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Majesty 2 (PC)

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2 Reviews
  • Good Graphics
  • Good quests
  • Really hard
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    2 Reviews
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      13.05.2014 22:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Good Graphics"
      • "Good quests"


      • "Really hard"

      Great game but a bit hard for my liking

      This isn''t going to be the longest review I have ever written as I didn''t really get very far with the game, and not through want of trying it just gets ridiculously difficult very quickly.

      The first few levels are good fun, the basis of the campaign mode is to build your empire and defeat various obstacles put in your way (one big one per level). The first few levels are easy then there are a few challenging but really fun ones where you get to put your strategic mind to work. Each time you finish a quest you have a choice of a few others to do next so there are options to the order you do them in.
      At the start of each level your aid will explain to you what the current situation is and offer some tips as to how you can solve the problem (although it is usually very vague advice). All you have to begin with is your palace and some money, which is variable depending on what level you are starting. From the palace you build other buildings and you have four types available.
      Guilds -Where you assemble your armies, each faction has different strengths and weaknesses, they include:
      ? Warriors
      ? Rogues
      ? Rangers
      ? Clerics
      ? Wizards
      ? Elves (requires you to build a level two palace and a level 2 marketplace)
      ? Dwarves (requires you to build a level two palace and a level 2 blacksmith)
      ? Lords
      Economic Buildings - There bring all your income without these you will quickly run out of money and won''t get far in the game:
      ? Marketplace ? Brings in the most money and allows you to research and sell potions that your armies can then buy, making them better. This should be the first building you build in every level.
      ? Blacksmith ? Invents and sells new types of weapons and armour for your armies.
      ? Inns ? Where your armies can rest and recover instead of going all the way home.
      ? Trading posts ? Gets you extra income and can be placed at designated spots around the land and shuttle goods to the market place.
      ? Statue of the King ? Increases enthusiasm of your armies (apparently).
      Defensive structures - that attack incoming enemies:
      ? Wizard Towers
      ? Guard Towers
      ? Dwarf Towers
      The last type is Temples, but there is nothing in mins at the moment because I haven''t been playing the game long enough.
      This is a strategy game so you need to decide how to best spend your starting money, what to develop first, what armies to build, and how to best go about defeating the enemies. As far as strategy games go it is a great one, you really do need to think the levels through and plan well, the graphics are good, it''s not a very new game but the graphics are bright and fun and it''s easy to distinguish between buildings and they are all well designed.
      The map is great it I really clear where enemy buildings and flags are and you can navigate around it with ease, the controls are also very simple to use and to understand what all the different options are at the buildings.
      So overall it has the makings for a really good game and in reality it probably is a really good game but I have to review it on the basis of me playing it not your average gamer and I appreciate it probably is a much better game to an experienced P.C gamer, but for me it was just too hard too quickly. After completing the first 5 or so levels I got so stuck on the next one I just kept getting completely slaughtered over and over again, I tried it about 8 times before looking it up online to see how to do it. The general conclusion is that the game can be ridiculously difficult, but I did find an explanation of how to approach it best so I followed the advice and it only took me 4 more tries, including one try where I was about to win and the game crashed and I had to start again (I did give up for a while at this point but got sucked back in). I finally beat the level and went on to the next which to be honest was nowhere near as hard as the previous one so I think it''s just certain levels that are so bad, but to be honest I prefer games that I don''t need to keep trying over and over to beat (that''s too much like hard work I have real life for stuff like that) so I probably won''t play much more of it even though it is great fun on the easier levels.

      I am giving it 3* because I would have given it 4* if it hadn''t been for the inconsistency in difficulty. I would only recommend this game to experienced strategy gamers or people with a lot of time on their hands and I am neither of these things.


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        12.10.2011 17:08
        Very helpful



        Great game, under rated by some!

        - Overview -

        In Majesty 2 you (the future king of Ardiania) must construct medieval buildings to train and recruit your heroes to defeat the evil monsters that are on the map and complete the mission given to you. The heroes themselves are controled by the A.I and react to what you build, such as markets ( to buy potions and amulets) to the blacksmith where you can buy and upgrade armour and weapons for all of your heroes.

        To direct your heroes to attack / defend targets you place reward flags at the specfic place or enemy that you want your heroes to react to, and they do the rest with all the items that you have updraded for them. After going into combat with different creatures your heroes will level up and become more powerful and able to use better special moves / spells which you can research at the building where you recruit your heroes.

        As your town grows more tax is collected by your tax collector that walk around town to the different buildings, he will collect tax from any place that sells wares aswell as houses / windmills and promtly return to your castle or friendly guard post to deposit the gold, giving you the ability to hire more heroes / upgrade or cast personal spells (which are unlocked at hero buildings also).

        Unfortunatly as your town grows sewers appear as well as a grave yard and both spawn creatures, giant rats from sewers and undead form grave yards, this in its self isen't to much of a problem as your heroes will kill them quickly aslong as they arn't using low level weapons and are low level themselves.

        Around the map there are scattered rewards such as trasure chests with gold in that heroes love so they can spend on wares from the buildings you currently own. Also some trade posts locations where you can build a trade post to get extra gold for your kingdom, a caravan will move towards your market place and diposit its gold, these are very important units as the extra gold makes it an easier task in creating a larger kingdom faster.

        Its best to get a good range of heroes as they compliment each other in battle, for example a warrior does brilliantly when clerics and rangers are near by as clerics heal and rangers shoot from afar, where as the warrior will tank the target so your troops do as much damage to the enemy and less to your heroes.


        The graphics in Majesty 2 are not cutting edge by far but are colourful and vibrant you will definatly not need a top of the range computor to run this game, but check the specifications just in case on their official website.

        - Sound & Music -

        The music in this game is refreshingly great (which alot of games these days do not put alot of effort into in my opinion) the music sucks you into the game and speeds up during combat making the battles feel epic especially when fighting a boss.

        Sounds are just as good with heroes saying funny things and the sounds of spells being clear and crisp.


        Me personally I love this game, it is very difficult to get through some levels and is very unforgiving at times. Together with the gameplay, sound, music and graphics this makes a great little game to get lost in for a while, it also has several addons for more content. Best place to buy this game from if you are interested is definatly steam as its much cheaper there and they also do deals on the expansion packages aswell.

        Overall id give this game a healthy 8 / 10



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