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Harvest Moon (PC)

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This game was developed by Pack-in Video and published by Natsume and is a one-player game.

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2003 00:56
      Very helpful



      This game is very fun, and the reality of it is great. You are basically a man who has a new house, and your goal is to grow things on your farm, sell them to buy more seeds, and to get animals on your farm such as horses, cows, chickens, and so on. I really love this game. There are the four seasons, and weather things, like tornadoes and blizzards and stuff like that. It is very routinely; you have to sow and rake and turn the soil every day, feed the animals, stuff like that. But you aren't entirely constricted to the farm...there's a village, see, where a lot of people are, and there's bakeries and medicine shops and places to buy your animals. There are occasional holidays, where you can attend these little village dances and stuff. YOu can also race your dog or horse, and put your cow into a milk show! I think it's great...=) OH! Also, you get to marry! There are quite a selection of girls in the village, and they have different personalities. You get them to marry you by bringing them cakes and flowers and things. Once they marry you, the ones you didn't marry marry someone else. You can also have a baby if you want. You don't have to feed yourself or your family though, just the farm animals. You can fish off the lake, which is pretty fun, and there are little hidden places you can find and pick them up. There's a gold mine in there (I won't tell you where, you have to find it yourself!!) and you can also pick up different types of treasure, and sell them. The animals have their different reasons, like the chickens give you eggs to sell, the cows give you milk, you shear the sheep, and so on...ALSO, you can build your house even bigger! It's a bit expensive, I'll admit, but you can build a porch, more rooms, and if you have a baby, you can get a crib and things like that. Some tips: Don't stay out too long in the rain. You'll get sick and miss a whole day of wor
      k. Also, don't work too hard. If you start having to sit down and pant, you should go to bed and rest, but you'll wake up the next day. If you don't feed your animals, they'll get sick. The music on this game is great. It's all very original and soothing, and it fits wonderfully with whatever weather you're currently in. Like the winter music is a sort of happily chiming bell, and the fall has this melodious violin, and so on...I just love the village dances and stuff, you can buy special potions (if the correct seller is present) and flirt with whoever you're trying to marry. During races, you can also bid and perhaps win, giving you a ton of extra cash. The graphics on the game are very well-organized. You look down from a bird's eye view (not directly from the top, but at a high angle) although you can change the directions you are looking at yourself. The colors are very pretty (I love watching the snow, it glitters and when the day ends and the sunset comes, the snow glows pink!!!! It's sooo pretty...=D) This is a very fun game, although I understand it's hard to find. This is a perfect game for when you feel calm or bored.


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