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Shoppers Paradise (Android/Blackberry)

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Developer: Second Gear Games / Type: Android/Blackberry app

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2011 17:45
      Very helpful



      Average mobile phone game

      Being a Blackberry girl and not part of the increasing I-Phone nation I am fiercely loyal to the Blackberry. However that said I can admit that it does have short comings in the competition against it's biggest competitor, and the main one in my opinion is the app side of things.

      Having an I-Phone opens you up to a whole world of weird and wonderful downloadable apps and I'm certain that this is one of the reasons the I-Phone is so popular. However the Blackberry doesn't come anywhere close in this market. It does have an app-world where you can look through apps, layouts and games etc but the system is very weak in comparison and not really worth using to be honest. However I did recently stumble upon a little gem while browsing.

      I do like games, in fact I'm a geek and the more girlie the better really so when I found Shoppers paradise it seemed like an ideal way to kill those times when your bored on a train, waitin in a queue etc.

      The demo is free however if you want the full game it will cost you $4.99 (which is about £3.20 or it was when I downloaded it). I would recommend downloading the free demo first and then if you like it, go for the full version.

      The idea of this game is to create a shoppers paradise. Basically you have different maps and you have to fill empty stores with different shops and as you earn money the aim is to upgrade your shop level to increase the amount of money the customers can spend in one transaction. You are against a 'timer' which is shown by an influx of shoppers and when the shoppers slow down you know time is running out. You also have to compete with the computer who will open competitor shops in the empty slots to try and slow you down.

      There are twenty different maps in the full version (the demo gives you three) and each has three complexity levels. So in total you get 60 'missions' to complete which for the price I think is quite reasonable. You also are given up to four different aims on each map to complete within the duration or else you fail. These will range from not having any competitor stores on the map to only hvaing top level stores under your belt. I like this feature as it gives each map a different angle to work towards.

      My personal opinion on this game is that it's quite good for the first while that you play it, in fact I was quite hooked for about a month but I did loose interest after this quite quickly. It's a good simulation game but it's very repetative and once you learn to master the general gist of the game then you get bored quickly because it's quite predictable.

      The graphics are also quite poor. The customers look like ants crawling around your screen and only ever having an ariel view of things does mean you get a bit bored if you play for long periods because nothing ever really looks hugely different.

      I would give this game three stars. It's well priced for how many variations you get to try your hand at, and unlike other frustrating games you don't need to unlock levels as they all come with the ability to be played from the beginning which is good. Another reason for the three stars is that I did enjoy the game but no longer play it and I got bored after the first month. So overall bad graphics, repetative features but worth a go if you like games of this style.


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