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Panzer General (PC)

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Manufacturer: Mindscape / Genre: Strategy / Multiplayer mode allows up to 4 players.

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2004 02:28
      Very helpful



      Panzer general is hex turn based wargame by the acclaimed Strategy Simulations Inc. In this game you take control of the sides that fought during World War 2. The maps are highly detailed with every map being very accurate when compared with the real terrain. The units, though, while the names and small icons somewhat resemble the real life ones, have status that don?t really relate with the real ones. The campaign is very fun to play, with you controlling the destiny of the Axis. It?s amazing how they made it in a way that it really depends on what you do, and you really have a choice of what you can do. There are three types of results in each battle, Major Victory, Minor Victory and Defeat and what battle you will fight next might depend of this. Other times you just choose to where you want to go. Being one of the five star games of SSI, in this game each unit goes gaining experience with level, improving it?s battle status that will carry on to the next battle and so on (if they are core units, support units don?t go to the next mission). The game does an amazing work with the small details of war, like weather, reinforcements, supplies, ammunition, etc putting them in a way that lovers of this types of games will not complain of lack of depth and newbies wont find it overwhelming. Besides the campaign there is also a free battle game. Here you select one of the various maps of the campaign and chose a side to control (you can even control the Axis enemies). Gameplay The interface is very easy to master, with every buttons and commands being just a few clicks away. Even the various info/options/other details screens are very easy to navigate. The respectable amounts of status of this game are also very well organized and everyone will find them easy to find and understan
      d. Graphics Has usual in this type of games, the graphics are very bad. Units have just a very small icon in one of the hexes of the battlefield. Even so, history fans will be pleased to see they do resemble the real units and that SSI didn?t get cheap and put just a few icons with lots of units sharing them. The same can?t be said of the battle animations (two small circles that appear in the screen showing the two units firing), with a lot of different units having the same animation. Sound The music is somewhat bad, just a few midi sounds put together to resemble music. It somewhat creates an ambience but not that much. The FX is better with the battle sounds sounding very real and similar to 60s and 70s World War 2 movies. The narrator that briefs you to each mission also has a fitting voice. Replayability You will want to go all the way through the campaign to see every branches of it and the game hardiness will make you play some battles several times to achieve major victories in all battles. Manual Very detailed with the interface very well explained. The rules and game mechanics are also very detailed so everyone knows what happens when they do a certain action in the game. The manual even has a small tips section in the end. With hundreds of real World War 2 units to control, every wargame fan that likes this period of history should get this game. You can replay some of your favourite battles with it and even fight some that were never fought. Minimum Requirements: Unknown, but it will run in anything from a 486 up


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      In this tank simulator you can play as a Wehrmacht Officer in the German Army, or you can lead your comrades in the Soviet Army. Or you can even hit the beaches at Salerno and Normandy as an American or British General. Plan strategy, allocate resources, and control every aspect of your attack.

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