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Shadowrun (PC)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Shooter / Publisher: Microsoft / Platform(s): Windows / Mac / ESRB Rating: M - (Mature) / Media: DVD-ROM

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    2 Reviews
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      28.03.2009 14:08



      Plenty of class not enough options

      a team based FPS (first Person Shooter), Shadowrun has been designed solely for online multiplayer experience. In fact the only offline things to do are the tutorials and play against bots controlled by the AI. There are no puzzles, no storyline and no cut scenes. It's quite surprising that it has some very unique gameplay. Shadowrun boasts a well balanced class system and some brilliantly implemented special abilities. As I mentioned earlier, there are the usual class types; the troll is big and slow, the elf is weak but agile, the dwarf is small buit tough and the human is just plain average. The most important part of the characters is their supply of magic which is known as essence in Shadowrun.
      Essence is used to peform magic, and failing to master that will leave the player as easy prey to other players. Each character class regenerates mana at different speeds and has larger amounts, so whereas the cumbersome troll can weild a mini gun with ease, it can't cast as many spells as an elf can. And the spells aren't just the bog standard fire and lightning. Top wizardry includes the ability to resurrect dead team-mates, teleport in any direction and summon fully fledged warmongering beasts. This is way better than firing the odd flash off blue lightning or a yellow blob of fire.
      Thats not to say that the guns aren't important at all this is a first person shooter after all, but it's just that the usual arsenal of machine gus and sniper rifles are much more powerful with the ability to pass through floors and ceilings. Make no mistake, once the basics have been grasped Shadowruncan be a fun and exciting game. But that feeling will soon be washed away because for a full priced video-game Shadowrun has too many dissatisfying limitations. Some of these may not bother everyone, but the fact that you can't change you're age, gender or skin colour or any other aspect of their physical appearence just seems lazy.
      More importantly there are only twelve playable maps, of which are just smaller versions of the same nine, and although iI'd love to say that they're all excellent, would be a blatant lie. They look pretty good, but nearly every environment suffers from being too large and having one or two chokeholds into which the player is inevitably drawn. Even worse is the complete lack of variety. Basically, you have the option of playing a varient of capture the flag or team deathmatch. This is quite disappointing because shadowrun has loads of good ideas; it just fails to rest them on a bed of good value and substance.


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      02.01.2009 23:13
      Very helpful



      Worth a punt for simply 5 pounds but don't expect too much

      Shadowrun - Where did it go wrong, so much potenetial

      Shadowrun is a game which tries to mimic Counter Strike but with magic but ends up failing due to being to arcade like.

      + Nice range of guns, magic, tech and species - Create your own character builds to play with
      + Works well in multiplayer, finds games quickly and you can also play with Xbox 360 users.
      + Fast paced simple games which require skill and tactics to win
      + Levels designed fairly well with variety
      - Not enough game modes
      - NO story and very little offline play
      - Simply not realistic enough everything feels rushed and arcade like
      - Slight lack of weapons and maps
      - Not enough to keep you occupied
      - Graphics are average and sound is not very good

      Shadowrun will provide some fun for maybe an hour or two but I really can't recommend it unless you're looking for a faster paced arcade like Counter Strike. But then again you can pick a copy up for around 5 pounds so it is worth a look at that price if your not fussy about your next game.

      Disclaimer: Review also posted under my name 'Jemzoid' this work is mine and mine alone.


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  • Product Details

    Based on the revered paper-and-pen RPG (and short run of game releases), this next-gen Shadowrun combines first-person shooter gameplay with the complications of the RPG series.

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