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Just Cause 2 (PC)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / DVD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Suitable for 15 years and over / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-03-26 / Published by Square Enix

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    2 Reviews
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      25.10.2011 14:27



      Mindless. Destructive. Enjoyable

      Just Cause 2 plays like the 80's action movies, and has a similar plot. You're dispatched on the island of Panau to displace the despotic government through acts of sabotage. To do this you need to earn the trust of several rebel factions.

      It's a graphical feast. Panau's environments range from snowy mountain slopes to sandy tropical beaches to red deserts, and they're all beautifully rendered. The sandbox world is enormous, I found myself forgetting about the plot to discover the little secrets scattered around and just enjoy the surroundings. Just travelling around in this game is a beautiful experience.

      The sound isn't as good sadly. Gunshots are tinny and it makes them feel weak, the same goes for explosions and other effects. The voice acting is absolutely terrible and cheesy but luckily there isn't heaps of it. The music is reminiscent of spy-thrillers and kicks in when you do something awesome.

      The gameplay is straightforward, you create enough aggro to topple the regime by working for different factions and taking over territory piece by piece. You've got a huge number of vehicles at your disposal from parachutes to jets, and you can buy and upgrade these. I found the air combat particularly enjoyable. The firearms aren't very imaginative but you have a Claw, a reusable grappling hook that can be used in combat and just for getting around.

      Just Cause 2 is a wonderfully silly, over the top action game. The environment is big enough to get lost in, and there's enough to hold your attention for a long while.


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      04.11.2010 14:24
      Very helpful



      a cracking game, totally different from the "Norm"

      Being an FPS gamer, I'm used to "realism" in my games. You get shot, you die. You fall off a cliff, you die. Simple really. The trouble is you get stuck in that mindset and forget how much fun you could have in a completely unrealistic game.

      That's the brilliant thing about video games - they're a place where anything could happen. So why not make it?

      Just Cause 2 does just that.

      The lovely Zombie bought a copy of it for my birthday and I couldn't believe quite how bonkers it is.

      Within 5 minutes of playing I'd accidentally fallen off a very tall mountain and tumbled all the way to the bottom hitting my head on various rocks and other bits of landscape, only to hit the bottom, stand up and walk off unhurt.

      Later, I fired a grappling hook at a helicopter, grabbed on, pulled the pilot out and took it over, killed another chopper, then parachuted out onto the roof of a nearby building while the chopper plummeted to a fiery death.

      In another part of the game, you ride the roof of a car, trying to escape some enemies pursuing you. You can jump from roof to roof, killing the occupants of the other cars and even stealing their cars if you wish.

      The storyline and the script are bloody awful. As is the acting. But the game play is truly hilarious. Love it.


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