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Monopoly Junior (PC)

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2 Reviews

"Based on the best selling childrens game, Monopoly JuniorCD-ROM delivers classic gameplay and much more. It's now blessed with fabulous 3D graphics,. great animations and characters, as well as fun mini games. "

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    2 Reviews
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      09.07.2009 15:04
      Very helpful



      Monopoly on the pc

      Based on the famous board game, monopoly has now come to the computer screen, this game is very good for the young ones. The game is very fun and interactive and provides a lot of fun features which will keep the kids happy playing this. The game has the usual monopoly board and feel to it with all your classic monopoly pieces such as the car and dog etc to choose from. The game also feautes 8 mini games which are very fun and exciting to play, these come in the form of puzzles, interactive action mini games which are pretty cool, and very similar to ones i've seen on the monopoly games you find on the IT box machines in the pubs/bars.
      The game features alot of different and animations and characters, the graphics to the game are very colourful and look very nice for the juniors which the game is obviously aimed at.

      System requirements:
      Windows 9x/ME/XP
      Pentium 166 MHZ
      32MB Ram
      2MB graphics card

      The game will easily run on most modern day computers, the requirements are very low to run it.

      The game is aimed at 3+, i think the game is great for any child to play.


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      04.05.2005 17:56
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      There are various forms of Monopoly Junior available today, from the basic board game to Shrek Monopoly junior etc.
      The version we have is Monopoly Junior Pc Game from GSP games.

      Suitable for/System requirements:

      Windows 9x/ME/XP (required update included on CD)
      Not suitable for Win2000
      Pentium 166 MHz or higher
      32 MB RAM
      2 MB video card
      Soundblaster compatible sound card. DirectX 6.1

      Although I couldn’t find the update to run this game on my windows XP, I was able to access the information from the internet. This was from GSP technical support and basically it told me how to run the game in a compatibility mode as though the game was run in Windows 98.

      The game:

      First of all you are asked if you would like to run a saved game or new game.
      On selecting a new game, Mr Monopoly appears and introduces himself. He asks if you are playing alone or with friends. There is a choice or one car on the left and 4 cars grouped together on the right.
      As I was playing with my young son, we chose to play alone against the computer. You can then select your choice of colour for your car. We choose the green car (seems luckiest) which moves towards the curtain and after clicking on the curtain to begin the next screen we see is the game itself.

      It is basically very similar to a standard monopoly game board but set around an amusement arcade with arcade games that you can ‘purchase’. Mr Monopoly begins by asking you to roll the dice which you do by clicking on the dice at the bottom of your screen. He disappears down his hatch and reappears on the game board and with a flick of his hat or stick, he rolls the dice for you.
      You then have to move your car along by clicking on the correct square following the correct no of moves. If you get it wrong, Mr Monopoly is very helpful and corrects you until you find the correct square, which is great for the younger children.
      There are chance squares where Mr Monopoly goes onto the board and picks up a card for you. They can be anything from more to start or free ticket booths where you claim the coloured arcade game without paying for it.
      The ticket booths are the coloured squares that you can land on and purchase if un-owned. These are also what you would charge your opponent on if they land on them.
      If you land on an un-owned arcade game, you purchase the square by clicking on your coloured wallet which also at the bottom of the screen. Everybody starts with £31 in their ‘wallets’. If you end up owning both coloured squares, you can charge double rent. The rent is the same as the purchase fee.
      There are four coloured stations around the board which entitle you to have another go and roll again. There is a go to lunch square where you pay £3 for the privilege. This money goes in to Mr Monopoly’s loose change, which if you land on this square, you win his loose change.
      There are also fireworks and dolphin show that would also go into Mr Monopoly’s loose change.

      Around the board are 8 arcade games which are all timed,
      Water slide, 3 levels, catch the ducks in the basket
      Dodgems, 3 levels, burst the balloons
      Minature Golf, 3 levels, self explanatory
      Helicopter Fishing game, move the helicopter to hook up the bags of money.
      Big Wheel pipe game, fix the big
      Merry Go Round game, move Sandy across without hitting the animals
      Haunted House game, 3 levels, hoover up the ghosts
      Rollercoaster, take a picture at the correct time

      Whilst playing alone against the computer, you are able to go and have a go at the games when it is your turn, whereas if playing with friends, you can only play when you land on the arcade game if un-owned by yourself.

      If they tire of playing you can end the game and your game will be saved until next time and you can then either click on saved game or start new game and off you go again.

      This is a fantastic game for all children aged 3+. It really helps with their mathematical skills by counting the dice no’, number recognition when choosing the correct amount of money and counting skills whilst moving the car around.
      They learn to recognise colours when selecting their car and clicking on the correct colour whilst taking their turn.
      The only thing I get frustrated about is the amount of time Mr Monopoly sometimes takes to get onto the board and roll the dice, pick up chance cards and his voice is slightly annoying after a while, but these are adult niggles. The game is designed for children and it is extremely easy for them to play alone or with friends. I would definitely recommend it to anybody with children.

      The game is available from lots of auctions on ebay where ours came from, or from pricerunner on the internet £3.79. I also found it available at tesco at a cost of £4.74


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