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Kirby's Dream Course (PC)

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2 Reviews

This game was developed by HAL and published by Nintendo and can be played by up to two players (simultaneously).

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2011 11:15
      Very helpful



      A dream game of golf?

      This review is for Kirby's Dream Course on the SNES, Dooyoo have it listed as PC, but their own photo is of the SNES not the PC.

      Kirby's Dream Course was released on the SNES back in the mid 90's. The game came as all SNES games did in a cardboard box between Video and DVD size. The box contained an instruction manual and a cartridge specifically for the SNES.

      Kirby's Dream Course is a golfing game with a bit of a difference. To be honest I have no idea why I wanted this game when I was younger as I was never really into golf, I'm guessing it was something to do with Kirby games being popular in the playground at the time.

      Unlike regular golfing games you don't hit a ball around the course, but instead you hit the games main character Kirby around it. The game has a number of different themed courses and each course consists of 8 holes.

      On each hole you will be given 3 shots to complete the hole in. To begin with there will not be a hole shown on the screen for you to aim for, this is because there will be a number of Kirby's enemies laid out around the course and you must first defeat them. To defeat the enemies Kirby needs to roll into them with your shots. Every time you take a shot you will loose one of the available shots, however if you hit an enemy you will be granted an extra shot. When there is only one enemy left this last enemy will transform into the hole that you need to get Kirby into. Upon successfully getting Kirby into the hole you will move onto the next hole.

      As you progress through to the more complicated holes the landscape will change and you will encounter hills, ramps and blockades which affect the way Kirby will move around the course. If you hit Kirby too hard there is a chance he will fall off the course and you will loose a life. To help you get around the course though there are booster points which enable Kirby to turn into a whirlwind, float around or destroy blockades to defeat enemies more effectively, there are also special effects which allow you to stop Kirby in his tracks which I find useful to have if I am about to fall off the course. Some of these effects are gained by rolling over certain areas of the course, others are gained from the successful defeat of an enemy.

      As with all golfing games the aim of the game is to finish the course taking as few shots as possible, at the end of your game if you have played well enough you will be awarded gold, silver or bronze.

      Each course has its own kind of wacky design and they are all full of bright colours which does add appeal to the game. I find the default camera angles a little awkward, but this can be adjusted while you are playing the game to suit your personal preference.

      There is a multiplayer option on the game, I have only played this a few times with my mum when I was younger as she didn't like this game as she thought it was boring, so she wouldn't play it very often. The multiplayer mode is basically the same as single player with the only differences being you can attack the other player and the first person to get Kirby in the hole wins 2 life points instead of the usual one point.

      The controls of the game are quite easy, it does take some practice to get used to hitting Kirby with the right amount of power, too much results in him possibly falling off the course and you loosing a life, too little and he wont move far enough and this will cost you a health point. I found this really frustrating at first, especially on the harder courses which have more hazards and enemies, however the more I played this game the easier it became. I was quite patient with games when I was younger, I'm not so much now so hence I don't put this one on very often as it does require a certain amount of patience!

      ** Graphics and Sound **
      The graphics in the game are good, there is a 3D effect to the courses and while this is good it does make the camera angles a little awkward for some shots and I often found myself taking more time adjusting the angles than playing the game. The sound is good, it is light hearted music in the background with added sound effects that reflect what is happening in the game.

      ** Price and Availability **
      I got this game back in the 90's when it was widely available, however these days it is a case of searching eBay for it, or visiting a specialist gamer shop, if you do see a copy of this game and you fancy giving it a go then I would say buy it, don't shop around too much as this was one of the rarer titles on the SNES.

      ** My Experience and Opinion **
      Whilst this is not one of my favourite SNES games, I did enjoy playing it when I was younger. Now I am older I no longer really have the patience for this game as there are better ones out there, however this doesn't make this a bad game and I would recommend it. It is fun to play and ideal for children to enjoy a game of golf with a fun twist to it.

      Thanks for reading :)


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      15.07.2009 15:17
      Very helpful



      A good spin on the standard mini golf game.

      Kirby's Dream Course a mash of Mario Kart and golf, with one of Nintendo's favourite characters as the ball, Kirby!

      This fairly unknown game was released to begin with on the Super Nintendo. Its star Kirby has had many games including the famous Nintendo crossover game series Super Smash Brothers, yet this game fell under the radar in the UK.

      This time Kirby is hit round a mini gold course by you the player. I use the word golf in the loosest sense case, as it is actually an even crazier version of mini golf. Kirby's dream course has a key difference to the other golf games of the time and even the mini gold games today. The course is populated with enemies seen in other Kirby games. To destroy enemies in your path you roll into them instead of sucking them up like in other classic Kirby games, but like the other games in doing this you steal their special abilities like spikes, stone, electricity and umbrella.

      Graphically the game still stands strong today, simple but cute and charming. Every level has a different look and theme much like the other Kirby games and the sprites have fluid animation, much like the other Kirby games. The isometric perspective works well whilst playing the game and looks good whilst doing so.

      The gameplay is actually quite deep, well as deep as any other golf game. Hitting Kirby at different angles or with different amounts of force sends him flying in alternate ways. Unlike other golf games however you have the enemies to take into. The game takes awhile to get to grips with but as you get better you can hit Kirby through the various attractive courses and travel onto the next.

      In the game you are limited by Kirby's hit points, harshly this happens every time you hit him, if this happens more than four times Kirby loses a life. You can gain this life back from hitting some enemies on the field and by smacking Kirby into the hole. Running out of hit points makes the game challenging and killing enemies and getting to the goal is no easy task to achieve.

      The game also boasts a great two player function that is reminiscent of Mario Kart. In this mode you compete to get the bonus stars and smack Kirby into the goal. You can also use powerups against each other to hinder your opponent's progress. This is the first introduction of Keeby the yellow Kirby to the gaming world.

      Kirby's Dream Course is well worth playing if you can find it. I first encountered it on an emulator on the PC as I never actually heard of the game before. There is great value for money in this game though. The levels will not take long to complete but getting the gold medals is hard and will take some good practice, keeping you going for hours.


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