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Rocket Mania (PC)

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Manufacturer: Popcap / Genre: Puzzle

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2008 16:54
      Very helpful
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      A truly great game.

      Rocket Mania is a puzzle game that I got from www.bigfishgames.com. It costs from $6.99. I have played this game loads as it's not the sort of game that you "complete".

      ~~*~~ Game Modes ~~*~~

      There are three modes in Rocket Mania and they are:

      > Classic

      In classic mode you have a grid with matches at one side and rockets, (fireworks), the other side and a mass of fuse wire in between. Each piece of fuse wire is shaped and you need to create a continuous fuse from a match to at least one rocket. You set off more than one rocket at a time and the more you set off the better your score. There are cute Chinese paper lanterns at the top of the screen and as the lanterns go out your time runs out until there are no more lanterns. Each level you have to set off a certain number of rockets before the time runs out.

      The levels get harder and harder so you have to set off more and more rockets. My Mum is a genius at this game and can get scores way above what I can get but I still really enjoy this game.

      > Strategy

      The strategy game is quite similar to the Classic game except that instead of having a set period of time you have a limited amount of matches and you have to make as many rockets as possible go off before you run out. You can earn extra matches but you still have to make each one count.

      > Arcade

      The arcade mode is my least favourite and I think it is a bit odd and doesn't really work, (maybe I'm just no good at it). It is similar to the main game but you only get a few rows of fuses and so it is really hard to make the rockets go off. As you play more rows of fuses fall from the top of the screen a bit like Tetris and the game ends when the rows meet the top the screen.

      ~~*~~ Graphics and Sounds ~~*~~

      The graphics are really sweet in the game and very oriental looking. You get a really dragon talking to you and telling you what rank you are at the end of each level. There is oriental music which isn't too annoying in short doses although it can be turned off in the options menu. Obviously the graphics aren't cutting edge but they are good for this type of puzzle game and certainly add to the game as a whole. I like the sound effects and they are useful as they alert you when time is running out etc.

      ~~*~~ My Thoughts ~~*~~

      I love Rocket mania and have spent many an hour happily setting off rockets without annoying any dogs in the neighbourhood! I think the game really is suitable for anyone and it can be played either full screen or just in a little window so you can still use your desktop easily. You really couldn't ask from any more from a puzzle game.


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