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Lemony Snicket's - Series of Unfortunate Events (PC)

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Genre: Action / Adventure

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2011 16:18
      Very helpful



      If it's a fairytale game your after, then this one's not for you.

      Recently, my son and I were chatting, about some old PC games we had played in the past, and this game "A Series of Unfortunate Events" was mentioned, I remember sitting down at the computer to play this game, with my son, at the ready to help, should I get stuck. It was in the days before I had internet access, so all I pretty much did on the computer was play PC games. (Yes, I know, pretty sad of me) but it was harder then, because I never had access to the internet, I couldn't google for cheats, to help me out, (hence my son being on standby).
      You may be aware that this PC game is also a film, on completing the game I sought out the film.

      --The box and what you get--

      The usual PC game/DVD box, stated on the front is that the game includes all new game content for the PC game, along with the title.
      The picture on the front is of the 3 unfortunate children (The characters you control throughout the game).
      3+ in the bottom left hand corner indicating, that it's suitable for all (there's nothing nasty in it anyway).
      On the back of the box at the top are 3 little pictures showing the 3 children, in scenes taken from the game. There are a couple of pictures/photos of some of the actual actors from the film.
      There is a small write up on the game, and a few pictures of some of the inventions, the children have to make throughout the game.
      Right at the bottom is the list of minimum system requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and drivers.
      Inside the box is an instruction book and the game disk itself.
      The game cost me £9.99 from Game Station (many moons ago) there are several websites where you can download the game, "Big Fish Games" being one of them, they charge $6.99 which is what about £5 or so in GBP.

      --The story--

      This is the story of the Baudelaire siblings, Violet, Klaus and Sunny. After a mysterious fire destroys their parents, their mansion and their previously happy lives, the children are sent to live with Count Olaf, one of the world's six worst villians. Joined by his troupe of creepy henchmen, Count Olaf will do anything to get his filthy hands on the vast Baudelaire fortune.
      The children must rely on their unique talents, and each other if they are to outwit Olaf and his villianious associates. Violet with her clever inventions, Klaus with his bookish intellect and Sunny with his 4 sharp teeth (he's only a baby).
      It seems they are doomed to treachery on every level.

      --Installing and starting the game--

      Place the disk into the disk drive and when the "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate events" logo appears, select install, once installation is complete, click play.
      On the main menu click new game.
      There is an options menu for you to adjust the game to your own preference. Input options, where you can customise keyboard and mouse controls e.t.c. You can save/load your game as and when required.

      -- The game--

      Throughout the game you will switch between controlling one child then another, you will need to work out which child you need to be, depending on which special talent is required to progress further into the game. Throughout the game, at some time or other you will need to control each of the children in turn.
      Along with the Villians, which include: Count Olaf himself, Hook Handed Man, White Faced Women and the Bald Headed Man, there are good intentioned people as well which include: Mr Poe, Justice Strauss, Uncle Monty and Aunt Josephine.
      Then there's the usual things that always seem to get in your way like: Mosquitoes, Bats, Crabs, Rats, Snakes, Lizards and Leeches.
      There are several inventions you will have to make, only by using Violet can you do this, it requires the other children to locate the various bits and bobs she needs to complete these inventions. Each time you complete an invention it becomes part of your inventory, you will know when you need to use each and every invention.
      In the top left of the game screen is the "Misery Meter" this will decrease, if and when the children become unhappy, if you continue to fail at any particular task, e.t.c. if the misery meter decreases entirely, your game is over, so you need to make sure you keep the children happy. There are heart lockets throughout the game, which you can pick up to boost the health of the children, and collectibles (these don't make the childrens lives any better, but you may find this an entertaining distraction)
      Letters of the alphabet: Collect these to find Snickerty definitions of different words. (which aren't very encouraging)
      Eyes: These 3D eye balls are hidden throughout the levels, for every 10 eyes collected, you will recieve a new Count Olaf Playbill.
      Count Olaf Playbill: There are 13 of these, these allow you to access all the posters you have collected in the "Olaf Posters Menu" which is accessible from the in game menu.

      --My experience with playing the game--

      I found it easy to set up and install, it didn't take long and I was soon up and running the game, I did enjoy working out the various puzzles throughout the game, and finding the individual bits and bobs in order to make the inventions, it gave me a feeling of accomplishment once I'd completed one. The thing with me and games however, is that if I like a game and I'm really into it, then I just want to keep going with it, it just takes over me like I'm possesed or something. But I did have to save sometimes and found saving the game and reloading was really easy. I did enjoy playing this game and was proud of myself for being able to complete it without cheating, yes I know it's only a 3+ game, but have you seen some of the games for 3+? Personally I could never imagine a 3 year old, being able to play most of them. My son enjoyed watching me play and tried to help out with the odd puzzle.


      Quite a good game to play, with pleasant gameplay and nice graphics which is suitable for all ages. I think if you like playing PC games with puzzles and tasks to complete throughout, then this game may be worth your while seeking out.

      I give this game 4 stars because although I did enjoy playing it, it's not the best game I've ever played.

      Thank you for reading my review, it may also be posted on Ciao.


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    • Product Details

      In Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, you'll follow the Baudelaire orphans as their luck goes from bad to incredibly worse. This treacherous tale lets you become Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. Combine the unique talents of all three orphans to stay one step ahead of their distant uncle, the evil Count Olaf, before he steals their family fortune. Based on the hit series of children's novels.

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