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Need For Speed Pro Street (PC)

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6 Reviews

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Driving & Racing / Release Date: 2007

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    6 Reviews
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      04.11.2009 18:34



      Worth buying as it can be picked up cheaply but other games do things better

      After previously experiencing the two underground versions of EA games 'Need For Speed' series I decided to try out another installment and so bought 'Pro Street'. This game is far different to the underground games as it is more based around a racing career round various street circuits. As with the other 'Need For Speed' games you can buy various cars and modify them in many ways. However if you are trying to customize the look of your car I have found that in this version of the game it is far harder to produce a good looking car unless you spend at least half an hour on doing so.
      The game play itself is a bit more realistic however the level of realism is no where near the level of some of the other games on the market but that isn't the main aim of this game. The aim of the 'Need For Speed' series it to provide a quick thrill that can be played for hours or just dipped into for a race or two.
      There are several game modes in this version along with the usual, drag, drift and straight race modes it now incorporates speed races which are quite fun to play and can be slightly challenging to master. However on the underground games i found the drag races possibly the most enjoyable and reasonably easy to master, but now on Pro Street i have been unable to win a drag race apart from the first races in which you compete (as almost anyone could win these). This is the only problem I have found with the game however and it offers a fairly enjoyable racing experience with this exception.


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      20.09.2009 23:08



      Good graphics and races quite exciting, but can become boring.

      When I first bought this game (soon after it was released) I was disapointed, as it seemed to be slow and irritating compared to previous NFS games I've collected. I didn't play the game much, until I got a new steering wheel and graphics card for my computer, which transformed the game completely. With a decent graphics card the game runs smoothly and the graphics are far superior to older NFS games. It is more compatible with my graphics card than some other games, and works fine with my steering wheel (and pedals). On the other hand, once the new graphics experience is forgotten the game becomes a little boring. In career mode you seem to end up going round the same tracks again and again in the same car. It is also annoying that it forces you to have a different car for each of the racing modes (Grip, drag, drift, speed etc). Overall I don't think it is as good as some older NFS titles (or some recent driving games) and I hope the next NFS game (Just released) is better.


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      19.11.2008 20:50
      Very helpful



      Well a not so sucessful version of Nfs series.

      Well this is another addition to the Nfs sequel. I've been quite a huge fan of Need for speed since the first game tat was out which used to run in dos mode. Lol. And by far, Need for speed has been the best racing evolving series ever played. Its been ages since the Need for speed series has gone back to track racing. All series have been mostly till date street racing, but pro street goes back to track racing and thats where things seem to go wrong. The concept of the game is that you own a car, trick it out, modify it and ride it on a track in a series of race days held by opponents. The graphics of the game seem promising and quite appreciable but the only problem lies that there is not much of excitement In the game. Well believe me i left the game half way through.
      The cars list goes on and is quite long in the game which sounds pretty impressive. But the cars are very very reluctant to turn at all i.e handling of the cars seems unrealistic. And most of the times, i ended up wasting the car inspite of braking at right time.
      The good addition here is
      1. That there is another mini race before the drag race starts. In this you have to heat up the tires by doing a burning out.
      2. The car customization takes a new turn. It allows you to shape your cars handling and power as per your requirements in a wind tunnel. you are able to shape you car parts to increase or decrease g force and drag value. this allows for better pickup and acceleration.
      3. The storyline is quite good.

      What i didnt like is:-
      1. the game gets boring and repetative after a certain point of time.
      2. There is not excitement as like running and evading police which happened in Need for speed most wanted.
      3. The story could have been a little exciting by adding a few secret races and rivals and friends.
      4. Chopping cop chases off the list was the biggest mistake EA did.


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      17.08.2008 09:03



      NFS not wanted

      after playing NFS most wanted and NFS carbon ... what more would EA bring for us ... another heart beat skipping cop chase or something else... I was sure not going to miss it ...

      This game requirs a graphic card and has the best game graphic amongst all. the way the cars are designed and the roads are designed deserves great appreciation . the game didn't bring great thrill for those who expected another story where you are always in trouble and always seek a way out of cops . this game rather provides an opportunity to play a real time race experience on a road where we don't have to care about cops .we are not suppose to dash the heavy SUVs on the road . Its back to old days where we unlock the cars and tracks . it has got way too many different races and they are great...

      but for me this game was utter disappointment and I had really expected much more from NFS. hope its next game is great to play in all senses.


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      05.01.2008 15:31
      Very helpful



      Great Game Well Worth Buying!

      Need for Speed ProStreet

      Release Date: 23 Nov 2007
      Publisher: EA Games
      Platform: PC


      This edition of the ever popular Need for Speed series takes us in a slightly different direction to the recent titles and feels like a hybrid of Gran Turismo and Project Gotham Racing mainly due to the courses you find yourself racing on and the pure amount of detail that has been included, This ones going for realism and really hits the spot. As in all Need for Speed games there are a variety of different game modes to choose from these include:

      Speed Challenge - You will have to push your car to its limits in this race whilst dealing with inhibiting factors such as bumpy roads, harsh side winds and of course fellow street racers anxious to hinder your progress.
      Grip - This mode takes on the appearance of a touring car race, Much like Gran Turismo you find yourself on famous race tracks across the world with several opponents.
      Drift - Drift has been found in most of the newer Need for Speed titles and basically involves controlled slides round corners at as high speed as possible to gain points!
      Drag - Another old favourite of Need for Speed fans drag involves racing down relatively straight roads with a manual gearbox pushing your car to its limits.

      Loads of new vinyls and bodykits have also been included which will help you customise your car the way YOU want to see it!


      The overall gameplay has changed quite a bit in this version making it alot harder to control but this is due to it taking more of a driving simulator approach than previous titles and also includes extremely realistic damage effects something that the Need for Speed series has really lacked on in previous games, Although a little more difficult to master the driving style than before ProStreet creates an air of realism that will soon have you hooked and keeps the same controls its had so fans of the older titles should be able to get into the swing of things quickly enough.


      Amazing attention to detail here which ranges from the smoke coming off your tires as you pull off and slide round corners to indvidual pieces of your car such as wing mirrors, doors and headlights flying off if you face a high speed collision! The texturing of the roads and the overall environment again is superb and almost looks like you are watching a live street race on your television and has everything from glassy reflections to accurate shadows covered your car even gets a build up of dirt on dry dusty roads and the surrounding scenery actually makes you wanna stop to admire the views!


      As with all recent EA games titles you will have an extensive playlist to choose from which as always will include a selection of over 35 tracks ranging from bouncy hip hop to rock and punk from artist such as Plan B, The toxic Avenger and Airbourne. The sound effects will push your sound card to its limits as EA have included extremely high quality sounds for everything right down to debris hitting the inside of your wheel arches and harsh cross winds causing the various flags and banners to flap about. The tyre screeching and engine noises were really impressive too and make the game sound very real.

      Overall this is an extremely well polished title which will have you playing for hours even if like me your not that good and as such would be money extremely well spent.

      Price & Availability:

      You can puchase this title for £30 in HMV £25 on Amazon or £10 from E-bay so if you shop around your are sure to be able to get a good deal.

      System Requirements:

      Windows XP or VISTA with latest service pack installed
      Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) CPU running at 2.8GHz or higher (3.0GHz if running Windows Vista)
      128Mb DirectX compliant video card with Pixel shader 2.0 or above ( AGP or PCIe)
      512MB RAM (1GB if running Windows Vista)
      DirectX compatible sound card
      1.5 GB of HD space required to install game
      DirectX 9.0c June 2007 edition

      **** This Review Can Also Be Found At www.ciao.co.uk ****


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        03.01.2008 16:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Exhilirating, what you have come to expect from NFS minus the street racing

        Another trip into the dark, underground world of street racing has arrived, well apparently not and it looks like EA may have just shot themselves in the foot or should I say run over their foot. As far back as the first "Need for Speed" some kind of street races or cop chases have been included in the game however EA have made a big change this time. Instead of racing the streets you now have an official racing career on tracks spread far and wide all over the globe.

        Although some of the races are on public roads they are closed down so there is no longer high speed collision with oncoming cars or the enthralling sound of missing a flat bed truck by millimetres. As some of you may have guessed this also means that the game no longer contains cop chases which have been a major part of the previous games. On the other hand this has made the race experience more realistic as now there is a set track when you overthrow a corner there is a nice wall for you to bounce off and you slide a long way across gravel which seriously damages your race position and your car. Yes that's right EA have introduced damage, there are three levels of damage Light Damage, this is relatively cheap to repair and doesn't damage the performance of your car too badly. Heavy Damage, Can seriously damage you chances of winning a race due to the drop in performance of your car. Finally you can total, this is basically the American way of saying your car is a write off and you automatically lose the race and it costs extortionate amounts of money to fix the car. There is another option though, at the beginning of each race day you are given repair markers and insurance markers. Repair markers can be used to repair light and heavily damaged cars and insurance markers to replace the totalled car, don't worry it will still have all your performance and visual upgrades.

        One feature that EA weren't stupid enough to take out is car modifications, you can still max out your ride with performance upgrades ranging from new engines to NOS. Also on the visual side they have brought back the autosculpt feature from NFS: Carbon. This allows you take say a spoiler and stretch and mould it into the perfect shape for your ride. This auto sculpting can also be used to change the aerodynamics of your car so it grips the road better or less if your building a drift car. An additional change to gameplay is the fact that you can't use one car for all types of races and have to have four cars for each separate race type grip races, speed races, drift competitions and drag races.

        *Grip Races*
        These are your basic out and out race against a number of other cars around a track for a set number of laps, first one to finish wins simple as that. For this type of race you want to build a car that's fast and handy in corners. The game also includes a few variations on grip races, these are:
        Time Attack - you're on your own around the track and have to set the fastest lap out of the four cars competing.
        Sector Shootout- On your own again you must set the fastest time though each quarter of the lap, you get points for setting the quickest sector. Racer with the most points wins.

        *Drag Races*
        Just a straight line race over a set distance, you against one other car. In this event you have to use manual shift. The best type of car for this event is an all American muscle car.

        *Drift Competitions*
        In this event you race around a circuit and get points for sliding(drifting) your car sideways around corners, the more sideways and faster you go the more points you get. The new drift feature removes one of the most frustrating things about drifts in the previous games, if you hit one of the walls you don't lose all your points. Just make sure your cars not for wheel drive.

        *Speed Race*
        A long race not around a circuit but along a large stretch of generally closed public roads. To win you travel at very high speeds and don't often have to take your foot of the accelerator. Although since its public roads it's not always smooth, hit a bump and 250mph that's the end of your ride. An all American muscle or something aerodynamic like a Porsche is good for this.

        Since this game is based all over the world you no longer have the free drive part where you would drive to your races, instead you go to race days which range from China to the Nevada Desert. At each race days there will be a number of the different races mentioned above. Furthermore this game features a very extensive online mode and as well as racing other people online you can share your car blueprints and have it save up all your career data for an online leader board.

        Advertising, this is a major downer for this game as it incorporates lots of it. At each race day there is loads of advertising boards and baloons that the game could of done without. Even at the race menu where you view your cars theres lots of background advertising.

        Don't buy this game if you're expecting the street racing your used to from the previous games, and for some reason I feel EA are covering this up in their advertising and the name pro STREET. If you want a perfectly refined and accurate driving experience with all the adrenaline and excitement of real racing this game is for you especially if you have a USB wheel like my Logitech Momo Force Feedback which maps exquisitely to the game. With the wheel it feels almost like driving a real car. I am also using an Xrocker gaming chair which works perfectly with the game and you feel all the knocks and bumps as well as the V8 engine of a mustang wurring into life. On a final note i would comment on the amazing graphics that come from this came from the sun blinding your view when your driving in to it as well as the shimmering cars beautifully drawn by my mid range gfx card.

        System requirements for Windows:
        * Windows XP / Vista
        * 2.8 GHz CPU (3.0 GHz for Vista)
        * 512 MB RAM (1 GB for Vista)
        * 8.1 GB hard disk space
        * DirectX 9.0 with Shader 2.0 support compatible 128 MB graphics card with one of these chipsets GeForce FX 5950; Radeon 9500
        * DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
        * 8X DVD-ROM
        * 512 Kbps Internet connection for online play
        Input methods PC: Keyboard, Mouse, or USB Steering Wheel/Gamepad

        As system requirements can not always be trusted heres my setup:
        - Windows Vista
        - 3GHz Dual Core
        - 2GB of Ram
        - Nvidia 8500gt gfx car has 256mb onboard memory
        - Logitech Momo Force Feedback Racing Wheel
        - Onboard motherboard
        - Xrocker chair, adds that air of realism when couple with a wheel


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