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Quake 2 Extremeties (PC)

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Handpicked selection of the best multiplayer MODs and skins from the internet development community.

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2001 20:31
      Very helpful



      Quake 2 is reasonably fun to play, but quite limited and the gameplay soon runs out. This is because it is a single player game.. not any more. The Q2 Extremities are a set of 14 popular multiplayer based addons which can be found on the internet, put onto a CD for everybodies convinience. Now before you start saying, why dont I just download them? you should know that they are HUGE Total Convertions of the game, which would take a loooong time to download, and some have now been taken off the net to be replaced with other versions for other games, like Q3. Included on the CD there is: - Additional Deathmatch Maps - Additional Skins/Player Models --Modifications-- -Action Quake 2 Action Quake2 is a DM mod designed along the lines of a good action movie. No BFGs or rapid fire rocket launchers here, and not a plasma weapon or laser gun in sight. What we DO have is a mod where stealth and strategy pay off more than the ability to shoot yourself in the feet with a BFG. -CAPTURE! Capture the enemy flag, capture the enemy team (kill all enemies), and fight for your freedom (if you are captured). -C.H.A.O.S. This little Quake2-Addon is dedicated to every DM-Player who got tired of all those Deathmatch-Mods that were released that featured mass destruction weapons like the 'Mega-Super-Huge- Kill-Everyone-In-The-Whole-Level-With-One-Single-Shot-BLASTER'. MODs like "PainKeep" for Quake1 are our inspiration! Weapons that don't give you a chance to survive longer than two seconds after your opponent got that BIG BABY do not make a good MOD! But integrating items into the game that make you roll laughing on the floor holding your stomach after using them on your enemy or just giving you this great "BOAH"-Effect starring with open mouth at your screen. -JailBreak Jailbreak is a deathmatch mod in the tradition of CTF. There are two teams, red and blue. Each team has
      a base, and in his base is a Jail. When you kill an enemy, he goes to your Jail. Likewise, when you are killed you will go to their Jail. Once you have team mates in Jail, you can free them by penetrating the enemy's base and hitting the switch to open the Jail doors. Other things of note: When your entire team is in Jail, you are all automatically EXECUTED and each member of the other team's score increases by the number of players on your team. You will then be spawned out of Jail. Getting Executed is bad, so try not to let it happen by freeing your teammates. Fraglimit is measured against your TEAM score, not individual score. Note that you also receive points (frags) for freeing people from jail. -Kick KICK is a team based mod for quake2 similar to soccer. The object of the game is to kick the ball into the goal. There are three modes of play. Weapons are allowed. There's also a team deathmatch mode just in case you don't like kicking balls around -Powerball The aim of Powerball is to have more points than the other team. You can do this by scoring points in the oppositions goal (the one with their colors all around it). You get 10 points for your team if you score a goal by running into the goal with the Powerball or 5 points if you throw the ball into the goal. In the default mode, personal frags do not count against the team score. There are two scores at the top of the deathmatch scoreboard which represent the total score for each team. -QWar2 QWar2 is the first ever Real Time Strategy mod for Quake II - command a small army of evil Strogg against the enemy. Your objective - capture and control vital energy supplies to spawn more powerful monsters, and eventually destroy your enemy's Power Core. -Rail Arena Rail Arena is a new breed of deathmatch mod for Quake II that focuses on drawing blood. The only hitch is, you can only draw blood from you opponents by using
      the railgun... Don’t worry, there’s plenty of railguns to go around. At all the places on a map where you’d normally find the weapons – there will be a railgun sitting there. And in place of bullets, shells, rockets and cells? You guessed it... slugs instead. You will find the railgun is not quite as powerful though – it inflicts a paltry 25 points of damage (instead of the usual 100 points). So you’ll need to be deadly calm and accurate in this game. -Red Rover One guy is IT, they are known as the Red Rover (RED). His job is to kill everyone who is not IT (BLUE). When the non-ITs are killed, they join his team (RED) and must help track down and kill all remaining non-ITs (BLUE). -Rocket Arena2 Rocket Arena matches are played in "arenas." Each map may have one or more arenas in it. When you connect to a server, you need to either create or join a team, and then enter an arena (if the team isn't already in one). Once you are in the arena you will be put in line to fight. See below for more specific instructions. -Eraser Bot Eraser Bot allows you to play deathmatch games when you are alone and without an internet connection. It simply creates a load of bots under the settings you have set and lets you play deathmatch and CTF type games. A nice selection huh? Indeed it is, but there is one small problem... Sometimes finding soembody to play the more specialised games like Action Quake 2 is hard, especially now that many people are playing Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. But dont let that put you off, as there are still a few dedicated servers out there, full of people wanting to play. Installing the Mods is as easy as cake, if not easyer. Just put the CD in, it will autorun, and then just press the buttons. A round of applause to all the little people who made all these mods, and a pat on the back to ID for shoving them on
      a CD. Well done.


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