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Septerra Core (PC)

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2003 01:35
      Very helpful



      My first ever RPG - Septerra Core had me hooked in a matter of hours! The game seems to have everything - including excellent graphics and a captivating plot. It is without doubt, one of the most invigorating RPGs I've ever played. Septerra Core is a world consisting of seven floating layers called 'world shells'. Each shell is connected to and orbits around a nucleus. This 'Core' can be considered the source of nourishment from which the people draw Core energy. Once every 100 years there is a conjunction, where the shells are aligned so that a beam of light reaches the Core. At this point of time, two keys are required - which, if used, unlock the Core and grant the owner the Kingdom of Heaven. In this world known as 'Septerra Core,' is Maya, a Shell two refuse collector who along with eight allies must fight against one of the most powerful Chosen warlords, who has set off a chain reaction that could cause the next apocalypse. Maya must travel across her world, facing diverse cultures and people from all wakes of life in the attempt to stop the evil Doskias who plans to artificially bring the next conjunction to him. The plot is unraveled slowly and deliberately with new twists materializing from time to time. With a wide variety of NPCs and captivating sidequests, the only problem is that there is no sequel. Even an in-depth analysis could not do the game true justice. It is definitely a must-have and an excellent beginning for new gamers. It has tons of absorbing gameplay averaging about 60 hours. All ten cutscenes including the intro are fantastic and as for the more 'evil' gamers like me who are truly unwilling to work at leveling up; cheat codes, hints and trainers are easily available off the net. Although leveling up is one of the major headaches of most RPGs, the wide variety of enemies in Septerra makes this much less of a chore. The plot is powerful and fast-paced, so boredom is out of
      the question. I can guarantee that once you've got the hang of it, you'll be playing day in and day out. The 'Voices' behind the characters were definitely well chosen. I found myself melting everytime Araym (Tom Ciappa) said "Shut Up!" !!! What else is there to say but...go buy it!!! Definitely worth the price!


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