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Hidden Expedition: Everest (PC)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / CD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / ESRB Rating: Everyone / Release Date: 2007-07-24 / Published by Activision

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2012 14:34
      Very helpful



      A decent game

      Hidden Expedition games are a series of games which are about you finding hidden objects.

      I was not sure about this game as from the screenshots online it seemed very basic and at times pretty easy to complete but I was totally wrong.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game is pretty good at drawing you in. If you like mystery but also a story this game has both attached to it. The story is about you and Mount Everest. Your aim is to try and reach the peak and reveal the stories ending to complete the game.

      You're not told at all how many levels you have to complete in order to achieve this goal which makes it more fun in my view. The game seems to last forever but you also have to remember it is addictive as well.

      When I first played this game I was just having a look and 2 hours passed me by because I kept getting involved too much. You get told a story at the start of the game to let you aware of what you're going to try and achieve.

      You're then given a list of items to find on a scene. This scene is a total mess with objects all over the place. The objects are sometimes so small you can hardly see them or they are so big you miss them entirely.

      Your aim is to click on the items on the scene and eliminate them from the list. Once all the items are found you advance further into the game and begin getting closer to completing your mission.
      So far it sounds easy and to be honest the first few scenes are extremely easy to complete and that is what makes it quite enjoyable. However easy it may sound you do have some objectives to do as well.

      Each level has an hourglass situated on there and if you click on this item you're rewarded more time for completing the level. You also have five gems to find in each scene and if you manage to do this you're given an extra hint to use to help find those trickier items.

      You're given 3 hints to begin each scene with but use them wisely because if you have 3 scenes on a pass you have just 3 hints available to you to use on them all.

      ~~ Competition and Puzzles ~~

      When you pass the first level you end up having a new problem to deal with. You have to compete against 3 other people and they will try and beat you to the items. You're going against the computer and these other opponents are going to find items as well.

      Your mission is to beat them but if they beat you and find all items first you end up having to replay the entire level again. I think this idea is clever because otherwise if you just go searching for items without any real prospect or competition you will end up with a boring game.

      If you go clicking around searching for items at random you end up giving your opponents a head start and they will end up catching you up. At the bottom of the screen you see a monitor where you will see people you're against and how far they are either ahead or behind you.

      At the end of each searching screen you will have another puzzle to deal with. It will be either a puzzle you end up doing where you're timed or you will have to find another set of missing items. This might be to find 20 feathers or 20 bones on a picture.
      The puzzles are there to basically give you something else to do and you're still trying to beat your opponents as well.

      You will not know the times or the amount of time you have to finish each level unless you visit the map page so you never know how long you got left to complete each level until you take a look here.

      ~~ Objects and Gems ~~

      The objects are not easy to find at all. You have some which are so small you will have seriously issues finding them. If you have an item like a feather they can sometimes be wrapped around a dog so you won't even notice it is there.

      Sometimes you have a flower and the feather is in the centre so you can see how small it is overall when you're looking for the items you need. You have to realise not everything is what it seems either. The other day I was playing this item searching for a bat which you use to hit a ball.

      However the item was in fact a bat as the creature so you need to observe the scene and keep a close eye on everything which might be on the search list. There will be occasions when you're looking for items and will be clicking on it on the scene and it is not disappearing.

      When you use a hint to identify where it is the game shows it is the same item you were clicking on previously so there is a fault in the game overall. I would say the gems are a problem as well. You will notice some instantly when a new scene opens.

      Some are bright red, blue and green however some are so hard to find and they are white, not shiny and hidden so you end up never finding them at all. I think the gems are there to find if you run out of hints otherwise I would not waste time searching for them.

      ~~ Game Play and Graphics ~~

      The game play is pretty good overall because the speed to which items will disappear when you click on them is very good. There are occasions as mentioned above where items never disappear and you for a fact it is the right item you need on the list.

      The game play is good when it comes to showing you the puzzles at the end and it does give you plenty to be doing. In terms of the graphics I am happy with them but do believe at times it could be better.

      When you look at some scenes there is plenty of brightness and depth on some of the items however some of the items are very hard to identify. The other day a lemon seemed more like a melon and that is a problem with the game.

      I do believe there is too much going on in scenes at times and this can cause confusion and I do understand that is the objective of the game but it can hurt the eyes if you play the game to much so that is a problem.

      I think the game play is good and there is never any problem with the game pausing at random and I think also the graphics could be sharper to make sure the items were much clearer.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      In my view this game is a decent enough game to play and I think it would appeal to plenty of people but the graphics for me can make this game difficult to play.
      I believe the game is one of those you need to focus on everything around you otherwise you will end up failing.

      The scenes you visit sometimes you go back to them again so items are repeated so I would always tell people to remember items as this would be a huge assistance for you moving forward.
      I like how you got opponents to race against and the way to find extra hints and extending time is very good as well.

      Overall the game is a good play and it would take a few hours to finish and in my view it is 8 out of 10 for a rating.
      Cost of the game varies I got this from Big Fish Games and cost me a few pounds.


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