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Guild Wars Complete Collection (PC)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Role-playing / Video Game for Windows XP / Release Date: 2008-09-05 / Published by NCsoft

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    3 Reviews
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      01.07.2011 15:10
      Very helpful



      Guild Wars is a great game with 4 long campaings which can last you a long time.

      Guild wars is a popular MMORPG. It has absolutely beautiful graphics and fantastic sound quality and also the game play is superb. You can just walk into a store, buy the disc and that it. You don't need to pay monthly like many of the other great MMORPGS out there. The game play is very smooth and there is 4 campaigns to play.

      The campaigns can consume a lot of time so the game can last you a long time although the Max level which is 20 is not hard to obtain. When you leave a town, unlike most morphings you enter different areas where only you and your "heroes/henchmen" which are computer controlled characters which you can chose to help you in your journey can be with you. You can also invite in game players in towns who can join you in these areas.

      Their are a variety of different professions to play within the game such as the Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Mesmeric, Elemental, Assassin, Ritualise, Paragon and the Dervish. Some of these classes make use of "Adrenaline" which is similar to energy except it is gained through attacking a foe. Every time you hit a foe you gain 1 strike of adrenaline. Many professions also use energy for certain skills/spells.

      The warrior is a damage based profession and also has the best armour out of all the professions. I do not like the warrior as it tends to be the weakest link in the profession line.

      The Ranger uses various bow skills to take down their enemies. The Ranger can also "tame a pet" which means that they can tame a monster which will become their companion and help them in battle. The Ranger is rarely useful to parties so I tend not to use one either.

      The Monk is a healing based character and is essential to almost every party. I do enjoy using a monk because its easy to find a party as the monk is needed in almost every party.

      The Necromancer may be considered a "dark" profession. This is because of their ability to use curses, death magic, soul reaping, blood magic etc. Their ability to create minions from corpses makes them an enjoyable class to play. This profession is so fun to play! its just a joy to make minions out corpses and to watch them demolish your foes.

      The mesmeric is a high energy consumer profession which is mainly used to interrupt skills and cause high damage. I don't tend to play the mesmeric but it is a real joy to play in player versus player as it just removes all their energy with skills rendering your opponents useless.

      The elemental is a very high energy consuming class. It uses a variety of different magic and is a very powerful class. Energy management tends to be a common problem with the elemental though. The elemental is a class I do play a lot, I mean come on, making a meteor storm rain down on the enemies? how much more fun could it get!

      The Assassin uses high evasion to dodge enemy attacks and chain attacks to deal a lot of damage to foes. This class is by far the most popular as it is the most robust and can handle a lot of different situations although I do not enjoy playing them as their far too easy to use.

      The Ritualism's main advantage is the ability to create spirits to help in battle. This can be a very fun class to play as you don't need to rely on a team with a ritualise, you can solo most areas with your overpowered spirits.

      The Paragon is very similar to the warrior except uses a spear, has a slightly less armour rating. The Paragon has a variety of different chants and shouts to help the team in party. It also uses adrenaline. This class has to be the most boring of them all, you just sit there spamming shouts and chants, you do little damage and is just epically boring to play as.

      The Dervish is a holy class and uses a scythe to deal a lot of damage to foes, the scythe can hit more than one foe with any attack. It has a lot of Holy magic to make their attacks more powerful and makes use of health regeneration skills. I don't mind playing the Dervish as it does a lot of damage and is quite capable of soloing.

      After you have obtained a certain level you will be able to obtain a secondary class. Which means for example a warrior could become a warrior/paragon. Picking the right secondary class is crucial. Therese always one category of skills which is missing from your secondary class than if you played it as your primary class. This is the category which is unique to each profession. Secondary classes was a great idea in my opinion and help to make the game dunner, more challenging and takes a lot more thinking.

      In every profession you can make use of the attribute points. Every level you gain, you will gain more attribute points. In total you can gain 170 attribute points this way. There is 2 quests which both award 15 attribute points each making the maximum attribute points obtainable 200. Basically, you put attribute points on different "parts" of the profession your playing. So for example if your an elemental, you could put some on fire magic, ice magic and earth magic. You cannot get all of the categories mazed out with attribute points on any profession which makes the game more skilful and you need to chose your points wisely. Cont worry if you accidentally put these points on the wrong skills because you can remove them and add them to another in towns.

      "Runes" are available to players. Runes are basically attribute boosters. You can attach them to your armour or your weapons to give you specific boosts. Boost such has higher energy/health, higher armour rating, give you extra attribute, give you higher resistance to spells e.g. fire damage.

      You also get inscriptions which you can attach to any inscription weapon. These inscriptions can boost your attributes e.g. the inscription "Strength and Donor" increased your damage by 15% if your health is above 50%. You can also get different attachments to weapons for example swords can get new handles which can also increase attributes e.g. +5 energy handles.

      You cant buy the best weapons in shops so you may have to sit and wait for hours on end, perhaps days for someone to be selling the item you need. This part of the game is really frustrating as the best weapons can cost a lot and if you want to try and get them yourself from monsters, don't be surprised if it takes you weeks of grinding.

      These are only some of the features of the game, there are a lot more to explore.

      Although the campaign for Guild Wars can take you a long time, once your done if you want to go play with other people and do lots of different things you'd be very disappointed. Most people tend to just do the same thing over and over again which is very time consuming, can feel pointless and can be extremely boring.

      The game is very team based and rely on good communication between your team. If your team lacks this communication the chances of you getting very far are slim.

      It has Normal mode and Hard mode. Hard mode is acquired when you complete a campaign. Once you complete a campaign on one character you can do Hard mode on that campaign with all your other characters. Hard mode can be a huge challenge to complete with only heroes and henchmen. So that means without the help of in game players. Personally I haven't completed them all in Hard mode yet just because of the time it would take and the difficulty of it.

      Since the game isn't pay monthly I would say that the game has high value for money. It doesn't cost that much to buy all 4 campaigns nowadays. You could probably purchase the full set for between £30 and £40.

      This review is also on Ciao under the username Connor131.


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        29.10.2009 18:14
        Very helpful



        The best game and you would be illy not to have a go on a trial.

        Guild Wars is one of the best and most populated games out there. It is also one of the cheapest non-free MMORPG as there is no monthly charge and all the exspansion packs can be found for only £19.
        Below I've split the review into sections which I beleive are most important when looking for games and rated them /10 along with a comment.

        Price: 10/10
        4 Games for £19 is a bargin. Before this had come out each game was going to cost you around £7-20 each which will become pretty exspensive. The other good thing which makes it a lot cheaper than any other game like this is it has NO monthly fees. This making it possilbe to play when you want without the stresses of thinking your paying extra for this game.

        Graphics: 10/10
        The graphics on this game is proberbly the best for a MMORPG at this time. The game looks so realistic. The landscapes are vast a vibrant. People look real, animals in good detail. The best part is to run these superb graphics you don't need a high quality, exspensive Graphics Card. One of my old NVidea Geforce 5200 could run it nearlly at high quality. So any computer which is around 7 years old can still run this game.

        Community: 10/10
        This game is used by over 1 million + people around the world. There is usually always someone to help you through the game. There is a system in-game which enabled you to bring your firnds into your own private map and do what you want. Trading items is easily done as there are many trade posts dotted around game. Everyone is friendly and in this game you shall meet many new friends.

        Gameplay: 9.5/10
        The game is so easy to learn, runs so smoothly and doesn't not get fustrating or boring very easily. The only problem I find with gameplay is that becasue Guild Wars has such a low level cap (top level 20), that when you complete games you just get bored as there is nothing else to do.
        The best sides to the gameplay is that it has the BEST PvP System in the world. So many different battles, Continental battles (Europe always win) ect... that if you arte the competetive sort, it's really hard to get bored. Players can also create there own custom builds so that they can collect rare items from monsters. You also have titles which you must avhieve, whether it is to explore the whole game map, become the best in hero battles..... its endless, there is a lot of stuff packed into the game.

        Server Connectivity: 10/10
        There is hardly ever any lag. This game is one of the smoothest online games I've ever played. The servers are rarely ever down and if they are they're usually early in the morning between 1- 4 am.... when everyone should be in bed.

        Account Security: 9/10
        Areana Net (developers) are always warning people about the latest scams and to warn people when there is a security breach (only ever happened once in around 4 years and it wasn't ven that bad). They are always after cheaters of the game and if people buy gold with real money then there account can be banned. So be warned.

        Fansites: 10/10
        Sometimes it is hard to find what you need and you may want to buy a certain item but can't find anyone ingmae. Many sites are around now enabling you to buy digital items via auctions (No use of real money, use of ingame gold to pay).... this making it much better than some of it's competitors.

        Overall: 10/10
        One of the best games in the planet, so much too do. Endless possibilites. The best community for an MMORPG I've ever known and has a super cheap price and no monthly fees! You'd be stupid if you missed this game out and you call yourself a pro gamer.
        I've had this game from the start and still cease to get bored of it. The best part of it is, you don't have to lose your life over this game as it is fairly hard to get addicted to it and you don't pay any extra fees..... such as World of Warcraft where it is very exspensive to play and people just become addicted to it..


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        15.10.2009 11:11
        Very helpful



        The greatest mmorpg/corpg i have ever played, its cheap, you dont pay fees per month, and well made.

        This is the game i have been playing for long without loosing interest in it.
        Before that i was playing world of warcraft, but as i recall, i stopped for months after every expansion.

        The best thing about this package is that you get all their expansions for just 19£ and it is much more expensive to buy them separately.

        Guild wars is an MMORPG/CORPG which has well designed three-dimensional environments and a big variety in content. The game-play it self does not rely so much on items as on player skill and build.

        The game itself has a wonderful story, which is told to the player by completing cooperative missions in the first original guild wars - prophecies. Every mission has two objectives - a bonus one and the regular one, and has cut-scenes that tell you the story and the objectives. Some of them can be really hard to beat, but if you have a good group that is not a problem.

        The bad thing about this game is that it does not have gravity. You cant climb up cliffs or rocks, you cant fall of cliffs or high platforms, you cant swim, and you cant jump, which makes the freedom a bit "not so free".
        The world is instanced, and you cant see every player when you go out exploring, you can see just your group.

        One of the things a liked about this game is the character customization.
        You have different faces, hairs, and every class has its own unique customization. You can even change the height of your character. When you give him a name, you can use two or three names which offers more flexibility. The creation of character is pretty quick, and you can start right away. If you do not want to go through all the story telling and leveling, you can start a max level player-versus-player character and go into the competitive game-play right away. I my self like to see the story, level my character, and then go into the pvp. The pve is also really good in my opinion. If you like finishing different challenging quest with addictive objectives pve is the character for you. Some people say that this game doesnt offer much pve, but i say otherwise. I completed so much quests and i find i more enjoyable than completing quests in world of warcraft.
        The secret is in the "variety of the objectives of the different quests"

        The games interface is pretty clean and accurate. You have your radar, which you can draw on for different purposes. You have your skill bars in the bottom-middle. The familiar messages and chat window and your health/mana and portrait.

        An important thing here is to get into a good guild, and start pvp-ing and gvg-ing. GvG games are pretty fun and competitive. Everything depends on your skills - the players skill, and the strategy and tactics of your team mates.

        Other than that, there is so much to say about this game.
        I am going to say that this is one of the top most addictive and best mmorpg/corpg game, and in my opinion it wipes world of warcraft again, because not only it doesnt have a monthly subscription, your success rely on YOUR SKILL, on HOW YOU PLAY, not how many time have you spend playing.

        Its a must for every mmorpg/corpg/rpg adorer!


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