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Midnight Mysteries - The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy (PC)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / CD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Release Date: 2009-10-30 / Published by Avanquest Software

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2011 19:31
      Very helpful



      A game which is very easy to complete and offers little for a story

      Playing computer games is always an enjoying factor for me and when a relative had this new game he brought I wanted to give it a go.

      The game is named The Edgar Allan Poe conspiracy and it is a search and find puzzle game. You are given a very brief outline as to what you're expected to do within the game. You have to use your mouse and find items which are stored in a specific scene.

      One scene might be outside looking around and this scene is always static until you find an item you require. The items are listed along the bottom of the screen and each is usually pretty easy to find.

      You visit each scene which helps generate clues to the mystery and obviously that is what the game is about from the clue in the title. The game is very odd because although the idea of the game is simple I found it very repetitive in terms of some of the items I needed to look for. I saw crowbar appearing so many times it got frustrating.

      You find usually your given 8 items to find and then this book will turn the page over and reveal to you another set of 8 items but you cannot see all items all at once which I thought in my view might have made the game quicker and fun to play.

      As you continue through the adventure you see some movie clips but they are poor in quality and to be honest make the story more confusing then when you first began. The game continues to get more difficult as you advance towards the end because you then have to figure out other things besides finding missing items.

      You might have a match which needs to be found and need to use items you have found in a scene and put them with another item to make something magical happen which will reveal the match you need. I like that part to the game because it means you have to use your imagination and that is pretty good.

      There is no timer on any levels so you can take as long as you want and no punishments are given for attempting to cheat. What I mean by cheating is when you just click anywhere for the fun of it in the hope you might find some of the missing items you want. You will always remain in the same place and no penalties are given to you.

      You have hints which are helpful at times and these are generated by finding some birds. They are situated on every scene and add one hint clue to you and if you use them all up amazingly you're given another one 30 seconds later for free. It kind of defies the purpose of playing when the game is giving you all the help it can to cheat and complete the game quickly.

      Once you do finish the game you have no score to register on a leader board which you could try and make your friends compete against and you have no idea what the story truly was about. It took me just under 2 hours to complete this game which shows how easy it can be.

      There are many good parts but equally poor parts to the game. The good parts would be that items are always very good in terms of their detail and depth. I hate games when an item never looks like it is meant to do and this game helps you out. When you click on an item on the list inside this little lantern a shadow of the image you should be looking for appears which is very helpful.

      I found the graphics actually pretty good overall although the movies were ridiculous and added little to the overall story in my view. The problems though were things the game producers should have thought and seen before they released the game.

      One of those problems is that although this game says for ages 7+ there are scenes within the game I would imagine a younger child aged 7 might be upset about. There is a situation where you have to go and dig up a body and you see two skeletons inside the coffin and although the image is done in a cartoon style it might be one of those things kid could easily find upsetting.

      The sound is also an annoyance as it seems to have the same type of beat going through the game and it is meant to be like an organ playing but it is just boring and pointless.

      My view is the game is not worth more than £4 and is one of those which are about a 5 out 10 for a rating because it is so easy to complete. If you try to repeat the game and hope to find brand new items to find you're going to be left upset. You just repeat the same items in the same locations over and over again.


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