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Peppa Pig Activity Centre (PC)

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Avanquest / Genre: Kids Games / Release Date:

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    4 Reviews
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      26.06.2012 16:55
      Very helpful



      A great PC game for Peppa pig fans

      While shopping in Morrison's we came across this activity pack - puddles of fun pc game for just £2 so we decided to pick it up as my daughters Peppa pig mad.

      Installing the game

      For this game to work on your pc it needs System Requirements OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista. All I had to do was place the disc in my computer wait for it to load then it begins installing and you have to agree to general terms and conditions of use and you are ready to go. It automatically created a shortcut for us which are a nice little picture of Peppa so my children know exactly what to click on to get the game to work.

      That is all there is too it then you are ready to go and play the activities. Once you click into the game you come to a menu for the activities it has George and Peppa standing in the middle with 4 activities written on each side of the screen for you to choose from. It is al in colour lovely ad bright and the words for the activities are fairly large so it is easy to read.You then just click in to which activity you would like to play and it will take you to a new screen.

      The games included

      Rock, Paper, Scissors- This is a simple game you can only choose to play against the computer and then at the bottom of the screen there are the three options rock paper or scissors and you choose which you would like to play. My children love this game and waiting to see if they have beaten the computer each game is a best out of three matches and so there is lots of fun to be had.

      Noughts and Crosses- This is as it says a game of noughts and crosses you can choose to play against a friend or against the computer and then fill the grids until one of you has 3 in a row. The only thing about this game is there are no characters in sight and so my children wanted to see the characters playing which could have been done like the sudo pigs but it is not too much of a problem it is still god fun and great for a brain work out for my children.

      Snakes and Ladders-This is a classic game board of snakes and ladder and you can play with up to four players. Each player is represented by a Peppa pig character and you take it in turns to roll the dice until somebody reaches the top of the mat and wins. The simple concept is fun and all the family can join in even if it is played on a computer rather than a game board.

      Memory Game - In this game you are taken to a menu of easy medium or hard and once you pick which you would like to play you are taken to a beach scene with a set of cards laid out with the characters of Peppa pig on them. They are all in black and white and the computer will light a pattern up in colour for little one to follow. Each time they get it right clapping sound effects are heard and each time the game gets a little more difficult by adding in another character to the sequence.

      Sudopigs- This is based on the game Sudoku little one has to build boxes with the numbers 1-4 so that all of the boxes run in sequence. Again this is another challenging game but it is fantastic for making them think and concentrate on the task in hand. There are erase buttons in case they go wrong and you can set different themes so rather than numbers you can have Peppa pig characters to introduce little one in to the idea of forming a pattern and then when you ease them on to the numbers they can figure out that the same concept is put in to action. There are two options easy or hard the first easy being just 4 boxes of 4 and the second being 8 boxes of 4 making it more difficult. My children at first did not like this but once they figured what they needed to do they love sitting with mummy and trying to complete the puzzles.

      Pig Solitaire - This was one of the more difficult games for my children you are took to a page to choose if you want an easy or hard game. Once you click into it you are taken o a scene of space and there are stars with Peppa pig on some of the stars while others are just pictures of the stars them self. You have to choose a Peppa and then click to a free star jumping over another Peppa pig. Once you do this the Peppa you jumped over is removed from the game and you keep jumping over Peppa until there is just one left and then you have won the game. My children found this rather hard and although they are just getting the hang of it now after months of use it is still not one of their favourites.

      Cards and Invites - This is basically as it says you log in and there are a number of cards and invites for you to print out all in there are around 20 different designs for birthday Christmas Easter, birthdays pretty much every occasion. Some are in colour while others are in black and white so little one can colour themselves. These do need to be printed and are not an activity on the game but I suppose it is an activity for them to do away from the computer which is always a plus.

      Meet the Cast - Rather than an activity as the game suggests you are taken to a black and white page and it has most of the cast from Peppa pig on it. When you hover the mouse over each character I tell you the characters name and a little something about them. Also each time you hover over there name it makes a sound associated with them so Peppa pigs family's grunt and giggle Danny dog woofs etc. As there is a lot of reading it does need to be completed with mummy or daddy to read the words aloud but it is great fun and after a few times my children were able to read along with me as they had learnt the words of by heart.


      These are fairly basic they are simple yet adequate for a children game the characters are easily recognisable and each screen has bright colourful scenes to hold little ones attention but there is not many moving graphics or anything too fancy. This does not seem to bother my children you can tell straight away who the characters are and the games run ok and this seems to b enough for them. The Peppa pig game plays throughout the game so the sounds are easily recognisable to children except with snakes and ladders as this is the longest game on the disc I think you would go mad by the time that it was over if the theme tune played throughout.

      Also each game goes to a scene well know from the TV show for example sudo pigs is played in a space them just like the episode when George went to space and there is a beach scene which is identical again to a scene from the tv show so this adds to the familiarities with the children.

      Ease of use for children

      My children find it very easy to use a lot of the menus are represented by pictures so they can navigate into each game and also exit each one easily. Some of the games are simple while others are a lot more challenging meaning they can begin using it at three years old but there are also activities that cater for an older age range. Everything is operated by clicking the mouse and is easy to navigate it is just the reading that I need to do for my children.

      A parent's view

      The age recommendation provided for this game is three years plus and with a little help from us our daughter at three years old can complete the tasks on this game. She can play a lot of the games and even with some of them she can play pretty much independently so it is great for her age range. My little boy who is nearly five also can do a lot of this by himself as there is a lot of reading they still need help from mummy or daddy but this is not a bad thing as it encourages them to recognise words.

      The games are not too long meaning little one can get to go on the computer for short bursts of time as the world seems to be computerised now it is nice the time needed to spend on each game is so low as my children can enjoy their game without me worrying they have spent to long looking at a screen. Each game is around 3 to 5 minutes long apart from snakes and ladders which varies depending on how many are playing.


      The game tends to crash a lot when entering the different activities I thought it may be my computer but all other games including a Scooby doo game we have work fine so it does seem to be a problem with this application. As this happens when entering games rather than while completing them it is not too much of a problem and after a few attempts we do manage to get them to load but it can be annoying sometimes.


      This is an ok game it is not fantastic but my children love it all the same we picked it up for £2 and it is available for around the £5 mark online at Amazon so it is not bank breaking. Some of the activities are better than others but it is great for a child to play on occasionally and I would recommend this game to any Peppa pig fan. If you asked my children they would give it full marks and they often try and sneak on the computer to play while mummy is not watching. Some games are just plain fun while others are challenging and the print off option is a great addition for some Peppa pig time away from the computer.


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        11.05.2011 12:21
        Very helpful



        A good Peppa Pig PC game, though I would not spend too much money on it!

        Peppa Pig Activity Pack (PC)

        My little one absolutely loves Peppa Pig which is a children's cartoon programme seen on Channel Five Milkshake as well as Sky's Nick Junior. Peppa Pig has many games, toys, clothes, and much more out, and my little one has already accumulated a large number of these! Her latest addition comes in the form of a PC game which we picked up on Ebay for £0.99 (plus p&p), and it can also be picked up for this price up to around £5.00 at places like Amazon.

        The installation process is very simple; just insert the disc and follow the easy instructions. Once installed, you do need the disc every time you play.

        There are eight games/activities on this disc; all Peppa Pig orientated and all designed to help children develop early learning skills in a fun and stimulating way. The games include:

        The classic game where the child needs to find pairs of pictures from upside down cards, helping their memory skills. There are 12 cards so it is easy for young children and you have three options of play; Single player, two player against a friend, and two player against the computer.

        There are a choice of different pictures to choose from, each will different levels of difficulty from 4 pieces of the puzzle to a larger 25 piece puzzle.

        Aimed for slightly older children than my little one. A typical word search puzzle with Peppa Pig related words with difficulty options available.

        A little like a jigsaw, though this time you have all the images on the board but in the wrong order and it is your task to move these around to create the given picture.

        Unfortunately, this is not a colouring book you are able to do on the computer. This large selection of pictures can only be printed out to colour which is a shame.

        There are a few different pictures to choose from in this activity and the child uses ducks to point out where the differences are. You also have a handy hint button, though my little one loves to cheat too much with this!

        You have the option to play against the computer or play against a friend. When you play against the computer, you are able to choose the computer's difficulty level.

        Although not really an activity, my little one enjoys running the pointer over the characters and hearing Peppa Pig tell her about them.

        The game is recommended for the age of three years plus which I think is about apt. Certain parts, such as the word search activity, will be a little difficult for three year olds, though in the main, most three year olds will get the hang of the games almost straight away I would imagine.

        My little one loves this game, though does get a little frustrated at times due to the fact that it often freezes. We use this on Vista which is not specified on the case so this could be the reason?

        I would not say that this is the most amazing children's game by far, though picking it up for a couple of pound is well worth it for young Peppa Pig fans. Apart from the word search, I would not say that it would appeal to children above the age of perhaps five or six.


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        04.06.2009 14:46
        Very helpful



        Reasonable, but no different to many activities available on line

        We purchased this for our 3 year old daughter as she had just started using a computer at nursery and was desparate to play games at home.

        The activity pack has a reasonably good range of activities, however, some are too difficult for 3 year olds and parental assistance is required. Particular favourites are jigsaw, pairs and snap. Be aware that although the packaging does state that there are 8 activities, one of these is meet the cast which just gives information about the characters, ok if new to Peppa Pig but if your child is a big fan they find this a little boring.

        The activties do test early learning skills whilst encouraging hand/eye co-ordination, and it does help get the little ones used to basic skills using a computer, however, personally our family prefers alternatives on the market which are more continual games as each time an activity is completed, you have to return to the main menu to select the next one.

        A fair purchase if new to computers, however, there are plenty of websites available which give the same range of activities so unless your child is Peppa Pig mad, i would save your money for something else.


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        06.03.2009 12:09
        Very helpful



        Your child might start to hog your computer!

        If you have read some of my past reviews you will know that my son loves Peppa Pig , he has all of the toys and the dvds. He has recently started taking a big interest in my computer and we spend an hour most days on the Cbeebies website which he loves.

        I have been looking around for some PC games for that are suitable for the under 5`s and I have to say I have been very disappointed , but while in PC World a few weeks ago I spotted some Bob the Builder , Postman Pat and Peppa Pig games. PC World had a deal on, 3 games for £10 which I thought was very good!

        ~Peppa Pig Activity Pack~

        Once you have installed the game you will see a menu which has the various activities listed.

        You have a choice of single player , play against a friend, or against the computer.
        There are 12 cards the idea of course is to find matching pairs , my son loves playing this game it keeps him occupied for quite a while.


        Lots of options on the menu screen there are 5 easy, tricky or hard games to try. Pick which one you want and then a screen will appear with the word search. You will have a box with lots of letters and on the right are the words that you are looking for.


        You have a choice of pictures to choose from you can also decide on how many pieces the jigsaw should be ranging from 4 - 25 pieces. Once you have chosen your picture click on play , to move the pieces into place you will need to click and hold down the left mouse button while dragging the piece into place. When you have finished the jigsaw you can click on New it will take you back to the first menu so that you can pick a different picture.

        **Spot the difference**

        In this game you have to spot the difference between the 2 pictures , so you click on say Peppa`s dress and a little duck will appear. After you have used up your 5 ducks if you are correct it will say Well Done on the screen

        **Colouring Book**

        Lots of pictures that you can print on your printer

        **Sliding Tiles**

        In this game you move the tiles around until you get the picture right. Peppa Pig will say Well Done when you have completed it.

        **Meet the Cast**

        There is a picture with all the Peppa Pig characters , just move the arrow over the character like for example Peppa then it will tell you all about her.


        This is my sons favourite game you can either play against another person or the computer , you type in the players names , if you are playing against the computer you get to select a level. With this game you do not use the mouse you have to use the keyboard , you press the Q key to deal and the A key when you have a match.

        **What do I think?**

        I think there are some good games on this cd like the jigsaw ,snap and pairs. These games keep my son entertained but he is also learning how to use the mouse and keyboard while having fun.
        Some of the games such as Wordsearch and spot the difference are too hard for him but with wordsearch he likes to point out all the different letters to me so we just make up our own game!

        The one thing I like is that once the game is installed it does not need the cd so I can just hide the cd from me son!
        You can buy this game for £3.99 in Morrisons , Pc World or Amazon

        Age 3+

        **System Requirements**

        Windows XP
        Though it works fine for me on Vista

        This is also on Ciao same username


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    • Product Details

      Join Peppa Pig and friends in this fun-filled activity centre. Packed with exciting, colourful games and puzzles, children will be entertained for hours in the company of this delightful Oinking Pig. Designed to help children develop early learning skills in a fun and stimulating way, each challenge will keep them challenged and amused with their favourite puddle splashing pig.

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