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Neverwinter Nights 2 (PC)

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3 Reviews

Developer: Atari / Genre: Strategy / Release date: 2006-11-02

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    3 Reviews
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      09.08.2008 18:57



      An ok pc game to pass the time

      Preceeding this game i had tried neverwinter nights,icedale and balders gate for my pc before and found them very basic but enjoyable,upon purchasing neverwinter nights 2 i was pleased to find things had moved on a little.Now this games graphics are never going to reach levels of wow or guild wars but still the game has alot to offer.
      Istarted off with a strategy guide,but i didnt really need it ,the game makes it clear where to go and theres not too much oppertunity to get lost although 1 of the dungeons i wasnt able to locate everyone in.
      Its colourful and the graphics are ok ,you move between diferent areas and use diferent charecters you meet to fight for you,this allows you to try out different classes and jobs ect.
      For most avid gammers this isnt going to take too long to complete but its a nice enought journey to get to the end,i wouldnt pay £20.00 for it but if i saw one reduced id pick it up and play it again so im gonna rate slap blang in the middle a three:)


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      24.01.2008 15:17
      Very helpful



      The best RPG since Minsc awoke in Amn with the Bhaalspawn...

      Put quite simply - this is the best role playing game post Baldur's Gate 2, I have ever come across.

      Fans of the Forgotten Realms will not be disappointed by the environment and worldscape stunningly created by the developers Obsidian.

      Yes, initially upon release, the game was heavily bugged and poorly optimised, and this does indeed seem to be a reflection of games by this particular development house (Knights of The Old Republic 2, anyone?), so perhaps those who purchased this delectable dish of digital Dungeons and Dragons upon first release (myself included) would have been frustrated with the lengthy installation process, numerous bugs and glitches, and constant need for frankly enormous patches. However, perservance really does reap rich rewards. A purchase today will result in the player being completely bemused by the above text, as the program has now been patched and fully filled to enable the pure genius of Feargus and co to be unleashed upon the gaming world. The graphics have also been heavily optimised, and while make no mistake, to have at maximum detail and resolution on a busy battlefield, you will still need a very meaty set up I will testify that this game is just as enjoyable on a very low detail setting.

      The reason for this is that the game does not trade solely on graphical performance and the bells and whistles of today's DirectX10 heavyweights, but stays true to the Baldur's Gate ethos of atmosphere and story-telling as the primary pull.

      Beginning with character creation, you are indeed faced with a multitude of choices and those graduating from previous Bioware exploits will find themselves drooling at the prospect of some of the character races and classes available - do not discount the old favourites however, as all are very well developed and each enables the game to be played in a very different manner.

      The story is split into several 'chapters' each of which contains many sub-plots richly woven into the main storyline, dancing into and out of main events with a finesse that wouldn't seem out of place in the most polished Hollywood bluckbuster.

      Your 'Hero' or 'Anti-Hero' does not face the massive challenge set before him singlehandedly, however. Dotted along the way are many NPC's (non-player characters, for the delicate role playing virgins amongst you) all of which have fabulously detailed personalities and histories for you to explore and enjoy. Whilst not quite reaching the dizzying heights of dialogue perfection attained by the immeasurable Minsc of Rashemen (not forgetting the miniature giant space hamster, Boo), interactions with the main character, as well as with each other, by the NPCs are a genuinely valuable aspect to the story and game as a whole, helping to create the impression that you really are immersed in a living, breathing world (as opposed to being sat, hunched on an uncomfortable chair, in the middle of the night in the dark, long after it would have been sensible to retire...).

      The story builds toward its climax like a snowball gliding down a fresh alpine mountainside - gently and with little impact upon its suroundings at first, but building with an inevitability that culminates in a frankly incredible climax that does indeed leave the player wanting more. I shall not sully the prospect of the game by leaving spoilers, but suffice to say that the conclusion of the epic storyline sets up nicely for the follow up, Mask of The Betrayer.

      All in all, this game is not without faults. Yes, the graphics are fantastic, but yes, a powerful PC is required to fully appreciate them. However, this game is all about the story. The environment. The immersion into another universe. One of fantasy and magic, of fairies and fairytales, of Dungeons and Dragons.

      Please do not be put off by hardware requirements made of you by this title - it is by no means as demanding as contemporary titles (Oblivion is the example that springs to mind most) and will reward you with a rich nectar that will dazzle and enthrall you for weeks, and months to come.

      So far I have only discussed the single player aspect of the game. Ihavent even mentioned the online multiplayer community, expanding exponentially like a gaming Big Bang since release day one, nor the incredibly powerful and intuitive toolset, by which you have the means to create your very own adventures within the Neverwinter Nights universe.

      Buy this game, NOW.


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        06.09.2007 10:20
        Very helpful



        Only consider if you have about 1Gb free on your Windows drive

        First of all, I have to admit that I love role playing games. I spent many years in my geeky youth rolling dice and the like. It is not something that ever really leaves you alone.

        During my time playing games, it is always fun to try something different – the likes of Dungeon Siege for a bit of fast and dirty action, and then the likes of Oblivion to really get your teeth into. Howver, my spiritual RPG home is, and always has been Dungeons and Dragons. No matter how much the rules may have evolved over the last 15 years, I still look forward to a new D&D game.

        This game is the latest in a line of D&D games that has proceeded from strength to strength. Going all the way back to the first Baldur’s Gate, via its sequel (creatively named Baldur’s Gate II), and then becoming more visually appealing with the first Neverwinter Nights.

        The first of the never winter games was my all time favourite party based RPG, so you can probably imagine how excited I was about the arrival of a sequel. I ordered the game and waited impatiently for it to arrive through the post.

        It turned up. I was overjoyed. Into the DVD drive it went, and I installed away. I could hardly wait.

        Post installation, I fired the game up, and it detected that updates were available. Always nice to have the most up to date patches, I though, so I sent it off on it’s merry way, not thinking it would take too long.

        Two hours later it had finished. Quite frustrating, but I was now pretty confident that a jump of 6 versions would have fixed almost every bug that had been found.

        Even though my pc is substantially above the minimum spec, it recommended that I use the lowest option on many of the graphical settings. I had heard that the graphics with all the bells and whistles could eat up all but the most powerful rig, so I left it at that. Later, whilst playing the game I set a few of the options to maximum, and whilst the game got a lot prettier, the speed was reduced to an unplayable, juddery crawl.

        I sat through the usual splash of logos and developer screens at the start, with the now obligatory Nvidia screen, and then the intro movie started. It is short, and it has nothing at all to do with the plot, but it was like watching what happened in my head when I played RPGs as a youth. It depicts a few minutes of a battle between two characters, and it sets the mood and really whets your appetite for the game.

        I charged ahead to start a new game, and create my first character. This is one of the sections I normally love about RPGs, working through lots of different races, classes and skills, just top see what you can create. NWN 2 has one of the most user friendly interfaces for character creation, with lots of help and advice along the way. The only minor gripe I had was that the appearance of your character was pretty limited. After games like Oblivion (and even the Tiger Woods golf games) where you can tweak almost every attribute, being presented with sliders for height and width, along with a section of about 10 different faces and hair styles is a little disappointing. That said though, this bit still felt satisfying.

        At the very start of the game, you are given the option of carrying out a tutorial or heading straight into the action. I chose the tutorial, as it had been awhile since I had last played one of these games. However, if you do go straight through to the action, your character gets all the experience you would accrue by going through the tutorial, which is a nice touch.

        So, I pressed on with the tutorial, which is light hearted and a bit of fun. Everything came back to me quite quickly, so I found it a bit slow, but it is a nice intro to how to play the game. Then it was onto the main quest.
        I do not want to give too much away, but the game proper starts with your village being attacked by dark dwarves and some funny lizard men. Once you have repelled the attack and done a few tiny side quests, it is off to the swamp to find a hidden object.

        Once you have got this far, you are off to explore the world alone. And this is where I started to encounter serious problems. On my first attempt to move out of the start area and onto the main quest, the game just hung. The only way to get out of this was to close the game using the Task Manager (or Ctrl-Alt-Del).

        I assumed that this was just a glitch, so I launched the game again. Fortunately, it had automatically created a saved game just before, so I did not have to redo any of the game. So I tried to move to the next area, and it hung again. This time I completely re-booted my PC and tried again, to no avail.

        It was at this point that I decided to search the internet to see if anyone else had encountered the problem. This opened a real can of worms. It appears that the developers decided whilst writing the game that every one has to have at least 500Mb free on their Windows drive. If you do not, loading some of the larger map areas within the game happens so slowly that it may as well not happen at all.

        To explain a bit of why this matters to me, I have my drives on my computer partitioned, with my Windows partition having just enough room, plus about 300-400Mb just in case, with everything else pointing at my 70Gb partition, even my windows swap space is there. I have done this because I have had my windows partition destroyed by viruses and the like in the past, so it contains the smallest amount possible so I do not have to replace as much. next time.

        However, in the eyes of the developers, they know more about how my system is supposed to configured than I do. Still, I did some pc based swapping and shifting to free up about 500Mb, and then tried again.
        Fantastic! The next section loaded like a dream. So on I went with the game, happily playing along and having a good time, although it was slightly marred by the extra messing around I had had to do. Then disaster struck again.

        Because the game filled up all the avalaible space on my C: drive with temporary data for the game, I could not save. Even trying deleted the save game I was using. It had also deleted any automatic save points created along the way.

        Back to the internet I went, to try and see if there way around this or a fix in progress. It appears that this issue has been going on for almost as long as the game has been out, and there is no sign of a fix. Nor have the developers even responded to the 20 or so pages of posts on their tech support forum that relate to this problem. A bit of further digging revealed a whole host of bugs and issues still outstanding.
        Now, I faced a choice. Did I delete everything from my PC and reinstall everything I had, or consign the game to the wastes of e-bay?

        I got around £15 for it.


        Available on Play.com for £24.99


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