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Hitman: Blood Money (PC)

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6 Reviews

Manufacturer: MAD / Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2007

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    6 Reviews
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      03.03.2013 20:09



      Okay game if you like this type of slow paced style.

      This is honestly one of my lesser liked games, it's probably just me and not being the type of person to like sneaking around and re-doing it over and over again. I really prefer the checkpoint system that is in the Absolution game, over the limited saves in blood money. Furthermore in comparison to Absolution, they have made many improvements from blood money such as better AI's that let you know where you're getting seen from, and definitely better controls! Overall within the first couple of levels that I played before I got really stuck and very irritated of the game, uninstalling it and putting it in my 'bin' category. The graphics are OK, for when the game was made, but definitely not the top play for me unfortunately, though I have rated it to a decent level because others may like it much more than I do, it just isn't the type of thing I enjoy playing and trying to beat.


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      18.08.2011 21:15
      Very helpful



      3 out of 5 because it is a well designed game, but I am not so keen on some of the premise

      When I first played this game, I liked it more than I do now. Retrospectively, I think the game has a lot of fun elements to it in terms of being stealthy, but the dark and violent element gets in the way of it being as fun as it could be. As there are other stealth focused games out there, I would find those titles before I try something like this again. I guess the violence of it is supposed to be a big part. After all, you play a hitman, who needs to kill people as an assignment. All the expected weapons are there such as guns with silencers, machine guns, including fibre wire. So yes at times, depending on how you choose to kill your target, this game can get very gory.

      In Hitman: blood money, you play Agent 47, a gun for hire who takes on assignments from a woman called Diana, who works for the Agency. The Agency hires Agent 47 whenever they need a target killed. Hitman Blood Money consists of a series of missions, where you must find any way you can to 'eliminate' your chosen target(s). Each missions has its own difficulties and you can choose any way to get your target, with any weapon that you happen to have on you.

      A few missions will require that you do not cause too much of an alarm, so shooting someone and hiding their body is not necessarily the best option, as it can always be found. The game is quite open-ended in terms of how much you want to complete the missions. The missions themselves will take you to a range of locations and countries, but you will always be dealing with gang leaders, or very suspicious characters involved in some sort of crime. Exploring the areas is always fun, as you get to look around all the nooks, and areas that are true to life. One missions involves the Paris Opera House, and appear to be very realistic, other locations involve Mississippi, and a medical centre, and Las Vegas, so they are quite varied.

      Overall, if you don't mind the violence, which I did not necessarily at first, then this is a good game. Otherwise you may want to opt for another stealth genre game such as Splinter cell or Metal Gear Solid


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      01.08.2011 21:28
      Very helpful



      An extraordinary, long-lived stealthfest.

      Hitman: Blood Money is a third-person stealth game by the company 'IO Interactive', who created all the previous 'Hitman' games and the 'Kane and Lynch' series. Blood Money has received its rating of '18' for 'Strong bloody violence, drugs, sexual content and violence'.

      In Brief

      You may well be asking yourself "What is this 'Hitman', and what is it about?". Firstly, it's rather self-explanatory. It Hitman: Blood Money, you play a 'Hitman' or an assassin if you will, who is paid to kill certain targets. That's about the outline of the story, but the rest of the story is generally contained inside the levels.
      In the 'Less Brief'



      The gameplay of Hitman has not changed that much from the original game in the series, 'Hitman: Codename 47'. The gameplay is that you are placed at the start of a level, a client's assassination request and a variety of weapons (that you can pick, to ensure they are right for the job).

      The gameplay is open-level, allowing the player to differentiate from the games path. For example, instead of just walking through the crowd, shooting three guards in the face and casually strolling into the room where your target is and potentially getting arrested, you could go around the assassination in a completely different way.
      For example, you could casually stroll in the front door of the targets house, which coincidentally has a party going on, providing adequant cover and the ability to fairly easily blend in, and then go through an unguarded door, immediately on your left. Through the door, the guard is only just returning, and he is alone, so you could either just pop a bullet in his head, and risk people hearing the gunshot - or you could hop into the closet, wait until he is facing the other way and choke him with fibre wire. From there, you could steal his uniform and weapon, hide the body and casually stroll past the rest of the guards. You could then put a pistol in a basket, and carry the basket into the room where the target is sitting, claiming that it is food for the target. Once you're in and the doors are closed, you can pull the weapon out of the basket, kill the target and leave without a trace.

      Hitman really is one of the games that can either be rather easy or extremely challenging, and the extremely challenging way is the most fun to play, because while the guns blazing method works, you don't get the satisfaction or precisely timing everything and working your way around problems, and since the large-scale gunplay isn't exactly extraordinary, you can probably make the game a lot more enjoyable to play by doing the sneaky method, as, predominantly, the Hitman series has always been about stealth.

      On your screen, there isn't very much in the way of a heads-up display. There's your health, your weaponry that you have either holstered or are currently holding, and when approaching something that requires an action, like a door, a list of actions that you can perform and a 'detect-o-meter' for lack of a better word for it, that shows how suspicious and close to being exposed for being an assassin you are because of your erratic actions. The only issue with the suspicion meter is sometimes you are detected after the suspicion meter rose for no foreseeable reason, and this has been an issue over many of the Hitman games. Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

      The gameplay in Hitman: Blood Money is exactly what you want it to be, personally, I prefer the stealthy method, because of the aforementioned poor large-scale shooting mechanics, but the game does let you go in all guns blazing, if that's how you want to play. Hitman has always been a game centred around stealth, but the thing that pushes the gameplay out from the crowd is the fact that the game allows you to do whatever you want, and not play by its own rules.


      Graphically, Hitman: Blood Money certainly isn't bad. The locations that you visit are generally fairly picturesque, even if the targets are not. The textures are generally quite crisp, and not too blurry, which is usually seen as the mark of a consolised game, but we can see by the games looks that it was designed for PC, as the sort of console hardware that would be required to play at the maximum PC setting wouldn't have been around at the time of the games release in 2007. I have not, however, played both the console and PC version to compare, so don't quote me on that.

      The graphical quality is quite nice throughout the game, but some of my little niggles are that the characters look a little bit 'flat' or 'smooth'. They don't look as you'd expect a real person to look. Some of the foliage that scatters the level also looks incredibly false, but the prettiness of some of the areas more than makes up for it.
      The models for the characters in crowds that generally appear around the target in the level, as a form of cover, also have particularly good AI, and a fair amount of detail, which is unusual, as I'd expect having that amount of models with that level of detail would be enough to bring some low-end computers to its knees. However, it seems to work with some of the lowest end computers you can get (however, the poorest computers don't handle it well at all).

      Overall, while the game is not the all-around stunner, the optimisation and the ability to play on lower-end hardware, as well as a variety of post-processing options more than makes up for the occasional poor character of bland, fake looking piece of foliage, and, to be honest, if you're focusing on the foliage on the ground, then you are not doing what the game was made for.


      Sound is always an important part of stealth games and listening to many voices coming through the walls, discussing day-to-day things like what they are doing tonight gives even the most throwaway characters a little bit of depth and personality. The sound of the speech through the walls also allows you to hear where the characters are in relation to you (you do have a map that pinpoints enemies positions, so this isn't required to play the game), and the musical ambience that is present throughout the game gives a sense of depth that many stealth games find it hard to rival.

      The quality of the sound is good, but the immersion of the sound into the game world is not fantastic. Sound does not echo through a loud room, but I guess that's not required to make the game feel good and realistic to play. The only issues I ever have with sound and games is the minute details that always make the game appear more 'false' than it should do. It's a game though, and therefore you're probably playing to have a brief escape from reality, and I know plenty of people who could care less for echo-y halls.

      Value for Money/Longevity

      The Hitman series of games has never had a multiplayer element, and some may go "I'll just wait until it's a budget game" because of it. While the majority of you reading this appear to have waited until the 'budget' stage of the game (it can now be found for less than £10), I'd urge you not to wait if it was still full-price.

      The Hitman games are still some of the best examples of single-player stealth I have ever played, and while there is no multiplayer, the sheer amount of difficulty and possibilities that plague the singleplayer storyline make it an astonishing purchase, as it can literally last much longer than any other generic multiplayer shoot-head-fest which takes after Call of Duty. Hitman is a real game that does not deserve to be ignored, the sheer attention to detail and amount of possibilities, and even how it at least tries to be a realistic, immersive world, is something to be desired, and the developers should really be rewarded with your money, it's the least they can ask.

      I have yet to pass the second level and I have played eleven hours of the game. I'm not even 10% finished yet, and it has already lasted far longer than the average singleplayer shooter or racing game. That, readers, is something special for a game like this.

      Minimum System Requirements

      Processor: Pentium 4 1.5Ghz or Athlon XP Equivalent
      RAM: 512 MB
      Video Memory: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible video card which supports Hardware TnL and Pixel Shader 2.0 (GeForce FX / Radeon 9500 or higher)
      Hard Drive Space:5 GB
      Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
      DirectX Version:9.0c
      Content Watch

      Hitman, is, predictably a game about killing a target in a variety of ways. It is, as such, likely to contain some potentially offensive content, and as such, here's a run down.


      * Gunplay is fairly prominent throughout the game, and killing a character causes them to ragdoll to the floor, and a pool of blood gradually forms below the body. The blood, nor the body ever disappear, they can however be disposed of in a variety of containers in the interest of stealth.

      * A variety of 'close combat' weapons can be used, including your fists, knives and baseball bats. As well as a signature weapon of the series, the fibre wire. There is very little detail to killing with these in first nor third person, and blood forms under the body the same as it would if the character was shot.

      * There is no ability to cause post-mortem damage, other than the fact that hitting the bodies cause the ragdoll to move limply across the floor, and there is occasionally a brief puff of blood when shot.

      *The characters retain very little 'injury' on their bodies, apart from fairly small splashes of blood on their clothing where you have shot them. Close combat weaponry does not have this effect.

      * The blood can be turned off, but the blood on the floor plays a vital game mechanic where the guards can find the blood of your victims on the floor. The difference is that the enemies are seen to be looking at the floor with no blood on it, making the game appear 'false'.


      * There is some strong to moderate language - this includes use of stronger words, including 'f*ck', and milder words, such as 'sh*t' and 'b*stard'. There is a fair amount of profanity in character conversations, but while the player can listen to them, it's not obligatory.

      * There is some racist language in the game, however, it is relevant to the characters that speak its personalities.

      * There is a level where a drug baron is having a house party.

      * There is a part of the game where you can see a man snorting cocaine. It is not glamorised in any way.

      * In some levels, there are prostitutes in the levels, but they are never seen to be doing anything more than dancing for the people that hired them or cowering from the chaos of a gunfight.

      *Switching clothes with a dead character leaves them in their underwear. You can only change clothes with men, presumably because women's clothing will not fit Agent 47.

      Other issues

      Some people claim that the game is anti-Christian and racist. The racism accusation may stem from the characters language, and the accusations of the game being 'anti-Christian' may stem from the fact that Agent 47 has in the past been hired to kill by the church to rid the world of sin (this isn't the main storyline) or because in one of the levels it is possible to kill a priest without consequence.

      Content Conclusion

      The content in Hitman: Blood Money may be somewhat more serious than your average gung-ho action game, but that's just the way that it has to be because of the type of game that it is. The majority of the content 'issues' are dealt with lack of detail and sensitivity, and I'm assured that - despite some peoples interpretations and accusations - this game is not attempting to be racist or Anti-Christian. It was just worth nothing unless you're offended by that kinda thing.

      I'd suggest that Hitman: Blood Money is suitable for those thirteen and up.

      Game Conclusion

      Hitman: Blood Money is far from a bad game, it can go on forever and I'd happily play through its superbly open levels many times. Hitman is, and has been for a while, the only, and therefore the pinnacle of open-world stealth based assassination action, and it likely will be for quite some time yet.

      I'd happily recommend Hitman: Blood Money to any stealth-game lover, and I'd happily play it many times through - there may be no multiplayer, but this is an amazing singleplayer experience, given through a formula that has been greatly improved and been perfected since the first iteration of the series.

      I give Hitman: Blood Money a total of five stars, out of a possible five.


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        08.06.2010 16:32
        Very helpful



        One of if not THE best PC game of all time.

        The Hitman series has long stood out as the pinnacle of Pc gaming, and although the first game was a little rough around the edges, the series has always had a certain stylishness about it. Blood money is the latest installment from io interactive and promises to be the most polished and complete Hitman title to date.

        The stoney faced Agent 47 (a genetically engineered Hitman that is the games playable character) has returned, he has a variety of weapons at his disposal, from the standard silenced pistols and sniper rifle to the more sadistic weapons including piano wire and my personal favourite...the nail gun.

        As ever the game can be completed all the way through by going in all guns blazing, but to do so is to miss the point of the game entirely. The old saying silence is golden couldn't be more appropriate here. Sneak up on your opponent, dispatch him as cleanly and quietly as possible, then drag his (or her) body into a dark cubby or corner.

        After each level you are awarded a rank along with a brief summary detailing certain statistics about your performance, the highest rank is silent assasin and the stats include number of times guards alerted, number of shots fired, number of enemies killed etc.

        Blood money certainly is more polished than previous titles, agent 47 feels less cumbersome to control, especially when running, an altogether more elegant playing experience. To go with the more fluid controls of blood money the team have really outdone themselves with level design.

        From sheike owned casinos to a typical American suburb the environments are brilliantly designed. There are often a huge different number of ways to dispatch your target, from slipping a poison into their drink whilst disguised as a waiter to dispatching a clown and using his outfit to gain access to a party, then tinkering with the BBQ to set fire to a drunk party girl.

        There are so many ways to go about each level it's boggling just how much freedom the player is granted, and if you really want to you even have the choice of going in gung ho armed to the hilt and blasting your way to the objective. As mentioned this isn't the best way to play the game but the option IS there for those that want it.

        A refinement of an already superb formula has yielded a game that is oozing with style as well as being trully ground breaking in every other respect. It's simple to control but difficult to master, the occasional orchestral flurries occur at perfect points that really heighten the already thick and tense atmosphere, the level design is second to none and it has the greatest ending to any game I have thus far played, bar none.

        Usually in a review it's at this point I say something like 'nothings perfect' or 'I did have an issue with' or 'this aspect could have been improved upon' but I can find absolutely no fault with Blood money whatsoever.

        Every department, every element of the game is near perfection. Musically, it's beautiful. Gameplay is solid, compelling and addictive, the controls are simple yet effective, intuitive and glitch free. The graphics are refined and polished, stunning in places. The length of the game is spot on, not too short but never drags. With a massive replayability factor as you retrace your steps through previous missions, in the pursuit of a perfect score. You are even rewarded for your success in a mission by receiveng a big fat pay check which can be spent on new purchasing new weapons as well as an extensive array of upgrades (better lockpicks, larger ammo clips and so on).

        Any fans of the series so far will be overjoyed to add Blood money to their collection, and newcomers have picked a blinder to come in on. As close to PC perfection as I have ever encountered.

        To summarise, everything thats made the series so iconic within the stealth genre is present in Blood Money, bigger and better. It's not only a giant in it's genre but the epitome of PC gaming.

        You can snap it up new on Amazon for a little under £6, or you can get the trilogy pack (silent assasin, contracts and blood money) for £3.40, I bought the same trilogy pack in blockbuster again second hand for £8 (d'oh).

        ***Io interactive are on the verge of releasing a fifth Hitman into the franchise, if it can deliver even half of the wonder of the previous titles then it will be yet another raging success, heres hoping Io can maintain the excellent standards they have set so highly for themselves.***


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        05.02.2010 22:57
        1 Comment



        highly addictive game

        Hitman blood money had a lot to live up to given excellent versions in the silent assassin and contract versions. The classic stealth game in my view does not disappoint. Mission structure has not changed. You are given some targets to kill and you are rewarded by how stealthy you carry out the killing. Yet what has substantially improved from previous editions is the sheer scope of the maps in each mission. Given the graphical improvements from previous games the maps are now a lot bigger and a lot more goes on in each level. You only have to play the mission in New Orleans to understand what i am on about. large crowds roam the streets and the games performance does not suffer in any way because of it. The game is still as fun as ever and it is very satisfying experimenting different ways on how to kill the target. A great edition to the series.


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          07.12.2009 20:01
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          The BEST Hitman outing, at a good price now, well worth a look

          Hitman Blood Money is the most recent outing for Agent 47, the balding, professional killer we all know and love. I've always loved the Hitman series. It's a classy stealth game where you are assigned targets to kill. Sounds simple enough? The storyline has always been good throughout the series. This outing is no different. Blood Money is a look back at the history of Agent 47 from the view of the Government agents trying to catch him. So watching the cut scenes between levels you are taken back and forth through time, its quite well done. As such we play 47 in a number of different locations and times.

          The best thing about this Hitman game (and its predecessors) is the way in which you can complete the levels in a variety of ways. Ideally you are a Professional Killer. So if you pull of the perfect mission then no one will even notice that you were there. This point is emphasised (and encouraged) by the presence of a notoriety system. If you go through the game blazing all guns, killing everyone in sight and getting caught on camera then soon your notoriety will be so high that your disguises will be blown and you will not easily be able to move through a level undetected. I have to admit, I haven't had much experience with this as I've always tried to pull of the perfect kill. It's a lot of fun trying to sneak through the environment, going unnoticed and then escaping. The rating system telling you that you killed no one and all the "targets" died by "accident".

          It's hard work, but it is quite rewarding and fun. Sneak into a building, knock out a guard, take his clothes, find the target then work out the best way to kill them and make it look like an accident.

          There's an interesting number of ways to kill the target without actually killing them. Someone might fall out of a window. Get Squashed by a chandelier.Have some weights "fall" on them, get shot by someone else's gun (when they thought it was just a prop gun)or get blown up by a BBQ which might have been tampered with...

          Sure, you can upgrade your guns and shoot your way through the levels, killing all the guards in sight, but it's more fun to be sneaky and remain undetected.

          If you choose to do the all guns blazing method, you'll soon find the bodies piling up.

          And you wont last very long as the clever AI of the guards allows them to contact their mates, calling for back up and telling them about your outfit. So your cover will be blown. The best thing to do is knock someone out and stick them in a hiding place of some sort (usually a bin, cart or other well placed box). Shooting your way through the level will probably end in your death.

          The death sequence is pretty impressive. You go into slow mo as the screen reddens and you start to die. You can still get off a good few shots, but it always ends the same.

          Sometimes, its better just to don a suitable outfit and sneak through, especially when you see the number of computer generated characters on a level. All of whom, will report you to a guard or local authority if they spot you doing anything suspicious (like garroting a man in a bird costume in an alleyway)

          So dress up and remain inconspicuous.

          There's always more than one way into a target location. One particular level is a perfect example. A witness for the prosecution is in a protection programme, being housed by quite a number of FBI agents. You need to get into the house, kill him, steal a microfilm, kill his wife and get out without being noticed. I'll admit, this is the one level where I couldn't find a suitable window, balcony or other high place to the mark to fall off, nor any other viable way to make it seem like an accident, so I just killed him. But to get into the building in the first place was quite an effort. First off I stole a box of doughnuts from the catering van parked outside the building (without being seen).Then poisoned them with a syringe and gave them to the FBI agents monitoring the grounds outside in a truck.Once the greedy agents have eaten the doughnuts its just a case of stealing the video tape, their clothes and getting on with the job in hand.

          Moving inside the building as an FBI agent is relatively easy, but you could go in as a Clown instead, if you so chose.This is the level where I found a bottle of petroleum to spray over the BBQ and thus blow up the wife when she went to light her cigarette on it.Kill the hubby, steal the microfilm and off out. There are many different sneaky things you can do to make life easier. Applying a dose of ethanol to the daughters knickers will cause a perverted FBI agent to be rendered unconscious and make your life easier as you sneak about the house. Searching other houses in the street will turn up other goodies. Tranquillizer darts can be found in one house and used in an air rifle in an adjoining properties tree house.This is handy for knocking out the guard dog which otherwise alert the guards to your presence.

          This is just a sample of the game, every level is different and cleverly put together. Beautiful to look at, even compared to more modern games.

          Reflections, shimmer of water, blood splatters, everything is top quality.

          The mechanics are good too, garrotting, poisoning or bludgeoning targets is well animated and clever. If you are unarmed and a guard pulls a gun, get in close, hit the mouse button and you will grab your opponent and disarm him with a well placed elbow and you will have the gun and the upper hand. Though you better move quickly or you will soon have his friends on top of you.

          In the old games, even in a disguise you had to sneak very slowly past computer controlled guards. This was painfully frustrating as they'd be alerted by anything more than a very slow walk. This element has gone and now you can run about the level, as long as you arent brandishing a massive gun and covered in blood.

          All Agent 47's guns are upgradeable (for money) with silencers, more powerful ammo, laser sights, all sorts. Totally good fun, but if you play properly, you're better off not using any guns at all. :dancebanana:


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