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Shop Mania (PC)

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Manufacturer: Big Fish Games / Genre: Family & Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2008 14:33
      Very helpful



      A good game.

      I spend a lot of time at home with not a lot to do so I play quite a few games on the PC and my consoles. I like quite simple games sometimes for when I want to be occupied but not have to think too much. Shop Mania is the kind of game where you can just zone out and waste a few hours with relative ease.

      Shop Mania is one of the better games I have downloaded from Gamehouse, (www.gamehouse.com). It cost me £19.95, which is a bit expensive for a basic game but I have played it so much that I think it is worth it.

      Shop Mania follows the story of Lewis and his pet hamster. He needs to earn some money to buy medicine for his pet who is ill with a cold but he ends up working for a very mean boss who won't pay him. (I can't understand why he doesn't quit or take his boss to court but I suppose it's just a game, lol)! You have to play through all the departments in the shop and meet "quota" every day.

      The graphics are really cute, (the hamster is especially cute), and will appeal to most age groups from quite young to adult and they are not too girlie which a lot of these type of games tend to be. The graphics are 2D but it is done well so nothing looks too strange and the perspective is okay too.

      The sound effects are quite good and certainly fit with the game. Unlike a lot of games the sounds are actually useful and they alert you to things that are happening. The music is just as annoying as most game music and is easily turned off in the options menu.

      There are two game modes the main mode being "Lewis's Story" and the other mode is called "Overtime".

      In Lewis's Story you have to fit items such as toys or home-wares into the shopper's trolleys. The items are the same sort of shapes as Tetris pieces and coloured and you need to try and fit them into the trolleys in such a way that there are no gaps. If you manage to get a full cart you get a bonus and you get a bigger bonus if it's full with all the same colour. The customers get moody if they wait too long and will eventually leave if you don't serve them in time.

      Overtime is similar but you just keep going until day after day until you don't make quota and then it's game over.

      I would recommend Shop Mania as a good time-wasting game with the added advantage of teaching kids about shapes and "tessellation".


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  • Product Details

    As a new clerk working at the world's largest department megastore, $pendmoor, it is your job to fill the customers carts to the brim.

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