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Just Cause (PC)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Mastertronic / Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2007

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    2 Reviews
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      26.11.2010 22:05
      Very helpful



      Pick it up next chance you have for no more than a tenner. Every sandbox game fan should.

      JUST CAUSE is a sandbox third person shooter by EIDOS.


      The gameplay in Just Cause is great, it was the first game to include a fluid grapple hook, the first game to allow for bizarre mishaps within the game and the first game that has ever allowed me to mess about with destruction, weaponry and fun. It's also surprisingly fast paced and high octane for a sandbox game, with adrenaline pumping gunfights, a daring amount of speedy car chases and more explosions that you could wave a pistol at. The cars handle really well in this instalment and it all feels so fluid to play. In addition, this is a completely unpunishing game. It's not that good for people that have just finished Black Ops on Veteran for the sixteenth time, but it's definitely good for those who just want a bit of fun. It's also a brilliant break from the serious world of Grand Theft Auto style sandbox games where anything that's impossible suddenly becomes possible and great fun to do. In addition, Just Cause is one of those games that will not apply any sort of restriction upon your playing style, you even have an infinitely producing amount of parachutes to move yourself gracefully among the island with. It's also one of the only campaigns that I have played from start to finish because of how fun it is, a very important thing in a game that features no leaderboards, multiplayer or cooperative modes.


      The graphics in Just Cause are nothing that a pocket calculator of today couldn't match, but back when the game was released, they were staggering. The water appeared so vivid, so alive. The trees and luscious vegetation seemed so very real as I ran across the varying landscape of the island. The graphics were so vivid, so real that I could almost smell the tropical environment as I ran through its foliage, its brilliant views. The ragdolls in the game were also staggering for the time. I had never seen a body flail so wildly as I did when I first tried this game. I was amazed, this outstanding game had outclassed anything in its whim, but it was not to last. The games brilliant vistas now seem dull in comparison to that of Far Cry 2 or Crysis, it's a shame, it was a brilliant lot of graphics, but alas, it was not to last.


      Cover your ears or move along, this is a designated 'Ear Protection Area', that's right, this game has awful voice acting. I don't mean just 'bad' voice acting, it's awful. For a company that focuses so much on graphical achievement and gameplay, I guess the voices didn't occur to them until the very last minute, when it was far too late. It's not as bad as its sequel 'Just Cause 2' though, because someone quite obviously just erased the voice acting from the to-do list until the very last second as a joke, as the voice acting in that game was just atrocious.

      Value for Money / Longevity

      There is no multiplayer, nor are there any cooperative modes in the game. However, the singleplayer contains so much opportunity for fun that this is in fact not a problem at all. The singleplayer is full of new and interesting gameplay mechanics, lots of things to do and several side-missions and a fairly long (if completely ridiculous) story. I believe this game to be worth every penny of five pounds, as it is simply brilliant fun, and far better than the more graphical but less novel sequel.

      Difficulty / Complexity

      The game is most extraordinarily easy, but that's what's so fantastic about it, it's not hard and it's easy to grasp. It's got possibly the best form of teaching you to play that can be found in a game and a difficulty curve suitable for everyone, their gran and her pet chimpanzee. It's as difficulty should be.

      Content Watch

      Even though Just Cause is a generally mild game, there are some points that some may find unsuitable.


      When characters are shot at, they product a (very brief) blood splurt

      When characters die, they are turned into ragdolls, an effect some may find disturbing

      Other general vehicle based violence is also found in the game.


      Moderate language such as 'sh-t' and 'b--tard' is generally found throughout the game, but it will never get any stronger than this.

      Content Conclusion

      Any teenager or possibly slightly younger (I first played the game at the age of twelve) should be able to handle this game adequately.

      Full Conclusion

      A smashing game with interesting game dynamics as well as a heavy focus upon the fun side of video gaming, instead of the needlessly difficult. I'd give it a shot the next time you see it for a reasonable price.

      I give the game four out of five, for nothing can forgive the borderline deadly voice acting.


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      15.09.2008 18:00
      Very helpful




      The dictator of San Esperito may have weapons of mass destruction. It is your job as a CIA black ops agent to aid the guerrilla war to overthrow the dictator.

      Sounds interesting doesn't it? Well, it's not. The side missions are awful. They're repetitive and there's no real story to them. It's as if they were just shoved in there for the sake of having side missions. The main story missions are somewhat varied though the story does seem to get lost along the way, it certainly won't grip you in the way GTA stories do.

      A somewhat unique element of Just Cause was the stunts (I say was because of GTA4). Although the idea of stunts is a good one the controls are shoddy and the grappling hook is far from easy to use. The vehicles in Just Cause are lacking. A slight knock will almost half trash your car and send you miles off the road which is ridiculous when you're trying to evade cops. Although you can get extractions back to your safehouse and vehicle drops are available the latter is not a bonus as the vehicles are terrible.

      The graphics are pretty decent, the sound isn't bad either but the gameplay is shoddy as are the animations and the game itself contains some quite annoying bugs.

      Overall, you're best avoiding it.


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