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Rollcage 2 (PC)

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    1 Review
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      01.02.2001 04:33
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      Rollcage II, like its prequel, is a futuristic racing game, where the cars can run along walls, on ceilings, and even upside down! Rollcage II also wanders into the realms of shoot-em-ups, as there are weapons to collect around the tracks, which can be used to beat your opponents in a more literal sense! The original game was very similar, and was well recieved. However, this game wasn't quite so acclaimed, although it offers a deeper challenge, as there are many different modes to play. I also found this game to be much smoother and more polished than the original. The graphics are fast (the vehicles drive at speeds of 400mph+) and fluid. The sound is suitably futuristic, and complements the game well. The many game modes help to keep the single player occupied, and the way that completing one mode opens up more tracks, and more cars keeps the challenge interesting. The best single player mode is the 'scramble mode', where you have to race around a track which is suspended in mid-air. You have to complete the track in a specified time to continue, and things can get very tense (especially when the track gets very thin!) What really makes this game, though is the two-player split screen mode. In Rollcage I, on my Celeron 500 with voodoo 3500, it was too jerky to be playable. However, in Rollcage Stage II, it's as fast and frantic as the single player mode. As well as standard racing modes, there are deathmatch levels to play, and even a sort of football multiplayer game. If you liked the original, there is certainly enough to keep you interested here. A track editor would have been nice, though - Although I suppose you can't have everything!


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