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The Sims 2: Seasons Expansion Pack (PC)

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14 Reviews

Genre: Simulation - Life / Video Game for Windows XP / Release Date: 2007-03-02 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    14 Reviews
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      23.08.2012 20:43
      Very helpful



      The best expansion pack for Sims 2

      I bought this expansion pack soon after I started using Sims 2 as I heard such good things about it. I like an expansion pack that adds something totally new to the game and enhances what is already there. This does exactly that and is by far my favourite and most recommended expansion pack.

      There are quite a few aspects of this expansion pack so I'll just run through them and explain a little of how I use them:

      - Seasons -
      Do you remember the days of eternal Sim sunshine? my Sims don't! This expansion pack makes this game so much more realistic than it ever has been before by taking your Sims through each of the seasons. In Autumn your trees turn a beautiful rusty orange and your Sim begins to wear their outerwear outside. In winter there are feet thick piles of snow covering the ground, snow angels to be made and snow fights to be had. In Spring there are downpours of those pesky April showers, and in summer there are lovely heat waves and the odd bit of sunburn. I think this is such a cool and clever element to add to the game and just makes it super realistic. It means when you play a family for a period of time it is ever changing and this maintains my interest.

      - Gardening -
      With the seasons comes the opportunity to build and plant a garden which grows according to the seasons. From your garden you can harvest fruit and veg which goes straight into the fridge ready for cooking. This is a really fun aspect of the expansion and a great way to live a sustainable lifestyle.

      - Fishing -
      You can also build yourself a pond and go fishing. This isn't something you necessarily want to do on every plot, but it's a fun thing to do occasionally. The fish can be mounted on a plaque or put in the fridge for eating.

      - Hairstyles -
      There are some nice added hairstyles with this expansion too. I tend to download my hairstyles online so personally I didn't find these that useful, but it is always nice to have a little choice.

      - Leftovers -
      THIS IS BRILLIANT. You now have the option of putting away extra food as leftovers in the fridge. This is super useful if you have kids because they can come home from school and help themselves to their dinner rather than the parents having to cook for them. It also means so waste!

      - Careers -
      There are six new careers with this, these include: gamer, law enforcement, journalism and musician. I love any additional careers so this aspect is great for me.

      - Objects -
      Loads of new objects to explore with this expansion pack which is just great. There are also some new building tools which are super useful and just enhance this game that bit more.

      - Price -
      This expansion pack is around £7 used and then around £9 new on Amazon. This is a really good price for an expansion pack that offers so much to the game.

      Overall, my favourite expansion pack for Sims 2.


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      05.07.2009 15:39
      Very helpful



      lots of fun whatever the weather, just ignore your the stupid features!

      If you havent heard of The sims 2 by now, where have you been?! The Sims 2 is a fantastically addictive life simulator game where you guide your virtual characters (sims) through their everyday life. Although it can be argued that The Sims 2 and it's expansion packs are now out of date due to the release of The Sims 3, I still find it fun to play The Sims 2!

      After years of permanent sunny weather throughout the previous Sims games, "The Sims 2 Seasons" finally provides your sims the chance to experience all 4 seasons and the weather conditions that come with them. There are new activities and effects on your sims specific to each season.

      Each season is clearly labelled and customizable for each neighborhood from the neighbourhood screen. This is a useful feature because it means you can avoid your least favourite seasons. For example, if you want a desert landscape, it's easy to set all seasons to summer. Setting all four seasons to winter is just as easy to create a snowy landscape. The weather adds a real sense of realism to your game and brings fun new activities to try including building snowmen, making snow angels, going ice skating and playing in leaf piles in Autumn. Other nice features include the cute penguin who waddles onto your lot during heavy snowfall and the shock you get when you first see lightning strike (hopefully it wont strike your sim!)

      There are downsides to the weather. One of the stupidest features is that sims can spontaneously combust if it gets to hot in the summer. This is an unrealistic and utterly useless feature. I downloaded a mod from a Sims 2 download website which disables this stupid feature. Another irritation is the way that your sims run to the window in order to react to the weather. It's cute at first, less so when they do it about 20 times a day, cancelling out activities you've gave them just so they can gaze out of the window. Also, social workers can take sim children who are displaying extreme temperatures in their personal themometres. Again this is just pointless and a constant worry throughtout the summer season.
      Snow in winter will kill your plants which is annoying but realistic I supose.

      Another welcome new feature is the ablilty to garden harvestable vegetables and fruit. Sims can harvest a ranges of fruits and vegetables, with more seeds become avaliable to them the better they get at gardening. Sims will earn badges, which opens up new seeds and ability to talk to plants and the nicer the garden, the more chance you will get of joining the neighbourhood gardening club!

      These harvestable fruits and vegetables from gardens can be used to create healthier foods for your sims from the fridge or in the juicer. Each type of juice made in the juicer has a special effect so its fun to experiment with different recipes. Alternativley, you can sell them to earn your sim a bit of spare cash. I like challenging my sims to "live off the land".

      Your Sims can fish from a garden pond or a pond at a community lot. This produce can be sold, used as a fun wall decoration or used to make healthy meals. Again, it's a nice way of earning money on the side.

      We've had werewolves and vampires in previous expansions. With the Sims 2 Seasons comes the addition of Plant Sims. These Sims can be made by spraying trees many times. They need only water, love, and sunlight to live, just like a real plant!. This makes them easier to care for. They are green in apperance and spawn cute plant babies with daisy hats.

      The Sims 2 Seasons is one of the best Sims 2 expansion packs by far. Loaded with things to discover and explore, new activities and objects. It will also add a sense of realism to your game. If you ignore the stupid features like the combustion and the sims obsession with changing weather, there isn't much to complain about here.


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      10.11.2008 21:56



      Definitely worth the money!

      Sims 2 Seasons is a really interesting add-on to the Sims 2 collection. I would have to say that it probably adds the most to the game out of any of the add-ons that I have experienced. It allows the Sims to experience all four seasons, and some of the activities that go with the seasons, such as sunbathing and water balloon fights in summer, raking up leaves in autumn, snow ball fights and making snow men in winter etc.

      Sims can also grow their own fruit and vegetables in this edition, and fish in their back garden. This allows them to eat fresh food which "sparkles" when they eat it. There are a few interesting other additions, such as new career paths and winter clothing for the Sims.

      I really enjoy playing Sims 2 seasons because it makes playing the game seem more real. The Sims rush to the window when it starts to snow, just like in real life! They also add "want to see snow/rain" to their aspirations, and the extra hobbies are lots of fun. You also have to be careful, as if Sims spend too long in the snow they freeze and another Sim has to warm them up!

      I would recommend this add-on to anyone!


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      04.11.2008 08:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good idea, but only just an expansion pack.

      This expansion pack for the Sims 2, (Which is a simulated lfie game created by Maxis. ) Lets you add, actual weather to the game. No longer that pallid dreary same color for as long as you play, oh no. It varies.
      The trouble is, it only just credited being sold, instead of being released as say, a patch.
      As the seasons progress, you do notice changes, but not many, and it does have some weather, but few and far between.
      It can snow though, although it puts heavy strain on my machine.
      It's also allows for "season-specific" commands for your sims, such as in spring, romantic actions get a boost, and so on.
      It does add a load of new items though, such as the very well animated Weather change.
      Yes, this only barely scraped by as an expansion pack, but it's worth getting for the objects. The weather..? Well... Hmm..


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        31.10.2008 10:45
        Very helpful



        The best expansion pack to date

        I am a massive fan of The Sims and have been since the original was released many years ago.

        The Sims 2 Seasons is an expansion pack, which does as it says on the tin! It gives you seasons!

        You get the usual - winter, spring, summer, autumn (fall).

        I'll give you an over view of each:

        Winter - By far my favourite of all the seasons, winter means it snows and hails :) The snow is really good on the graphics and it snows heavy and lightly. It stays on the ground and is different depths depending on how much has fallen, and even drifts up the side of the house. When your sims walk in it it leaves trails and also comes into the house! It melts gradually too. Your sims can watch the snow fall and their aspirations sometimes hope for it to snow. They can play in the snow doing snowmen and snow angels. If you have a pond, that freezes up too! But also a warning - they will get a cold/flu if they are out too long or without a coat!

        Spring - During spring it rains and hails alot, and I've also had snow during spring as well.

        Summer - During summer, it is obviously sunny!

        Autumn/fall - Another great season :) It rains and leaves fall off the trees!

        Overall, I LOVE The Sims 2 Season, it is a brilliant concept and adds more reality to the game. My favourite expansion pack!


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        06.08.2008 21:20



        BRILLIANT!!!!! :)

        The Sims 2 that is made by Aspyr and is jam packed with different new features to add onto this really amazing game. Sometimes this can be confusing, into which disc you have to put into your p.c. for this to work.

        The expansion pack allows the gamers to have a whole new town and have a change of weather. These graphics are very detailed on the screen and the weather in this Sims 2 expansion pack is VERY life like indeed. You will be given a new range of out-door clothes to choose from, when making a sim.

        This also includes new houses already made and items for your sims house to use. You will have the option of doing different interactions with your live sim, if you have the right item, or object.
        You will be allowed to go fishing if you have a pond, go ice-skating if you have a rink.

        This is one of my favorite games and it is worth trying out!


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          16.05.2008 14:44
          Very helpful



          Great game!!!

          The Sims 2 alone is a great game, but now so many expansion packs have been realesed and have made playing this game absolutely fantastic. The Sims is game in which you control a person or a family and watch them grow until there old age. On the way you will have so many adventures, you will need to buy or build a house, then decorate it, get a job, have a family and a lot more.

          The Sims 2 Seasons is one of the better expansion packs, although they are all really great. It allows the year to be full of different weather, and they are divided into seasons. Make sure to check on the weather forecast so if you are planning to go out, you don't want to get wet! You can do much more things and have many more items. Now you can grow your own vegetables in your green house, and plant trees. The extra things you have in this game are: green houses, more trees, new outfits, furniture, you can also do new actions according to the weather, for example if it is snowing you can make a snow man, have a snowball fight... You can also purchase ice skating rinks and a new type of swimming pool.
          You could even be a new species, a plant person, all you need to do is buy a potion and your sim will be transformed in a plant person.

          You can get this game of the Amazon website for £14.98 which is a great valued price for this excellent game.


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            10.04.2008 17:28
            Very helpful



            A must-have for Sims addicts and beginners alike

            The Sims
            Maxis are the wonderful company that brought us 'sim city' 'Sid Meir's Sim Gold' and 'The Sims'. Although the Sims was a great game, there was a lot to be updated and Maxis released the Sims 2 in 2004, selling 1 million copies in 10 days.
            The Sims2 is a game where you create and bring up your own family. Buy a house for your sims, redecorate and plan the layout as you wish. Buy their furniture, get them jobs, get them pregnant and make them friends. But don't forget to make them eat, go to the toilet, get them washed and sleep at the same time or they could die! Also, getting your sims skill points by doing related activities can win them a promotion (e.g. watch the cooking channel to gain cooking points).
            At the bottom of the screen is a series of buttons which allow you to view their job status, skill points, age, name, personality, fitness, starsign, wants needs and aspirations.
            The 'Wants' and 'Fears' bars show what the sims would and would not like to do. If you fulfill a want, the sims earn aspiration points which can entitle you to buy new objects and grow up happy. Fulfill a fear and your sim can become unhappy...in extreme cases this leads to them going mad, begging on the street, talking to a flour bag baby or being hassled by the social bunny!
            Each Sim minute is one of our seconds and you can fast forward play so that you skip boring things like when they are asleep or at work. This means you can go through all four seasons in one day.

            This expansion pack was released in March 2007. Expansion packs are additional CD's that are installed ONTOP of the Sims 2 with extra themed content to make gamplay a bit more exciting. You must therefore already have the Sims 2 in order to play with an expansion pack. Expansion packs can be run alongside each other and do not clash when you play.
            Riverblossom hills
            Seasons brings us a new neighborhood: 'Riverblossom Hills' where you choose the seasons for your year (I have them as winter, spring, summer and autumn, although you could have 2 seasons of summer, 2 of winter or anyway you like).
            Each season brings you different weather. Obviously in Winter there is snow and in summer there are thunderstorms and summer rain.

            'Seasons' also means that your Sims have a new temperature bar, where if they spend too much time out in the snow they get cold and as a result can get flu. In summer the sun is hot and spending too much time outside can lead to sunburn. I love it when your Sims spend too much time 'making out' with another sim and get too hot.
            As with other expansion packs, Seasons encludes a new type of Sim which your own sims can become. This is a PlantSim which is green, looks like a plant and has different needs to a normal sim. To become one of these you must do something special...but if I told you it might spoil the fun. Plant sims in this game are Rose and Daisy Greenman. They will come and visit you within your first few days as the house.

            Growing Crops
            In the Sims2 you can create your own garden, but with Seasons you can grow your own crops from plants or trees for eating yourself, making into a smoothie or selling for a bit of extra cash. A greenhouse will help you look after them.
            As your sim spends time tending to their crops, they will achieve bronze, silver and gold gardening awards which allow them to look after the crops better, or grow new veg/fruit.
            Wishing Well
            The wishing well allows your sims to wish for 'friends, love or money'. Be careful that your sim has a full aspiration meter though, or you could get something nasty.

            One of the finer points of the expansion pack. Now sims can cook a meal and store it in the fridge to eat at a later date rather than watch it go mouldy or throw it away once they've had enough. Expecially useful when you have a hungry child that can't cook food for itself.
            Clothing and Hairstyles
            Other expansion packs mean new clothes but Seasons has a difference. Now you can change hairstyles according to what type of clothing you are wearing. So you could put your hair up for swimming and athletics, and have it down for pyjamas and underwear. Also, there is a new option for 'outdoor' clothing which includes raincoats, fleeces and hats and scarves.

            Every expansion pack has new careers which your sim can chase. Seasons includes the 'Gamer' career, 'Adventurer', 'Education', 'Law', 'Journalism' and 'Music'.
            Garden Club
            If you're especially proud of your garden, join the garden club. This isn't always easy though.

            Thought I'd mention the penguin as it's ridiculously cute. The fat little guy comes waddling onto your plot in winter and knocks over your snomen. You can pat him but that's about it.
            New objects
            Every expansion pack includes new objects and this one is no different. There are skating rinks (very expensive and take up a lot of room but fun!), new sofas, chairs and beds etc.

            Lifetime Aspirations
            If you have any kind of expansion pack you will gain the possibility of life aspirations. Now sims have a lifetime goal which if you fulfill, they will have platinum (the highest) aspiration level for the rest of their lifetime. Be warned though, aspirations (e.g. marry off 6 children) are hard to fulfill.
            Now for the boring stuff...

            System Requirements
            Obviously you already need the Sims 2 installed for any expansion pack to work. Ontop of that you need extra disc space.....
            (Taken from the Sims2 official website)

            * 1300 MHz processor
            * 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM is recommended for Windows Vista or if you are running with a few expansion packs installed)
            * Windows(R) Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98 or Windows 2000 Operating System.
            * 8x or faster CD/DVD drive
            * At least 1.5 GB of additional hard drive space (5.0 GB total is required if installing both The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack at the same time.)
            * A T&L-capable video card with at least 32 MB of video RAM.
            Supported video cards:
            * ATI Radeon(TM) series 8500 or better (9600 or greater required for Vista)
            * 8500, All-In-Wonder 8500
            * 9000, 9200, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800
            * X300, X600, x700, X800, x850
            * X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950

            Price and Availablilty
            Sims 2 Seasons expansion pack costs £16.99 to download from the EA store or £19.99 for the CD pack. It is being sold £5 cheaper at game.co.uk and is available from most of other gaming sites and stores such as HMV.
            In my experience this (along with Open for Business) is the best expansion pack you can buy for the Sims2. Introducing seasonal weather, body temperature for sims and the ability to grow your own food allows the game to be LESS centred around the success of a career. Now with the Seasons expansion pack it's possible for sims to earn money from home (and enough to live on this time) and have something to work towards (the garden club).
            When introducing friends to playing the Sims 2, I reccommend this expansion pack first. It doesn't make gameplay hard, but simply makes the game more realistic with storms in summer for example. For a beginner, the seasons expansion pack doesn't bombard the player with difficult tasks (as activities such as growing food, getting into the garden club or making snowmen are all optional). Whereas an expansion pack such as Open for Business or Pets can be a bit overwhelming (what with Sims aspirations tending towards owning lots of pets or having very successful businesses).
            After playing with this expansion pack with the seasons, weather, temperature etc., the Sims 2 alone seems somewhat empty!


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              29.01.2008 23:50
              Very helpful



              If you have the spare cash and it piques your interest then buy it!

              The Sims 2: Seasons is by far my favourite expansion for the Sims 2, not least because it brings the snow!

              The various weather changes add a touch of realism to your gaming because the sims react to the change in climate. If you send them outside in the snow without appropriate clothing they can get ill, likewise in the summer they can get sunburned. Lightening can strike your sim, setting them on fire, which a sick part of me finds rather amusing! Along with this there is hail and perpetual rain (must be based in England then!) to contend with.

              Your sims react to the weather, the first snowfall will incite excitement and ongoing rain will cause them to stand at the window grumbling. There are lots of new interactions to play around with too, your sims can build snowmen, have snowball fights, rake leaves and splash around in puddles depending on the current season.

              The seasons last for around 6 sim days and the weather is usually typical of the current season. This is not always the case though and it's not unknown of to have a sudden blizzard fall in the middle of the summer!

              Another benefit to the seasons are the boost in a certain area, in winter your sims will find it easier to bond with family members, in summer it's easier to bond with friends, spring is the season of love and in autumn it's much quicker to study any of the skills.

              The new sim skin for this expansion is the 'Plant People', these sims have green skin but no real side effects. You can 'breed' them with your normal sims and end up with some kind of hybrid plant/human baby if you're really bored! If you do too much gardening with your sim you may find that they turn into one of the plant people by themselves!

              My favourite part of Sims 2 seasons (aside from the snow) is gardening, you can plant vegetable beds or place greenhouses in your sims garden and use them to grow food for your sims. If you have a pond in your yard the sims can also go fishing to fill the fridge. Any food you catch or grow can be safely stored in the fridge for your sim to cook and serve to the family.

              Gardening is very time consuming as you must keep watering, tending, weeding and harvesting the plants. Although if you also have the 'Open for Business' expansion your sim could make a living by selling their wares!

              If your computer is capable of running The Sims 2 without any problems then you should be able to run The Sims 2: Seasons ok. However, you may find that the snow especially can cause your machine to slow down a little when trying to move the camera. So bear this in mind if you only have the minimum requirements for the game.

              The Sims 2: Seasons roughly costs around £30 brand new which is alot for an expansion but I feel it's well worth its money as it added a whole new level to the game for me.


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                27.08.2007 14:37



                good game

                The sims 2 seasons is one of the series of expansions packs for legendry game the sims 2. The game is innotive and the game designers have used there imagination to the limits with this product. There are thousands of new objects in the expansion pack like snowman, metal dector ect. The sims 2 seasons lets your sims 2 gameplay have all types of weather. From the sizzling summer, with heatwaves, your sims will be getting the swimming pool out. With the freezing winter, where the whole landscape turns into snow. With amazing weather effects, like tornado's your sims 2 experience will be the best yet. There is also new carrers.
                The sims 2 seasons is one of the best expansions pack of the sims series, i reccomend you buy this expansion pack as it offers a innotive experience that other games do not offer. If you are a regular user of the sims 2 than this is the product for you. You will have to have the sims 2 to play the expansion, so i reccomend buying the sims 2 first before buying this game.

                The system spec are still the same as the sims 2, and if you are installing more than 5 expansions than its recommended that you have 512MB of ram and 10GB hard drive.


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                23.08.2007 18:10
                Very helpful



                a must have for all sims fans


                The Sims 2 Seasons is the 5th expansion pack for the PC game The Sims 2. This expansion pack adds 100s maybe even 1000s of new objects, the ability to grow vegetables and fish and best of all weather!


                The Sims 2 is a game where you take control of a virtual person (a sim) and guide them through their live. You have to buy them a house, find a job, get married and have children. You can control more or less every aspect of their lives. You can make them rich and happy or make them really poor and unemployed, it is entirely up to you.

                This expansion pack adds loads of new things to the original game, to make the game play more interesting.

                NEW OBJECTS

                The expansion pack brings with it loads of new objects, which includes; a greenhouse, pool slide, juicer, a scarecrow, hot chocolate make and loads of new floor and wall decorations. These objects add to the already extensive amount in the game, and make personalising houses a gardens even easier.


                This game brings the ability for you sims to fish. If there is a pond either in the garden or in a community lot you sims can fish in it. To start with your sims may only catch old boots or nothing at all, but with practice they will earn fishing talent badges and start to catch all sorts of things.

                The fish that are caught are put into the sims inventory. They can either be placed on the wall as a decoration, or stored in the fridge. If the are stored in the fridge the can be used to make meals, and these meals have special qualities. The food sparkles and makes the sims hunger go down much slower. It also reduces the need to buy groceries as you are not using them.

                GROWING VEGETABLES

                You can also grow vegetables. You start with an empty piece of land and then plant a seed. To start with you can only plant tomato seeds, but with time you will earn garden talent badges and be able to plant loads of different type. You then have to water and tend your plants until they are ready to harvest. Once you harvest your plants you have 3 options. 1. Sell them for a small amount of money. 2. Store them in the fridge to use as food (as with the fish). 3. Use in the juicer.

                Using the vegetables in the juicer means you can produce allsorts of weird an wonderful concoctions. Some of the juicers have special abilities, so you have to try as many combinations as possible.

                GARDEN CLUB

                There is a new option available on the phone. It is join the garden club. If you decide to do this a group of people will visit you garden and give a rating. They like things such as statues, flowers and fountains. If your garden is good enough they will give you a membership which gives you cheaper seeds to plant. Also if you get a high rating you will get a cash reward.


                The best part about this expansion pack is the weather. In all sims games up to now it has been constantly spring/summer, now it is all 4 seasons!

                On the neighbourhood screen you can choose which seasons you want to occur. You can choose up to 4, but they can be all the same if you want them to be.

                Each season brings with it new stuff to do.

                In the winter it could possibly snow, and if it snows enough they may be a snow day! The snow effect is really good and everything gets covered. Make sure you sims have warm enough outerwear (a new clothes section) otherwise they may freeze! The snow brings loads of activities as well, you could build a snowman or have snowball fights.

                The snow does have a down side and that is for you vegetables. If they are not in a greenhouse, they will probably die, so avoid planting them until spring or build a greenhouse.

                The spring brings rain and thunder storms. Be careful out in the storms as you may get hit with lightning!

                Summer bring sun, sun, sun. if your sim spends too much time in the sun they may get burnt! So put them in the pool to cool down or they may spontaneously combust!

                Autumn makes the leaves fall off the trees which have to raked up in to piles, which can then be played with, but then have to be raked up again!

                WHAT I THINK

                I think that this is the best expansion pack so far. The weather effects are brilliant especially the snow and thunder storms. The new objects gives you mare creativity in the way the houses and gardens look and the garden club will reward you for you efforts, which is good as then there is a reason to make the garden nice, not just leave it full of objects.

                The only downside I can think of is that for some effects to be seen you have to have a fairly good graphics card. One effect is you can see fish in the ponds. You can not see this with some graphics cards.

                I think this is a must have for every sims fan.


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                  13.07.2007 22:23



                  There is no game like it!

                  This is the best sims game ever! You can now experience the full season effect. Now you sims have new hairstyles and clothes. They also have new jobs and rewards. Kids in the winter can also have snow days. Sims can have snowball fights,can go skating, jump in leaves and best of all slide into the pool. New objects includenew counters, stoves, a juicer, hot chocolate, a slide for the pool, and new grills. Over all this is the best sims game ever and their is much more suprises in the game!


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                  13.05.2007 13:35
                  1 Comment



                  The sims 2 seasons is another expansion pack for the sims 2 and it has loads of cool new stuff

                  Everyone has heard of the sims 2 but for those who havent:
                  It is a game where you can create and play a person getting them to do what you want and when you want them to. Although you still have to watch their needs save the some money by getting a job or selling items that you have previously bought. You can have kids and watch them grow from baby to toddler to child to teenager to adult and finally to and oap.

                  The sims 2 seasons is an expansion pack like many of the others (e.g open for buisness, nightlife etc.) The sims 2 seasons allows their to be seasons in the game, obviously and you can pick which seasons they are to. There would be no point having snow in a dessert it would ruin the effect or having summer in a iceberg town. There is also a lot more new stuff in the game like:

                  gardening soil,
                  orchard trees,
                  pool slide
                  more clothes (outdoor section)
                  a wishing well
                  furniture and
                  more activities depending on the whether

                  Every season is different and different activities can link to different seasons:

                  make a snowman
                  make snowangels
                  have a snowball fight

                  rake up the leaves
                  jump in to a pile of leaves
                  get hit by lightning


                  watch it rain
                  groe veg easily

                  there is alsio more places you can go to like:-
                  skating in an ice skating rink
                  shop till you drop with more clothes to choose from
                  and much more

                  you can have a seperate outfit for outdoors otherwise you can become too cold and catch an illness or get to hot and catch a different illness
                  and with all this new stuff you still have to watch youre sims needs.

                  Your sims can now become plant sims where their needs are different and they become a walking talking plant(its quite funny really)

                  It is a good laugh but can become too addictive.other things to look out for is:-
                  the sims 2
                  The sims 2 university
                  The sims 2 nightlife
                  The sims 2 Open for buisness
                  The sims 2 pets
                  and more ...


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                    28.03.2007 11:56
                    Very helpful



                    A must have for any Sims fan; just to finally get Weather in The Sims 2!

                    Ok, so I'm sure by now you have all played or at least heard of the phenomenon that is The Sims; if you haven’t you’ve probably been living in a cave in the middle of the desert, been stranded on a raft fighting man-eating sharks and eating fish and seabirds to survive or been cryogenically frozen for the last 7 years.

                    After the successful launch of The Sims in 2000, in which it soon became the most popular and best selling gaming franchise on the PC, there have been many expansion packs that take the game-playing experience to a new level. And, after the release of Sims 2 in 2004, there have been 4 expansion packs including, University, Nightlife, Open for Business and Pets. The 5th? Sims 2: Seasons.

                    Now Sims 2 Seasons, despite being the latest expansion pack, probably adds the least number of new features to the game than any of the previous expansion packs. That might sound bad, but you have to remember that ever since the first Sims game in 2000, there have been the added abilities to go shopping, go to university, buy a pet and open a business but never before in the Sims franchise have the Sims had weather.

                    From now on I am going to presume that you know a little bit about the Sims as I can’t, as much as I’s like to, go into detail about the previous Sims 2 history and so I will just concentrate on Season’s good and bad points.

                    WHAT DOES SEASONS ADD TO THE GAME?

                    Seasons will not drastically change the way in which you play the Sims 2, there is not as much that you, the player, will have to bother with this time around. Seasons does not heavily demand the player to carry out a series of tasks like running a business, going to university, and scolding your new dog Rex who has just eaten your new sofa that has taken a Dream Date with Malcolm Landgrabb to be able afford it. You play your Sims’ lives, pretty much as normal, and the seasons and weather change in the background complete with breathtaking new special effects and weather conditions.

                    What would a seasons game be without gardening? Your Sims can now plant a whole host of vegetables and tend fruit trees in order to sell as a business, eat or juice using the new juicer machine with different juices having different benefits such as increasing your Sims’ mood, helping children to study better etc. There is also a new Weather Channel on the television but I have found that it isn’t too reliable!

                    The different seasons will change themselves every 4 days and you can set the sequence you want them to occur in; you do not have to have SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER, you can have SUMMER, SUMMER, WINTER,WINTER or even WINTER, WINTER,WINTER, WINTER. This can be changed at the neighbourhood view and affects the whole neighbourhood not just one Sim household. If it is winter in your neighbourhood, the neighbourhood screen will also be covered in a light dusting to heavy snow also. When you are out on a community lot, the weather also changes depending what the weather was like in your home lot; for example, if it is Winter in your Sim’s home it will be winter when your Sim leaves the house and goes to another lot. Also, on community lots; the other visiting sims also change according on the weather/temperature.

                    Make sure you keep a check on the new Sim thermometer that tells you how hot or cold your Sim is in different environments. You need to also buy ‘Outerwear’ to wear outside when it is cold/snowing/raining.

                    Of course, there are many new features the weather offers. You can now have a water balloon/ snowball fight as a large group- (especially funny on a community lot when you get everyone joining in!) Each season has different benefits, for example love is in the air in Spring and skills increase faster in Autumn.

                    New items include ice-skating rink, rollerblading rink and my favourite a Hot Chocolate machine for those cold winter nights in!

                    You will have to use your common sense when playing. For example; don’t go out in the snow with your shorts on and don’t go out in summer wearing your long wooly coat, three layers and that ugly hat auntie Dorris gave your for Christmas- you can get sunburn, heatstroke or “frost bite”.

                    You can now also give gifts, if you have something in your inventory that you want to pass on just select the new social interaction.

                    There are also several new careers including education, journalism, law and more.

                    Basically, Seasons does not deepen the game that much but if you’re a fan of The Sims 2 and yearn for some realistic weather with new features; buy it!. Even just for that new reward item: the Wishing Well. (Similar to the genie in Sims 1- my favourite!)

                    Thanks for reading,


                    Minimum SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

                    • 1300 MHz processor
                    • 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM is recommended for Windows Vista or if you are running with a few expansion packs installed)
                    • Windows(R) Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98 or Windows 2000 Operating System.
                    • 8x or faster CD/DVD drive
                    • At least 1.5 GB of additional hard drive space (5.0 GB total is required if installing both The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack at the same time.)
                    • A T&L-capable video card with at least 32 MB of video RAM.

                    NOTE: If you have a non-T&L capable video card, such as Intel Extreme Graphics, then you need at least a 2.4 GHz processor.


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                    Head outdoors for year-round fun with your Sims! New seasonal activities await your Sims including snowball fights, chasing fireflies, jumping in leaf piles, and more. Strengthen family ties in Winter, let romance bloom in Spring, deepen the bonds of friendship in Summer, or fast-track your career in Fall. Your Sims can now explore new careers and master new talents throughout the year, but beware freezing, sunburn, sneezing, and other unexpected weather effects! Dress your Sims appropriately or face the consequences!

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