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Rift (PC)

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Genre: Role-playing / CD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows XP / Release Date: 2011-09-22 / Published by Trion Worlds

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2013 17:46
      Very helpful



      a good game, but nothing amazing that blows other famous MMO's (WOW) out of the water....

      Rift is a now free to play MMORPG developed and published by Trion Worlds, that takes place in the world of Telara, a world ravages by War between the worlds two main factions: The Guardians, a group of races with strong religious ties, and a hatred for disbelievers and the Defiant, a group of technologically advanced people who feel; that the gods betrayed them and rely on technology for survival, while the guardians rely on holy magic. On top of this war, the world is also ravaged by Rifts (hence the game being called rift) which are areas of elemental instability, where planar creatures will come into telara, making it your job to ward them off...


      The story of this game starts with you being revived (whether it is by magic or technology depends on what faction you pick) in a world losing the war to Regulos and his planar army, making you go back in time to try and stop him before he becomes too powerful, you then do all these missions to save your areas and become stronger, finally leading up to a battle with Regulos, with the fate of the world being in your (and other players) hands..

      The story in this game is decent, nothing amazing, but is definitely passable and you will enjoy playing the story especially due to the huge amounts of lore this game has and how all the branching quest-lines the game offers. my personal favorite part of the games lore is the defiant: people who felt betrayed by the gods and survived due to their technological brilliance, the steampunk effects in the defiant lore is awesome to read up and learn on while playing the game.


      the gameplay in rift is good, but does come around to being generic, the basic combat system is action bar based, just like World Of Warcraft and many other MMO's before it, but i do enjoy the combat of rift, because of the customization, instead of having generic talent trees, you have Soul trees which are completely interchangeable, want to be a necromancer pyromaniac warlock? this game lets you! and this also allows you to try and find the perfect play-style for you, being tons of combinations between the 4 core classes...

      the Questing in Rift is rather generic, it is the usual 'kill ten of these, collect 10 of those' quests that have come to be expected from most MMO's nowadays, and this makes questing become boring rather quickly, not allowing for long term questing unless you are a huge fan of the lore...

      ----Cash Shop----

      since this game is free to play (unless you buy a special edition of the game) I thought it may be a good idea to review the cash shop, because nothing ruins a good game like a pay to win cash shop...

      Luckily Rifts cash shop isn't pay to win, but is very pay to advance, it contains the usual cosmetics, the exp boosters seem to be needed not to break your quest lines, as without them i find myself mob grinding a lot more than I probably should be, and you can buy Armour in this game, but it is the gear you get through dungeons, and so is juts a faster way to get ready for raiding, so isn't pay to win, just pay to get to the end faster than anyone else, you don't buy power, you buy convenience.

      so to conclude, this is a fairly fun game that has a few unique twists thrown into the mix, and is free to play, making it definitely worth a download...


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