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Lionheart : Legacy of the Crusader (PC)

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Manufacturer: Interplay / Genre: Role-playing

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2006 16:27
      Very helpful



      good game

      The story begins from the 3rd crusaders war when Richard Lionheart won the battle against the Saladin`s army.The councilier of Richard suggested him to punish the Saladin`s servants so he killed 1000 of them,but he wasn`t aware that he made a ritual that unleashed the undead army.Richard and Saladin made a union to fight the evil from earth,but they didn`t stopped it...

      Now in the era of the renaissance you are awaken.You are the descedent of Richard Lionheart and inside of you is an spirit that gives you power and magic.Your tutor will be the great Leonardo da Vinci during the game.

      To get started you can either choose one of the characters premade or you can go to custom and create your own.There are 4 races to be choosen:Demokins,Sylvants,Feraklins and Humans.Each of them has it`s own racial traits except humans they have none.Then you`ll choose one of 3 spirits depending on which magic and powers you wish to level.The first one is protective and his skills are divine magic,2nd one is bestial and he goes for tribal magic,and the sarcastic one like a demon his specialties are thought magic.You can choose 2 perks also depending on which race you are.You also choose 3 skills which will double the points when you add skill points to it.There are 5 different branches:Fighting,thieving and diplomacy,divine magic,thought magic and tribal magic.
      Fighing skills are important when playing in single player.You can be an unarmed figher or one hander or two hander or ranged.Here you also have evasion which adds extra armor class points and adds a percentage to evade a blow.The more armor class points you have the more difficult is to hit your character.
      Thieving has find traps/secret doors which is very usefull,sneaking,lockpicking.Here in this branch is also your diplomacy skill which represents your barter skill and your speech skill,these two things are usefull when selling/buying things,a high speech can give you more possibilities when talking to people so you can persuade them that your way is the best.
      Divine magic:divine favor,fortitude,smite and protective.Eache one of these go to a sub level depending on which spell you wanna research.
      Thought magic:ice,electrical,fire and protective.Also goes to a sub level.
      Tribal magic:domination,necromancy,nature`s fury and protective.

      There are the main attributes like strenght,agility,intelligence,endurance,luck,charisma and perception.
      Strenght determinates the damage that your character can do in melee combat and the carry weight.
      Agility is for evasion,armor class,lockpicking and Action points.
      Intteligence determinates the skill points that your character recieves when leveling up.
      Endurance adds extra hit points,healing rate and increases desease and poison resistance.
      Luck determinates your critical chance,also increases the percentage of finding gold on dead foes,and increases the electrical,fire and ice resistance.
      Charisma increases mana capacity and gives bonus mana transfer when absorbing a mana spirit.
      Perception increases range distance,finding doors/traps.

      There are many attack types like crushing/piercing/slashing damage[these are made with weapons or unarmed],fire,electrical,ice,acid,poison,desease.The only resistance that you cannot upgrade is acid this is only upgraded temporarry by consuming a potion or if you find an armor with that kind of protection.

      The story of the game is very good and gives you full time playing.You`ll encounter several great names like Shakespeare,Cervantes,Da Vinci,Gallileo and many more...For those who are good at history they find out that many facts from the game are based on that.
      During the game you`ll fight against many creatures:thieves,beggars,goblins,wolfs,rock golems,titans,englishman,undeads...and so on.

      Whenever you want you can export your character and start the game from the beggining with that character but there will be more enemies to kill and they would be more diffucult this time.I forgot to mention that there are over 40 quests to be finished and that you`ll travel around Spain,France,England and Persia.

      When leveling up you`ll have every 3 levels or 4 if you have choosen gifted a bonus perk,this is a one time bonus that adds extra ponits to some branch,or increases armor class or resistance to certain attacks or gives bonus experience...Depending on what stats you have and what branch are you leveling up you`ll get a list of perks.

      My opignion is that this game is made for multiplayer cause of the skills that can be upgraded.This game has multiplayer so why don`t you try,one of you could be a figher with one hand,another one unarmed,some rangers and casters one with thought magic,one with tribal and one with divine.

      This game is one of the old school games so it doesn`t require a potent PC to be played.The minimum you need is: a processor with 800Mhz 128mb of ram and a graphic card with 8mb it can be installed on every system and requires a directx 8.1 or later.
      The configuration that i suggest is a processor with 1.3GHz 256mb of ram and a graphic card with 32mb.with this you can sit and relax and enyoj the game.


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