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Kitty Luv (PC)

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Manufacturer: GSP / Genre: Family & Entertainment / Release Date: 2006

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2007 13:53
      Very helpful



      Not the best game out there

      I borrowed this game from a friend who says that she loves it. It looks a little bit like the old Catz and Dogz games that were around a few years ago. Similarily, there is also a Puppy Luv game but as I prefer cats I decided to play this game!

      In Kitty Luv, you are able to adopt your very own kitten and look after it. It's needs are similar to a real cat, it gets hungry, thirsty, tired and craves attention!

      I'm not able to have a pet cat due to my dad being allergic to them but I've always wanted one so the chance to look after a virtual one is the next best thing I suppose.

      I have Windows Vista and installation was fine, infact it was faster than most games.

      Playing the Game
      When you first access the game, you are taken to the Creat A Pet screen. Here you can pick your pet and name it. The choices of cats are:

      Russian Blue
      American Shorthair

      I picked an American Shorthair which was a cutely pixellated black cat. You can't customise these pets in any way, they each have one standard look only. You then choose it's gender and give it a name. You also enter your own name. Sadly, you are only able to have one pet at any given time during the game.

      Once you have picked your pet, your pet is created and places in the living room. There are 7 locations in this game, living room, kitchen, backyard, play time, frontyard, kitty exercise and girl's room. The game takes place in all these rooms and there are different activites you can do in each room. Certain activities can only be done in one room, for example you can only feed your kitten in the kitchen. There is also a pet shop you can visit to buy items for your pet, these items include, toys, food, drink and clothes. You have to pay with money and you get paid an allowance of $20 at regular intervals. There are also ways of making money during the game. Buying the laser pointer toy unlocks the exercise room in the house, and buying the digital camera unlocks the girl's bedroom, where you can take photos of the kitty in various poses and store upto 8 of them in a photo album.

      The kitty has 6 statistics which show how the kitten is doing, these are happiness, tiredness, hunger, thirst, toilet and cleanliness and these are shown in meters along the bottom of the page. The meters go down pretty quickly so you have to make sure your kitten's wants are fulfilled.

      There are only two games in Kitty Luv, and one is an almost exact copy of the other! This is disappointing and limits gameplay a lot. The games are the only times you interact with your kitty as a 'cursor' aside from petting and brushing it.

      Graphics and Sounds
      The graphics are okay though they look a little bit 'cheap' Although it looks cute, the kitty doesn't have many poses or facial expressions in the game. The music isn't that interesting, there are only about three tunes in the whole game!

      Overall Impression
      The game is okay but I got bored pretty quickly. It is very repetitive, there is just not enough different things to do to keep you occupied. There's only so many times you can feed your kitty and groom it without getting bored. I probably would have loved this game about 10 years ago when I was 11 but now it's a little bit babyish for me and I'd rather play something more challenging. I'd recommend buying this game for your kids probably age 11 and under especially if it's their first computer game as it's really simple.

      Try It Now
      As well as being able to buy this game in the shops you are also able to buy and download Kitty Luv from the internet from a variety of sources. Currently, the game is being sold for about £10 through download, you will probably be able to find it in the shops for cheaper but I've never seen it anywhere so it may be quite hard to find.

      You also have the option of playing a one hour free trial of this game before you decided whether or not to buy it (see the links below):



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  • Product Details

    Owning a kitten can be a big responsibility. With Kitty Luv you care for and raise your very own virtual kitten, carrying out all the duties that go along with owning a real pet. You have to feed her, groom her, keep her litter tray clean, and keep her well entertained. But the rewards outweigh the hard work watch as your kitten plays happily with a ball of string and purrs as you stroke her soft fur!

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