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Hidden Mysteries: Gates of Graceland (PC)

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Publisher: Big Fish Games

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2012 16:32
      Very helpful
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      A great game to play

      Most people know who Elvis Presley is and this game is one of those which actually highlights facts about him whilst you have to go around finding missing items to solve various puzzles.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game begins with plenty of assistance which is excellent because some of these games which require you to locate various items are pretty poor at helping you out when it comes to understanding what your role is.

      This game gives you the option of help instantly which I always take. You are going to experience in this game plenty of references to the great Elvis Presley and this is done via video tapes and also the items you need to find.

      The game is one of those you need to explore various rooms over and over to find clues to help you unlock new areas in an attempt to the complete the game. You might need to click on a brick and behind this brick might be a missing key to open a door. You might need to find an item which can help you clean a mirror such a rag or maybe some polish.

      The game hides items but they are not impossible to find it is how you figure out which item is used for which room and how it can help you in the long run. You might find a simple box of matches and have this on you for ages and then out of the blue you might need to open up a candle and use it as a light source.

      The game explores Elvis in many ways as you see so much history about him regarding his career so you might encounter plenty of guitars and gold discs around and when you need to explore scenes where you have to find 20 missing items which are listed the majority are based around him as well such as blue suede shoes and Grammy awards.

      The best bit about this game for me is that it is not too hard to play because you know when you see a magnifying glass you can zoom into that section more closely to explore what it is there you need to use. You also have the hand which grabs items and keeps it for you for future reference. You do get hint help which does nothing at all in terms of a score because the game fails to keep track on that part of the game.

      You see video clips featuring Elvis which are real clips some show him making a snow man as a youngster and these videos are hidden in the game and they help unlock new items as well as you explore the game. Some of the videos seem a bit weird and you cannot skip them so it can be annoying if you encounter a video you might have seen before.

      The game has a story but it is hard to explain unless you have played the game yourself.

      ~~ Hints, Inventory and Items ~~

      This game has a good hints system because it does not just say look over in this big highlighted area and whatever you're looking for is there, it actually circles the item you need and makes sure you cannot fail to see it.

      The game in terms of hints has plenty of them to use because you have no limit, you also have nothing to look for in order to use a hint. Once you use the hint button you need to wait a couple of minutes before it restores itself back to normal before it can be used again.

      During the game you will find a room where nothing you do makes a difference and you might require some help so the hint button actually tells you to swap rooms and will continue to do that until you reach a scene your missing something on which is very good.

      The inventory stores the items you are meant to use later and it is a simple idea really because whatever item you see or notice click on it because sometimes a simple item is added to your inventory which you will require later on.

      I think the inventory is good because you can use an item so quickly and the game reacts to that movement very quickly so I have found that very helpful indeed compared to other games of a similar nature.

      The missing items you need to find are quite good as well the scenes you will encounter such as a trunk full of items scattered and all the items you need to find are there and some are hidden away in a sneaky way which is fine with me makes the game more enjoyable to play. I have found perhaps these scenes to easy to complete but the game has nothing that difficult about it at all anyways.

      ~~ My Experience ~~

      I started this game on an afternoon and just wanted to make sure it was good enough to sit back and enjoy playing and it was. I think the idea behind the game helps because I do know bits and pieces about Elvis so the game has a central focal point which fans will like.

      I found myself on the first sort of story to solve very happy the game made it easy to complete and with the helpful advice given throughout it made sure I knew what I was doing without a single hiccup.

      The items on the first scene were easy to put together and you sort of found yourself finishing the scene extremely quickly but the next sort of story enabled you to use those skills in order to solve the next chapter. This scene was huge with many rooms and areas to explore and instantly I became involved and felt myself enjoying the game.

      The game seemed to offer so much information about Elvis you saw videos and some of his songs written down throughout and visiting his home and how the game has literally made sure you don't forget the main character is excellent throughout.

      I think during my experience I found the game fun because it was not difficult at all but it wasn't too easy that you would just sit back and think 'this is a waste of money'. I found myself actually wanting to continue my adventure even though I had work to do.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The graphics are very good throughout the game. When you visit each new scene sometimes the room can seem pretty poor overall due to the light but in all honesty the graphics are impressive.

      One scene which captured my imagination was a kitchen scene it was so good in terms of the amount of colour used, the depth of each item and how well the scene looked it was excellent. You would assume it was a kitchen the games producers had seen on a television advert it was so well done.

      I like how they have used various videos about Elvis and the graphics for them is fantastic and you can tell they are many years old with the outfits and vehicles outside his home so you can see how much effort has been put into this game to get it right.

      The game play is quick as well. When you find items they are either stored in your inventory instantly or they are taken away from the game if you need to find them in the missing items scenes. I have even found myself actually loading music, video, internet and other programmes in the background to see if the game play slowed down and it did not.

      I think if there was one problem with the game play it would be that on some occasions when you go to use an item in the inventory the game tends to act as if you never attempted that particular move yet you know you did, so you have to re-try this move again.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      I have failed to find much wrong with the game. In comparison to some of the games of this calibre I have experienced this is perhaps one of the best if not the best. The graphics and game play were outstanding and the fact the game was easy to understand and follow made it more fun.

      You could get help such as a tutorial as well which enabled you to gain confidence and with those videos of Elvis from his real life included it was just a great idea and made the game so much fun to play.

      I think the game has done an excellent job so that when you do find an item you could use it in about five different locations so you're not just going to find a crowbar and assume it is for opening up a crate it might be to open a door perhaps.

      Overall the game has been excellent and offered so much help and plenty of fun along the way. I got this game for free due to credits I had accumulated over the year but for me it is well worth investing in if you want a game to enjoy and to test you.


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