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Gunpoint (PC)

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Developer: Gunpoint Team

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2013 16:38
      Very helpful



      If you enjoy puzzle/indie games and have the £7 to spare, I'd recommend Gunpoint.

      Gunpoint is available on Steam for £6.99, or you can pay a little extra for a few extra gubbins. I bought the cheapest version, because I'm the cheapest version of person, and it was worth my money.

      This is only a very short game: my Steam account reports only two hours played, with the story complete and 52% of the achievements unlocked. But I beg you, don't turn your nose up because of this length! Remember the original Portal? That was very short, and yet it was so successful the series went from being a small feature in The Orange Box to having a full release of its own, Portal 2. Short is not necessarily bad, it's quality over quantity, it's not the size but what you do with it, and other motivational quips for men with small pe- uh, sports cars.

      Gunpoint follows an event in the life of a spy-for-hire (that's you!). In it, you find yourself involved in a crime and end up 'spying' (hacking into various computers and security systems) for three different sides of a strange and sometimes confusing metaphorical chess game. There is some choice on who's side you take and who you give what information but, for the most part, you get to watch the intricate story unravel around you, whilst making witty and hilarious comments long the way. The dialogue is brilliant in Gunpoint, taking me back to the good ol' days of Monkey Island and other genuinely funny games.

      The gameplay between these funny dialogues essentially boils down to puzzle-solving. You'll be presented with a building filled with various entry points, electrical systems and armed guards, with the main objective usually consisting of a locked room with a computer to be hacked. Get in, get the information, get out: points are awarded for not being spotted, not using violence (OR not leaving survivors) and not making noise, and these points can then be used to buy upgrades for your character. To get through these buildings, you use your fiendish spy gadgets to hack into said electrical systems. Picture, if you will, two rooms adjacent to one another, and with a locked electrical door in between them. You are on one side, with a light switch, whilst an armed guard is on the other. You could hack the light switch to open the door, but wait! The guard is on the other side, and he'll surely spot/shoot you the moment you flick the switch! Instead, you leave the switch connected to the light and flick it. The floor goes dark, and the guard comes to investigate. He opens the door and heads for the light switch, whilst you cling to the wall above him. Before he reaches the switch, you've dropped, popped through the door he so kindly opened for you, and hacked the light switch (from range) to operate the door. Voilà! You're through the door, and the guard is locked on the other side of it. You've left somebody alive, but you've also passed silently and unseen, so great.

      There are several ways to complete each mission, and they're always filled with neat little moments like this that make you think, "why am I sitting here? I should be a spy, damnit!" This, with the great story, makes this a recommended buy in my opinion. Admittedly, I would also understand not wanting to pay £7 for a two-hour game: I wouldn't pay that much for a DVD!


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