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Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - Deluxe Edition (PC)

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Genre: Simulation / CD-ROM for Windows Vista / Windows XP / Universal, suitable for all / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-02-05 / Published by Mastertronic Ltd

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2013 13:34
      Very helpful



      Theme Park


      I have been playing the roller coaster game since roller coaster tycoon 2, and I have to say it has improved a lot since then. The graphics, sounds and the gameplay are brilliant, although it can be addictive to some people, I don't feel I am addicted to this game, although I do enjoy playing the game. I love these types of games so I knew after playing the roller coaster tycoon 2 I would sure know I would enjoy this one more especially with the added bonuses you have in this one. I do have to say that this review may be a long one to read, as this game has the expansion packs within the roller coaster game and have to write on them too, so I am sorry if this may bore some people to tears but a review is a review and does not matter on the length of it.


      The installation process takes around 20 minutes to install completely, as I have mentioned about the added expansions that get installed too. Place the game into the drive of your computer, it will auto run, proceed in choosing the language, then follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation. Once it has finished the installation you're ready to start the game up and have some fun.


      The main menu comprises of

      PLAY - This is where you can choose your game style, either follow the tutorial, go into a career, play endlessly in sandbox mode, or make a custom scenario. Following the tutorial is helpful to new players that have not played the game before has it enables them to understand the game better, how to build shops, attractions, put down decorations, hire and fire staff, prices on the rides and shops, etc. If you choose to go into a career mode you will be asked to complete certain tasks to complete the career, they do get harder as thy go on, but a lot of fun to play. For those who like to play with no limitations, and who don't want to wait for added attractions etc. then this is the game style for you, you don't have any limitations just play and build until your heart is content. If you have customised your own scenario then you can load it here and begin playing it.

      TOOLS - This is where you have certain tools for the game where you can build, edit or change things. First of all if you want to put your own family in the game you can do so in the peep designer, it is fun and easy to make up a family to put into the game, just click add family, then add family members, customise each one to your liking then click save once you happy and then you see them in game. Then you have the scenario editor this will enable the player to make their own scenario to play either by themselves or by sharing them with friends that play the game too. It is easy to do and fun to play; you can edit anything to make it easy or hard, limitations or not, certain rides and shops, you name you can do it. Then you will come to the roller coaster designer now this is a fun part of the game this enables the player to make their own rollercoaster as big or as little as they want, fast or slow as they want, gentle or as wild as they want, with no limitations of money, you then save the coaster and will then appear in your game to buy, it is so much fun, the best thing about it is, you can actually ride on the coaster once you have built it. You also have a building designer which is the same as the rollercoaster designer but you can design your own buildings to use in the game.

      OPTIONS - You will be able to toggle with the game settings, like the brightness, sounds, music, graphics, and currency and temperature, you name it you can toggle with it, and you can have your own music playing from your computer if you wish, just browse to the music you want to add then click the tick, and there you have it. You can also take snapshots within the game, and change the controls so they are easy for you. Once you have had your play around in the tools and got yourself the game style you wish to play, and toggled the options, then you're ready to set yourself up for the ride of your life in the game.


      I will break this bit down seems that there is 2 expansion packs also installed with this game.

      Roller Coaster tycoon

      Roller coaster tycoon3 as changed a great deal from roller coaster tycoon 2 in many ways. I was always on playing roller coaster 2 until this came out then I just had to buy it, you don't have to buy the expansions pack separately with this deluxe edition as they are all on the one cd which helps. Roller coaster tycoon is a theme park game, not many people like it, but others do, and there are so many rides, attractions, shops, and decorations to buy in the game to make your theme park one of the best. If you want to add a roller coaster of any type in the game it is either easy to build or it's not, you can build it as high or as low as you want it, make one in the designer although if you are building one in the designer take into consideration of the price you will have to pay for it in the game. If you're building it in game, then you still have to keep your eye on the money factor, unless you're playing in sandbox mode, which I mostly do. It does take a lot of preparation into making a roller coaster because you do have to lay down the track, so it isn't the case of buying it and placing it and then opening it.

      Buying and placing the attractions and shops is easy just click and place, always make sure it's open, and toggle with the options available for that attraction. Keep the load of the attraction to your liking, either wait for the load is full, ¾ full, ½ full, or a ¼ full before the ride will work, this will keep the queues down to a minimum, you can also toggle the waiting times too. You can enable extras in some shops too, which can be toggled to your liking this will help boost your sales for that shop.

      Prices of attractions and shops must be right for your peeps and yourself, you need to keep the prices low enough for the peeps to buy things, or go on the attractions, but not too low as you will lose money, you do need to make a profit in order to keep your park maintained, and keep the peeps happy. If your placing food or drinks shops it might be a good idea to place lighting, bins and benches nearby so that peeps can sit, lighting will be there for when it is dark, and bins to keep the paths relatively clean.

      There are such things as cash machines, for your peeps to use which should always be placed. You have the first aid tent this is a must too, as there are peeps that might require this at some stage to their visit to your park, as they can get quite ill. You also have an information kiosk for your peeps to use and buy things from; this will also boost your sales as they can buy maps and umbrellas from there.

      Don't forget also to hire your staff, this helps with the security for your park, cleanliness, and safeness for your rides, you do also have entertainers to this will keeps your peeps occupied, especially when they are queuing for rides. You can toggle with the staff's options, the pay, where they are to be working, and training, keeping the training up to date is a must as this can reflect on our quick and efficient they do their job, but you will have to treat them to a pay rise too. If you can see that a certain member of staff is not doing their job then you can fire them, or offer them training. You might find that some of your staff maybe over worked and want to walk out of the job, try and keep them in the job by offering them a pay rise and training; this often does work, and also lay off some of the jobs they do as this will help too.

      You can also build swimming pools for your peeps and now these really do boost the money in the game, there are so many peeps that enter the swimming pools, you do have to build the swimming pool yourself but it is not time consuming or difficult. You will then need to add the changing rooms, in order for your peeps to use the pools, you can make it as big or as small as you like. You can add lighting in the water, spring boards, safe guards, waves, spa's, seating, and ladders, and the amount of people you will get in the pools is amazing and looks great too.

      Wild Expansion

      This is just one of the expansions that come with roller coaster, and it's brilliant, you can purchase animals, habitats and toys, this will boost your park up. It's a bit like zoo tycoon added to your rollercoaster game, I know it might sound a bit odd having animals in a theme park which I suppose it is as you know in real like I have not gone to a theme park with animals in it. Anyway you start off with buying the habitat, hovering over each habitat will give you what animals would be suited in it, so you can't put in the wrong animals and risk them escaping around your park. Once you have placed your habitat you can then dress it up for the required animal, like bed, toys, plants etc., your park keeper is already in the habitat, they will keep it clean and feed the animals.

      Choose the animal that will suit the habitat you have made, and place them in, depending on the size of your habitat you can have many animals in there, same species obviously. In order for the peeps to watch the animals play, sleep and eat you need to open up a stand for them, which is found on the habitat menu, you can either have a small, medium or large stand, once you have chosen your stand place it on the habitat, put on your queue and exit paths and then let your peeps enjoy watching the animals. Again make sure it is open, and toggle with the prices.

      Soaked Expansion

      In this expansion your about to get soaked because this is the place where you can build your water slides, coaster, and pools, unlike the roller coasters you cannot design these in the roller coaster designer which is a shame. Once you have chosen your water slide, pool or coaster, you then have to lay down the track, you do have the choice on how you design it, and you do have a chain to help with those high up tracks, be careful you make it safely for your peeps as we don't want them flying off. You also have pools you can make where you can drive about on the water on water bikes, or dinghy's and boats, you still have to build the pool/track but looks great and fun when you have mastered it. Make sure when placing tracks that you can still place your queues and exits, otherwise you will have to edit your track or start again, once you have it safely and satisfactory then you can open it, and toggle the price and load, then watch them have fun.


      The graphics are excellent in this game, ok the people in the game are a little cartoony but the rides, shops, attractions and scenery is great. The game is just a lot better compared to roller coaster 2, and even though the peeps are cartoony they are still better looking than in roller coaster 2. The sounds are also great especially for that fact you can add your own music into the game, which can be selected in the attractions that are placed in the park. You can hear the peeps having fun, being sick, the rides working, the music blearing, it all makes it realistic.


      I bought this deluxe edition from amazon at a bargain price of £8.25 which is a great price to say you have the expansions with it as well. I am not sure you can buy it any cheaper than that to be honest but shop around and you might pick up a better bargain.


      I really do enjoy this game; my 5 year old son likes watching me play on this and will help me choose what to put in my park next he loves the animals in the game and especially the rides. There are different game styles, add you own music, make your coasters, buildings and scenario and with the additional expansions makes the game bigger, better and different to play. I love everything about this game and the fact it only cost me less than a tenner to buy is a bonus.


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