a few basic items and skills. Fight your way through the storyline to gain experience, loot and skills.

      You can equip 8 skills at once, these you purchase at a skill trader. You may also capture elite skills from bosses - the most powerful skills of all.

      If you haven't played Guild Wars before, start at the beginning with Prophecies. If you have played the series before however, buy Nightfall! You won't regret it.

      The storyline is as gripping as ever, fight your way into the Torment Realm, where you will try to strike down old enemies. Meet friends along the way and take them with you!

      Nightfall introduces the heroes feature. These are computer controlled players (like the henchmen) but you can adjust their skills!

      As ever with Guild Wars, the scenery and accompanying music are beautiful. This game may be old, but it's graphics are certainly up there - even with todays game.

      Buy Nightfall, you won't be disappointed!


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      25.05.2009 13:04
      Very helpful



      A Great Expansion, I Would Recommend It To Anyone Who Enjoyed The Original Game

      Guild Wars Nightfall is the second expansion pack for the original Guild Wars. While it can be used as a standalone package and does not require the original Guild Wars to play, you get the most benefit from owning the both of them. However I will be reviewing Nightfall as an expansion to the original Guild Wars, if you would like to find out what Guild Wars is all about check my previous review here:

      http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/pc-game/guild-wars-pc /1245313/

      Nightfall in similar to the previous expansion Factions, it uses the same sort of template in that we get 2 new professions, 2 new character slows, a new map, new storyline and new skills. On top of that, for the first time we get to use Heros. These are NPCs, similar to Henchmen, however we can upgrade their weapons, armour and more importantly their skill bars.

      This time around the new professions are Dervish and Paragon. The Dervish is a scythe wielding warrior who relies heavily on Enchantments to increase his damage and make him more resilient to damage. The Paragon on the other hand is a spear throwing team player, who's shouts and chants provide every team member in ear shot with a bonus. Both are great characters and useful in their own way. Unlike Factions that basically brought us 2 PvP players, the Dervish and Paragon can be used in both PvE and PvP effectively. Again you have the ability to transfer your character your either of the 2 previous campaigns, however doing so will again skip the tutorial section of the game and jump forward in terms of the story.

      Lets talk about Heros. Heros are a stroke on genius. While previously you only had Henchmen to help you out, you found yourself calling for Guild members and friends for help with a quest or mission. This was fine if they were online, if not you probably played a waiting game for them to come online. Now with the introduction of Heros those days are over. You can select up to 3 Heros for your team, customise their skill bars to suit your needs and even control them during battle, telling them where to move and what skills to use. Although while it does sound great, it generally means you can finish the whole game by yourself, thus greatly reducing your need to interact with other players. In a MMORPG, this may not be the best idea, however Heros seem to be more of a help than a hindrance to the game.

      Along with Heros come Hero Battles, a new type of PvP, a one on one where each player chooses 3 heros to battle off. You must capture important points on the map providing you with bonuses and such like. Hero Battles are a slight distraction from the game and while some take it more seriously than others its probably not going to fulfil your PvP needs or replace Heros Ascent.

      Based in a land not too unlike the terrain of Africa, Nightfall is set in Elona, follows the story of the Sunspears, an elite order who protects Elona from all threats. Here you join their ranks. When Elona falls victim to an evil, outcast god, its down to you to rescues the world from its demise. The story improves again, with much more likeable characters, unlike Factions story this one is engrossing. The thing I liked about Factions that on a few occasions it presents you with a path, you can choose between 2 missions to complete and each may lead to a different place. While this means you may miss a couple of missions (you can always go back and do they later), it also lets you feel as though your in control of the game and where the story goes, as if your choices effect the outcome.

      Overall I think Nightfall is a very impressive addition to the Guild War arsenal. The introduction of Heros is a revolution in terms of gameplay, allowing to get a lot more done by yourself. The story is great, as are the 2 new professions. Certainly worth the money.

      Andy Creighton


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      05.05.2008 03:52



      I recommend you get this if you want to start playing guildwars

      About: Guide Wars: Nightfall is a campaigne and requires no other guild wars to play.

      Game type: MMORPG - Players may think otherwise as once you get your "party" of 4-8 players you go into a map which is only populated by your party, and around one hundred monsters.

      Loading: Same as other Guild Wars games, every time you step into a new area for the first time you are required to download that part of the map, once this has been done every other time it will be loaded with a few seconds wait time.

      Graphics: The graphics in Guildwars are amazing. Everything is clear to understand and read, Guildwars is as good as it can be graphical wise.

      Sounds: The game has instrumental sound by default, but i choose to have the game sound on mute and listen to my own music played in a external player.

      Story: There are 20 missions, and over 200 quests in this game, you will never get board trying to complete them all.

      Others: Nightfall has two additional playable races than the other guild wars, these are: Dervish and paragon.

      In Overall if there is a Guildwars you should get first i highly recommend this one.


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      06.05.2007 16:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Elona: land of the golden sun. A darkness befalls this land... it needs heros to stand up and fight!

      This is the 3rd Campaign in the Guild wars MMPORPG saga. OK so some would say this isn't a typical 'Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game' down to the fact you gather a group of people to enter a area , and once you enter the area it is 'instanced' - actually created just for that group so you don't see other groups/users in the same area.

      As Prophesies is/was based mostly on Europe, factions on china/Japan Elona appears to be based on Africa. This can be played on its own or in addition to the other campaigns

      The storyline starts with a mystery. Some really darn strange things are going on, and the sun spears (previously protectors of Elona) seem to be under threat from Warmarshal Varesh - leader of Kourna, and her seeming passion for her god Abaddon.

      Quick look into the land - Elona is split into 3 provinces, Istan, an island off the west coast, home of the Sunspears and the starter island for players created in this campaign, as well as a 'joining' point for characters from the other 2 campaigns. The other two areas are: Kourna, home of Warmarshal Varesh and her troops, and Vabbi, the rich opulent province ruled by three princes.

      There is a 4th & 5th areas, the 4th being the 'desolation' a sandy sulphurous waste ruled by the undead 'Palwa Joko' and the 5th being the realm of torment, but the 5th doesn't appear till much later in the story line, and without spoiling it, it would be hard to talk about.

      What I can say about the 5th area is that this is the ultimate in the story, you meet up with The Lich (1st campaign ultimate baddie) and Shiro Tigachi (2nd campaign ultimate baddie) before going on to the ultimate battle... can you beat a fallen God?

      A lot of the game storyline in the Player V Environment section can be confusing to start with, sometimes leaving you with the feeling of 'what do I do next?' type of feeling. There was times where I got confused and found finding the primary quest to get on with the storyline was often a quest on is own!

      Arena net have supplied 2 new types of professions for this campaign. Both based on 'holy' warriors: Paragons, mostly in white, with shouts and skills that appear to give you 'wings' and spears for ranged attacks. Dervishes, (yep based on those famous 'whirling dervishes') use scythe skills and mysticism and can hit multi targets in a swipe.

      Other new additional features include:
      Heroes: rather more controllable than the normal henchmen, they are earned through progression on the storyline. Occasionally you will have to 'choose' between 2 heroes... but no panic; as soon as you complete the campaign you can 'enlist' the ones you didn't get. Heroes can be customised, you can add runes (+ features) give them different weapons and even earn different armour for them in the challenge missions

      With the advent of heroes comes 'hero battles' in addition to team arena and random arena.

      So what are you paying for?
      At the end of the day you are basically paying for access to a game server. This game can't be played off-line at all. The actual game software engine can be downloaded from the website

      Price £29.99 for standard, £39.99 for collectors

      Standard you get: booklet (well a big booklet really), key reference, access key on collectors credit card

      Collectors: booklet (well a big booklet really), key reference, access key on collectors credit card, 2 skills pin badges in a pouch, pop out stand up 4" image of Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, Minipet key for a in game minipet Varesh Ossa, Music CD 'Music of Nightfall', Documentary DVD 'Making of Nightfall'

      **note** do not buy this game second hand. What you are paying for is a server access key as the game client itself is free to download from guildwars.com (under support)


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    • Product Details

      Nightfall is a new stand alone campaign - there is no need to buy the 2 previous campaigns to play. As for Factions, this new world will be connected to Tyria and Cantha and players (who already own GW prophecies and/or Factions) will be able to bring their high level characters from other campaigns to this new part of the GW world. 250 Quests, 55 explorable areas, 20 new Story Missions exclusive to choices made throughout the game, and 3 new Challenge Missions.

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