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Quarantine II - Road Warrior (PC)

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Genre: Driving & Racing / PEGI Age Rating: 15+ / Publisher: Gametek / Released: 1995

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2011 01:32
      Very helpful



      Before GTA and Carmaggeddon, there was Quarantine

      Yep, that title pretty much sums the Quarantine games up. Released in the mid 90s, Quarantine places you behind the wheel of an armoured hover-taxi on the streets of a futuristic dystopian city, and requires you to drive around picking up fares and dropping them off at their required destinations whilst driving over any hapless pedestrians that get in your way and tearing into rival cars with your hood and roof-mounted machineguns. Your car is fully customisable you see, and can be kitted out with rocket launchers, gatling cannons, flamethrowers and even a hood-mounted buzzsaw, which is great for tearing through the doors of cars and the flesh of pesky jaywalkers alike. You can even put a giant two-pronged retractable, spiked fork on the front of your car, which can be used to spear pedestrians and then drive them into walls at top speed.

      The game is, to borrow a term from doom, thoroughly ultraviolent, and has a similar engine and look to doom as well, with enemies consisting of 2d pixellated sprites running around in a simple bitmapped 3d world. Picking up fares pays for new weapons upgrades (bought and fitted at car shops), and the game is tremendous, simple, viseral fun, getting in there several years before both Carmageddon and the original GTA would take up the idea. There are some graet touches to be found, windscreen wipers that automatically wipe away the blood that gets regularly splattered across your windscreen being my personal favourite.

      Road Warrior- the second game in the Quarantine series, is essentially identical to the first- it has the same visuals, controls, engine and weapons, although it does introduce some pretty dodgy comic book graphics, but these are peripheral to the main game, only appearing in loading screens and in the rear mirror displays of the various fares that end sitting in the back seat of your cab. Other than this, all that has really changed is that the game is a little less sandbox-style, instead being more misson-based and linear- one level has you fighting opponents in a giant car-arena for example, whereas you were more free in the original to just drive about the streets at random carrying out carnage however you saw fit.

      Though it has new maps and some new visuals, there is nothing here that really improves on the original, but it remains a great game in its own right nonetheless. A fun, forgotten little driving/FPS game that's dated now but a good laugh all the same.


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