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Rome: Total War Gold Edition (PC)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Strategy / Publisher: Sega / Platform(s): Windows / ESRB Rating: T - (Teen) / Media: CD-ROM

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    5 Reviews
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      05.07.2010 22:48
      Very helpful



      Incredible Game For Those With Older PC's

      Despite being nearly 6 years old Rome Total War still stands up to its modern counterparts. I picked this up after realising that Empire and Medieval II Total War wouldn't run on my laptop. And I am glad I did, sure the graphics aren't as shiny or stunning but it's the gameplay that counts.

      There are two main modes in the game. The Campaign or Skirmish. Skirmish involves a one off battle using factions and units of your choose. But the Campaign is the best mode to experience the game. You start as one of three Roman factions set in the Second Punic War. The world is populated with many other factions related to that time, from Greeks to Gauls. Although you start as a roman faction you can unlock more simply by destroying them in the campaign.

      The game combines a turn based system (for the overview map stuff) and real time combat (When you actually fight). On the campaign map you move armies around, build buildings and units and send assassins or diplomats.

      Anyone familiar with Total War games will know that it is all about huge battles with hundreds of men. And Rome is no different. Although the graphics are a little poor by todays standards, its easy to forgive when you have hundreds of men clashing in combat. A bonus is that because the requirements of the game is little compared to the more recent Total Wars, you can up the scale of the battles to involve thousands instead of hundreds.

      The Gold Edition includes the Barbarian Invasion expansion which brings a whole new campaign set around the collapsing roman empire it also includes a few new feature such as night battles and religion.

      This is a game that I really enjoyed and still play it often. The simple yet impressive gameplay and neat presentation more than makes up for the age of the game.


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      10.01.2010 23:29
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great Game, lasts a very long time

      I usually play games via STEAM and after you finish a game, they usually give you the latest steam news. Looking through their Christmas sale items, I came across Rome Total war Gold edition for £1.24 and I thought I would give it a go.
      The download took about 45 minutes and I was soon playing.
      When I first began the game, I thought it would be really complicated as there were loads of different actions to get used to, and I was not sure if I would get into it, but I really did.

      The game begins with some cut scenes of battles, which look great (and to my surprise you can actually zoom the in game battles in to look exactly like the cut scenes) You are then offered the opportunity of an imperial campaign, which is you playing as a Roman faction to take control of the map, or a multiplayer game where you can play as any faction in an online battle, or a historical battle where you can re write history and win the battle the way you would like.

      I played the imperial campaign, and started off as a Roman faction. You start of with a limited amount of cash and some units along with a town which you have to build up.
      At first its a little daunting as you have this massive map, loads of buttons that do different things and people attacking you or asking you to ally with them or trade with them.
      Building units is easy, and is much liek any other strategy game, you just have to have the cash and time to wait. Once you have buily your units you can then take them to war.
      The units you can build are varied and depending on what buildings you have in your town, you will be allowed to buy more elaborate and tougher units.
      As you progress through the game, moving your units, diplomats and spys around the map in turn based action, you can either choose to automatically ersolve a battle, or actually command the fight on the battle field. This is the best part of the game, moving down to ground level and placing the units where you want, telling them where to move and how to attack. You can zoom in very close to the action, and see how your troops are doing and if they are not doing so well you can retreat and regroup.
      The troops have morale, and you can break the morale of the enemy and chase them from the battlefield, but your troops are vulnerable too, so you have to keep an eye on fatigue and morale.
      The troops get more and more experience as they win battles and soon are able to cut through most enemies.
      This game has been researched very well, with lots of history and interesting facts thrown in along with the seven wonders of the ancient world which you can capture.
      I was not expecting much when I started playing, but this has taken over my life and I can't stop until I own the whole map and over throw Rome itself!

      Brilliant game with so much depth, I would recommend it to strategt fans, but it might not be for everyone as you need a lot of time and patience.


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        25.09.2009 23:02
        Very helpful



        Best stategy game ever!

        Rome Total war is the award winning turn based strategy / real - time strategy game creating by The Creative Assembly team. The game has been given as 12+ rating in the U.K

        ==== Game info ====

        There are several game modes that players can choose to take part in once they run the game:

        1) Custom Skirmish - In this option, players are able to create their own battles. Here they are given the choice to pit whichever factions against each other they please. Players can choose their budget with which to construct an army.

        2) Historical Battles - Here players are given the possibility to re-create some of histories greatest battles. Usually I have found that you are placed as the commander of a victorious under-dog and are challenged to replicate the victories and prove yourself to be a military general with a tactical nouse.

        One thing which I did find irritating about the historical battle option is that players must defeat one scenario in order to unlock the next. This is particularly annoying if you come across a scenario which is difficult for you to come up with a strategy to win.

        3) Grand campaign - This is the main attraction when buying a total war series game. At the start players generally play a tutorial campaign in order to get a feel for how the game works. To begin with players are given 3 choices when deciding who to play as, all of them different houses of Roman families, The Julii who start to the North - West of Italy, The Scippii who start in the South - West of Italy and the Brutii family who start in the North - East of Italy. When starting the Grand Campaign players can set whatever difficulty and winning targets they wish, in a short game they need only capture 20 provinces. The full Grand Campaign lasts for 300 turns, players must capture 50 provinces including the all important Rome.

        The campaign is played by moving armies around a map and choosing where they fight their battles. In order for your family to expand it needs plenty of male heirs, these family members are "generals" to armies whose traits can provide both positive and negative outcomes to conflicts and settlement management. Players can choose how to manage their settlements detirmining whether they become a military stronghold devoted to defending your capital, or an economic hotspot dedicated to making as much money for your treasury as possible by encouraging all manner of trade and growth.

        I will give a brief run-down of how each campaign will run.

        Julii - The Julii will spend a lot of time in conflict with The Gauls, whether it be through the senate's command or through your own choice. Another notable opposition you will face is the Germanic tribes who have similar units in style to the Gauls. I would say this is the easiest of the 3 campaigns to choose from, the early Roman troops are far superior to the early Gaul troops and most if not all of Gaul could be elimated fairly quickly.

        Brutii - The Brutii campaign I would say is the hardest as for the most part you will be sent East towards the Greek Cities and their armies of Phalanx style troops. In my experience of this game I have found Roman troops to be rather weak against a solid Phalanx, whilst they can do initial damage with with javelins the solid line that the pikes will form proove very difficult to break down.

        Should you find yourself successful in heading East you will find yourself greatly financially rewarded. The Greek cities possess a great amount of wealth through trade.

        The Scipii - In this campaign you will find yourself pitted mainly against African nations such as Carthage and Egypt. These possess a mixture of troop types and can become difficult to defeat in desert conditions where troops that are used to that weather will fight a lot more efficiently.

        Upon advancing in the campaign you will unlock the ability to play as other factions in a new campaign, the following factions are playable: Egypt, Carthage, Germania,Gaul, Britannia, Parthia, Greek Cities, and the Seleucid Empire, the following nations are not playable: Thrace, Numidia, Dacia, Armenia,Spain, Pontus, Scythia,Roman Senate, Rebels, and Macedon, however with a mod you are able to play with them should you so wish.

        I have found the controls to be fairly responsive, the mouse can be a bit jerky and can result in you commanding units to do something that you do not wish them to but overall I find they work rather well.

        ==== Graphics ====

        For its time I have found this game to be graphically superb, you zoom in and see units up close and see near perfect details. Obviously this will depend on how high you have the graphics settings ( I have them set to as high as my Laptop will allow which is pretty much High or Highest on everything).

        ==== Sound ====

        I have found the sound that is present on the game to be very realistic, to me it is obvious that the Creative Assembly have taken their time in recording sounds that when imported to the game will actually give a sense of realism.

        ==== Negatives ====

        Whilst there is a multiplayer option in the menu, I have found that there is very rarely anyone available to play, and where there has been I find it suffers from a monumental amount of lag but whether that is the game's fault or that of the servers hosting them I cannot say. Another negative I have found is that sometimes factions can cease to exist because they have run out of male heirs.

        ==== Price and availability ====

        The game on its own is now available for a few pounds, which makes it an absolute must for any strategy fan (e.g those who play the Age of Empires franchise) and is available on any reputable games merchant such as Amazon or Play.com as well as high-street shops like Game and HMV.

        ==== System Requirements ====

        Here are the recommended requirements for the game:

        Processor: 2GHz Pentium IV or equivalent
        RAM: 512MB
        Video Memory: 128MB
        Hard Drive Space: 3.4GB
        Operating System: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
        DirectX Version: 9.0b

        ==== Summary ====

        Overall I would say that you would be insane to not pick this game up for the price that it is available for, its unique mix of Real-time battles and turn based map strategy means that each game will turn out differently.


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        04.09.2009 15:47
        Very helpful



        An amazing combination of management and epic battles, try this game

        Rome: Total War gold was the first Total War game i played and still play.
        Created by Creative Assembly, the Total War series has brought huge battles and never before seen control aswell as impecable historical accuracy to the PC and now sets the standard for both real time and turned based stratagy games.

        Rome: Total War shows of the first and best mix of turn based economy management and real time huge scale battles and with its adaptability across a wide range of PCs, it became an instant hit.

        The campaign map stretches from from Spain to what is now know as Afghanistan.
        Rome takes place in (you guessed it ) Roman times and so you must take control of one of 3 Roman families that govern large areas of Italy, the factions of Italy are:

        The Brutii - to the south
        The Scipii - in the middle
        The Julii - to the north
        SPQR or the senate - Controls Rome

        You can choose to be any of these factions but as you conquer factions in the campaign mode, you may play as some in a campagin.

        A mix of turn-based managment and real time battles
        Huge battles of up to 1000 soldiers a side
        Good level of micro managing
        Online multiplayer

        Rome: Total war is an all time classic and should be played by all and though its graphics are being outdated the solid game mechanics and amazing soundtracks remain.

        Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion is an expansion to Rome and features some updates to the system as well as the introduction of Barbarians set around the time of the fall of Rome you can play as many of the famous Barbarian tribes including the Franks, Vandals, Huns or even the Western or Eastern Roman empires.

        No longer do you just destroy all of a factions cities to destory them, now they form a horde and migrate looking for a new home and so to destroy the faction you must destroy the horde, which will prove alot more difficult.

        Overall this game or just the original Rome: Total War is worth playing no matter what kind of gamer you are and its a game that still has a large following.


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        18.04.2008 13:02
        Very helpful



        Great Game, No comparison.

        As it says in the game title this is the GOLD edition, because this game and all the other total war games are just pure gold. There is no doubt that they make the best turn based RTS's. These games simply blow your mind with the astonishing care of detail and the vast armies arrayed before your generals or captains. The speeches and the music all play part to give it such a great Roman feel. The campaign will keep you enthralled for days, no months. Rome and the barbarian expansion pack are just simply games that every strategy and history fan must buy, if they ever want to feel immersed in this world of brutal fighting and assassinations. The amount of factions you can play as is simply mind boggling and has no comparison. Each faction has its unique design and play style with different objectives and territories. That's another thing the campaign map could only be described by words which fill your mind with greatness and detail. So I and probably many others sincerely recommend you buy this Gold Edition game if you want a 2 game pack of masterminded brilliance.


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