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Sims: Complete Collection (PC)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Simulation / Publisher: EA - Electronic Arts / Platform(s): Windows / ESRB Rating: T - (Teen) / Media: CD-ROM

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    6 Reviews
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      14.01.2011 01:39
      Very helpful



      It's just that fantastic!

      If you like the Sims then you simply must have this game.

      'The Sims: Complete Collection' combines the original 'The Sims' with all seven of the initial expansion packs; 'Makin' Magic' 'Superstar' 'Hot Date' 'House Party' 'On Holiday' 'Unleashed' 'Livin it up'. The implications of having all seven games in one are mind boggling! As in the normal Sims you can build your own house ready to move into, with these expansions you can also create your own holiday park, shopping mall, film/music/fashion studio, the list goes on. The levels of interaction are vast and varied, the first 'family' I created consisted of one woman who became a Celebrity, holidayed in a custom holiday resort, worked in a custom music studio, hosted fantastic parties, flourished at magic and kept a high social level by playing with her dog. Every family can do something completely different allowing you great diversity when playing guarenteeing you'll never get bored! Conversations can be based around your Sims interests and their relationships can be increased by talking about mutually interesting topics. Friendships are taken to another level with the introduction of a long term friendship meter, so your more loyal friends don't fall out with you if you don't call every once in a while.

      The graphics were not improved upon greatly, but are still of a high quality and there have been major additions to the soundtrack. The seven games provide such a varied musical score that the loading screens (and there are a lot of them) don't seem as tedious as there are. Unfortunately after the initial installation you also have to bear with the game as it installs all of the minor componants. This is not limited to the first time you try and move into a neighbourhood but the first time you visit any of the outside areas. This is to be expected from such a large game but it can still be a bit frustrating when all you want to do is get on and play. As I said though this is to be expected and is well worth the wait.

      If you are not satisfied with the already innumerable things you can create in this game you can also hop online and download other custom Sims or locations. The custom Sims are particularly entertaining as there is one for almost every celebrity and fictional characters from every medium. (I downloaded the entire cast of Final Fantasy X and stuck them in a matching house). If you create a particularly fantastic lot or character then you too can share it with the rest of the world by uploading it to the website.

      All in all the sheer amount of things to do in The Sims: Complete Collection will keep you interested for a long time yet, assuming you could ever get bored of it. Now if you'll excuse me writing this has reminded me of how good a game it is...


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      05.01.2011 00:17
      Very helpful



      Back when The Sims still had a sense of humour

      I dont think it's possible to put into words just how much I love this game but I'm going to give it a try!
      I was first introduced to this game round about 1999/2000. We'd just got our brand new Windows 95 and spent ages picking out games for it. This was one of our first purchases. The idea behind it was originally meant to be a 'virtual dollhouse' but it's so much more than that. It's a life simulator, it capitalises on the 'playing god' concept by alllowing you complete control over the lifes of your little simulated people.
      It's also my favourite computer game of all time and the best selling PC game in history....
      This pack offers the original, ground breaking 'The Sim's' game plus all of it's 7 expansion packs.

      Included Expansion packs:

      - The Sims -
      The original game that spawned the never ending juggernaut that is the Sims franchise.

      - Hot Date -
      My favourite expansion pack. Adds a Downtown area where Sims can take dates for an evening of fine dining or to buy them gifts including flowers, chocolate and Diamond rings. New objects are themed around love, including a naughty vibrating love bed!

      - House Party -
      House Party is designing to give your sims the tools to throw the perfect get together. Have fun with the fancy dress costume trunk or amuse your guests by humiliating yourself on the bucking broncho.

      - Makin Magic -
      The ability to play as witches and Wizards. Sims should visit 'Magic town' to purchase specail ingredients to make specific spells and potions with. Other typically quirky features added by Maxis include Rollercoasters and pet dragons.

      - Superstar -
      Superstar is all about your simmy trying to make it in the entertainment industry (just like The Sims 3 - Late Night only much more fun to play/better made). It may be fame as a TV, star, musican, model or even jingle artist! But with fame comes a lack of privacy. I was particulary amused by the obsessed fan that followed my Sim around....

      - Vaccation -
      This expansion pack allows you to take your Sims on holiday. Vacation destinations include beach, skiing and relaxing countryside resorts. Send postcards and buy souvenirs for Sims back home or just laugh at the bloke dressed in a giant shark costume...

      - Unleashed -
      Unleashed allows your sim to complete their families with the addition of a cat or a dog (there's also birds and goldfish too but these don't really do much!). It also introduces a new vegetable garden feature, allowing you to live off the land

      - Livin It Up -
      Livin It Up is thr equivalent of The Sims 2 and 3 'Stuff packs'. It just introduces a few nifty new objects which weren't included in the original game. Worth it purely for the Genie!

      Why I love it?
      Not to turn this into a rant about old vs new, but The Sims 1 represents a time when The Sims was a labour of love by Maxis. It was their idea, their baby and they nurtured it and made it brillant. In time, Maxis was swallowed up by it's parent company EA who in my opinion, are more bothered about profit then they are about the ever loyal fans of this franchise. This is why The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 appear to lack any of the quirky sense of humour of the original 'The Sims', hence the reason I prefer the original Sims in comparison to the latest offerings.
      Yes, The Sims 2 and Sims 3 offer far superior graphics but at the cost of half the fun and originality. For example, parties in Sims 3 consist of dancing, music and food. In 'The Sims House Party', they consist of strippers jumping out of cakes, fancy dress costume, dance cages and karaoke and celebrity gatecrashers!. Vacations take place in surreal made up lands, with fun arcade games and blokes in shark costumes. Whereas in The Sims 3, you go to France, Egypt or China....I don't want my sims to visit the same holiday locations as me, I want them to live in their own fantasy world!
      In short, this game is just a lot more quirky and original. In my opinion, that makes it far more fun and engaging to play than some of its predecessors.

      The other major advantage is that you're getting 8 games here (original + 7 expansions) for £30...in its heyday, my parents were shelling out about £20 per expansion pack! I think this gives the game a far greater shelf life because there is so much to do so you're less likely to tire of it.

      Finally, because of it's age, The Sims does not need all the fancy and modern graphics that todays games require. I had to shell out £600 to find a laptop with sufficient graphics and memory to play The Sims 3. However this game, I imagine, will run on much weaker/cheaper systems.

      The Sims has always had an active online community. Unfortunately, this community has moved onto The Sims 2 and 3 now which means of course that there are far fewer downloads and custom content available for The Sims than there used to be. This is a real shame because I used to have some amazing downloads for these games back in the early 2000's. Now, most of these websites are dead...

      You cant help but notice the lower quality graphics, especailly if you're used to stunning seamless neighbourhoods which The Sims 3 offers. As enjoyable as the original 'The Sims' is, it can be hard to go back without noticing how primitive it now seems. It's a bit like trying to go back to your Playstation after playing your PS3....

      Although I've previously stated the fact that this game does not need fancy graphics/lots of memory and how this is a good thing for those with poorer quality computers, there is a possible flipside of this too. That flipside is the fact that my 64 bit bit, Windows 7 OS sometimes has trouble representing and playing the more primitive games (i.e Theme Hospital). The Sims and it's expansions are products of round about 2000 - 2004 and of course computer technology has evolved since then. So make sure you really look in to the practicalities of your machine being able to run this before buying it.

      These games represent a time when The Sims still had a sense of fun and originality and it's creators worked on quality and content rather than profit (yes I'm talking about you, Sims 3 store!). If you can brave the poor graphics and relative lack of customisation options, it's well worth rediscovering this gem.


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      16.06.2009 22:06
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Buy it, but you're going to want the others.

      During the 1990s Will Wright's 'Sim' games were extremely popular, and in the year 2000 the franchise reached its logical climax - instead of just controlling the overall city, planet or tower, you could now control the individual lives of the Sims themselves.

      Create your Sim, choose their career and appearance, and determine their fate in life from that point on. You can make them miserable or happy, married or single, parents or childfree. You can control their environment, too - will your Sims live in a comfortable home, or be forced to endure hardship for your entertainment?

      The Sims appeals to the god-wannabe in all of us - you can be the hand from above, swooping in to deal justice (or not!) to wayward Sims, guiding or just plain bullying them into doing what you want.

      The game can be addictive - even though the original Sims has been out for quite some time, there are still a large amount of downloads out there and so with the help of this custom content you can gain even more control over the lives of these pixellated people. If you haven't played a Sims game before, give this one a try - you can buy the complete collection for around £19, and though the Sims 2 and 3 give more features and better graphics, the original Sims can be a great introduction to the world of Simming.


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        14.02.2009 11:24
        Very helpful



        A great game to have but only in small doses

        Following on from the huge success of the Sim City games Maxis produced The Sims. A strategic, life simulation game made especially for the PC which has since branched out many generations and is available on most of the major games consoles. For me the PC versions will be always be the best due to the simplicity and fun that can be had from playing them.
        The Sims Complete Collection combines the original game and its 7 expansion packs all together to give you hours of entertainment.

        I first came across The Sims about 5 years ago when I borrowed it from a friend and I was instantly hooked. I recently was able to pick up the complete collection preowned for a little over 10.00.

        The Sims of course revolves around creating your own fictional family and moving them into a neighbourhood where you build them a house and set about making or ruining their lives. There are all sorts of social interactions and furniture to buy and you can focus on their careers or their relationships, whichever you choose. Each expansion pack adds a little bit more to The Sims universe whether its more clothes and heads for designing your characters, extra neighbourhoods, new items or new features to continue to make your Sims experience as realistic as possible.

        The installation is the only problem I have with the game. The complete collection comes on four discs which take forever to install. You should always check the requirements on the back of the game before buying incase your computer isn't compatible.
        Once up and running its time to start creating your own little Sim land.

        - The Sims -
        The original game offering the basic tools to create your own neighbourhood of characters.

        - Makin Magic -
        The Sims goes all Harry Potter as new neighbourhoods and items are introduced. Spellbooks and potions are now available and your characters can become practising wizards if they stick at it.

        - Superstar -
        Allows you to build gorgeous downtown malls and even adds some celebrities to the mix. [Christina Aguilera for one!!]. Superstar is about trying to make it in the entertainment industry, whether its as a TV star or a muscian. As a result, there are lots of new items and tasks related to these career paths.

        - Hot Date -
        This game adds new interactions for Sims looking for some romance and allows you to create your own downtown dating scene. The new objects and such revolve around love.

        - House Party -
        House Party is about throwing the best, damn get together on the block with tonnes of extra items and ideas to allow you to become the social butterfly you've so desperately wanted to for so long.

        - Vaccation -
        This expansion pack allows you to take your Sims on holiday whether its to a beautiful health resort, a nice sandy beach or even skiing, there's plenty of options here and only adds further to making the universe more realistic

        - Unleashed -
        Unleashed helps you to complete your perfect Sims family by adding a pet. A cat or a dog are the most common as they become a fully fledged member of the family, though you can buy fish and iguanas for example from the new pet stores added exclusively to this version.

        - Livin It Up -
        Livin It Up was originally just a deluxe edition of the original game with no particular theme, just a few extra items and objects that are also available in the complete collection.

        There's loads to do here! Though I personally did find that having so many different things available in one game was very time consuming and once you'veb uilt your family's house and such, all the fun has been drained out of the game. The Sims is brilliant on its own or with just one or two of the expansion packs added on but with so much to do and so many places to visit, it can become very disorientating.

        The graphics are superb however and the interaction between the characters in their own little language is quite entertaining but I personally prefer to be a lot less flustered when I'm playing a computer game.


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          13.11.2008 12:04
          Very helpful



          Create Sims and build their homes, help them get a career and bring in the money!

          The Sims is an addictive game where you can create characters, choose their outfits, their daily routines and their career.

          ***What is The Sims/What's it based on?***
          The Sims is a PC Game made by EA Games. which is based on people living their life such as working, playing, having children, getting married & making new friends. (I think you can also get this game on Play station 2). This review is based on The Sims Complete Collection which includes The Original Sims, Making Magic, Superstar, Hot Date, House Party, On Holiday. Unleashed & Livin it up.

          ***What do I do/How do I play the game?***
          Create your Sims (people), male or female, white or dark skinned, colour of their hair and their outfit. Choose whether they are neat, outgoing, active, playful, and nice. This determines their star sign. Once you have made your sim move them into a house. You can even create a whole family with children.

          You can either move them into a house which has already been built or build your own. How-ever if you are a new sim you wont have much money to build your own house so its best moving into a small house which has already been built.

          Get your sim a job, this can be done by looking in the local paper, or purchasing a pc and searching on there for a job. Once you have found a job accept it and a car will pick you up from your house the time it says you work, e.g., car pool will arrive at 8am, you start work at 9am - 3pm. Jobs can vary and there aren't always many great choices, how-ever you have the chance to progress and you may get promoted which means more earning more money! There are 20 different career tracks ranging from science, journalism, fashion, education, animal care and more.

          Sims can cook, clean, talk, play music, dance and much more. They can do everything we do! You receive daily newspaper deliveries & household bills which you get every 3 days. You can hire a maid, gardener, order a pizza, call the police and make calls to friends by, buying a phone for your house.

          Choose everything in your home, from the wall-paper, carpets and tiles, pictures and choose your own appliances and plants in the garden. You can have 2 levels to your house and you can even add a balcony and swimming pool.

          When you click on a sim it will display information such as Hunger, Thirst, Tired, Toilet and more. These bars are measured from red to green. Red meaning low on the bars such as very hungry or need the toilet and green meaning high on the bars, it's a good idea to keep an eye on these as your sim may fall asleep in the kitchen or even in the garden or downtown!

          Sims relationships with other Sims are displayed when you click on your sim. (Its displayed along the bottom of the screen). Under each sim there will be a bar and a percentage which shows your how much of a friend you both are to each other. If a sim has a smiley face under their picture when viewing the relationship status this means you are their friend. If it shows a heart, this means the obvious . . In love! How-ever to stay friends or to maintain a good relationship you must see the Sim regularly otherwise the friendship will be lost.

          Once you have lots of money you can move your sim into a bigger house or even move in with your loved one. When you create a loving relationship between 2 Sims, you can have a baby together but be warned if you don't see to it enough, the baby will be taken away. (This happens to my sim all the time, its not as easy as it sounds!).

          ***What can My Sims do in the game?***
          Work, play, Party, Sing, Have barbecues, make friends, get married, go shopping, watch TV, buy a pet, shower, bath, swim, clean, cook, cast spells, fall in love, change clothes, gardening, eating out, dancing, make phone calls, order a pizza, invite friends over, & sleep . . Not to mention more!! They can bascially do everything we can do!!

          The Sims complete Collection contains all the following expansion packs:

          ***The Sims Livin It Up***
          With over 25 new objects, more than 50 new character skins and over 40 walls & floors, customise your sim's houses in grand historic Roman style or futuristic Sci-Fi Space Camp themes.

          ***The Sims House Party***
          Put out some snacks, serve up some drinks & invite the neighbourhood Sims over - its party time! This expansion pack adds new home décor choices, over 100 items, new neighbourhoods and a host of new characters to livin up any occasion.

          ***The Sims Hot Date***
          Take them out on the town to flirt and mingle, or for a quiet rendezvous with their favourite someone. Will they find true love or leave a string of broken hearts? This also includes a down-town area which gets Sims out the house to gossip over a candle-lit dinner, buy gifts for their dates or just cruise the shops in hopes of getting lucky.

          ***The Sims On Holiday***
          Take a break from that rigorous work schedule and take your Sims on vacation to the fun-filled vacation island. Meet other tourists and compete in island games for prizes. Send postcards and bring home gifts and souvenirs. Will your sim/family come back relaxed, well rested and tightly knit or will the kids fight and drive their parents crazy?

          ***The Sims Unleashed***
          Fix up your sim with a feline friend or a canine companion. In addition to adding animal members to a Sim family, there are new careers, expanded neighbourhoods and you can even plot gardens for your Sims' furry friends to dig. Remember to feed keep them fed and clean them by giving them a bath. You can even train your pets in housebreaking, pet tricks, obedience and breeding.

          ***The Sims Superstar***
          Studio town offers your Sims a chance to brush elbows with the famous or launch their own shot at stardom. For this you need to make regular visits to studio town to put your skills at practise. Whether they've come to star in the latest feature or to gawk at the hottest and brightest stars, the Sims are descending to Studio Town. Studio Town is a great location for seeing and being part of the scene. Any sim can shop at the trendy boutiques enjoy the diet conscious snacks from the sushi carts and smoothie stands, relax with re-rejuvenating treatments at one of the local spas, or slum it at the karaoke bar. Keep your fans happy by displaying enough appreciation and attention.

          ***The Sims Makin Magic***
          Your Sims have been granted magical powers and the ability to cast playful and deviant spells. Venture to a new magical, carnival themed destination, experience exciting new gamp lay, acquire over 175 new items and encounter a whole new cast of quirky characters. Jump down a hole in the ground or take your whole family on a balloon ride and- - presto! - you're in Magic Town. Create spells and charms, but be warned some will have bad affects and don't forget other people can cast spells on you too!

          Graphics are of very good quality and are in great detail. You can view the screen from 4 different angles and you can also zoom out and zoom in for a better view. Sound is fantastic, you can hear everything which goes on in your house from your pet meowing, to your phone ringing. You wont miss a thing!

          ***Did I enjoy this game?***
          This game is very addictive and an enjoyable game of endless fun. It takes a lot off effort and sometimes hard work to maintain friendships and a good career but all is worth it in the end. On the main box to this game it has got a sign saying 12 + which I presume is the age its suitable from.

          ***Where can I get this game?***
          Any good game shops such as GAME, PC World and more. This complete collection is £19.99, which is great value, it comes with 4 installation discs and a booklet with information about the game. These expansion packs are sold separately, each about £4.99 each so it works out cheaper to buy the complete collection.

          *You can obtain various cheats for this game, go to google or another search engine and type in The Sims pc cheats.
          *In this game you can get floods, burglars and fires in your house so be sure to install alarms and have a phone nearby the call the police or the fire-brigade or plumber.
          *The way you decorate your house, effects your Sims feelings and thoughts. This is also displayed on the information bar when you click on the sum.
          *Pets need love and attention too, be sure to give them this otherwise they might run away from home to a better home.
          *Get your sim into a daily routine of day to day jobs and activities, this is a much easier way to play the game and maintain all the things they need such as sleep, food and hygiene.

          ***Overall opinion?***
          Graphics are clear & good quality. Sound is also brilliant. Game play is straight forward as you use the mouse to click on the people and other options on the menu and other screens. I think this game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Its not easy trying to get into the routine of getting your sim in a brilliant mood every day but once you get the hang on it, things will become easier. I found this game highly addictive.


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            07.09.2008 15:54
            Very helpful



            A great game.

            I love the Sims. I first got the original game for about £5 the other year. It was basic but even so it was really fun. Then on ebay a couple of months later I saw the complete collection for only £20. I thought this was a totally bargain as it included 4 discs and 8 games in total (including the original)!

            ABOUT THE SIMS-
            The Sims is a computer game where the player creates virtual characters and run or ruin there lives. You can show off your creativity by building a house and furnishing it to your taste.

            The game was first brought out in 2000. It based on experiences of its creator Will Wright. It is the biggest selling PC games of all time.

            THE EXPANSIONS-

            In the Complete Collection all of the 7 expansion games that have been released since the original in 2000.

            The Sims: Livin' Large (The Sims: Livin' It Up in the UK):
            The first expansion game. Includes new characters, careers and items.

            The Sims: House Party:
            The second expansion game. The Sims have the ability to throw house parties, thanks to this game. Also new party themed items are included and new characters.

            The Sims: Hot Date:
            The third expansion game. With this pack the Sims are able to leave there houses to visit 'Downtown' where they can have dinner with fellow Sims on a date. They also can dance with there new friends. This Pack also included new furnishings, clothing, characters and Sims faces.

            The Sims: Vacation (The Sims: On Holiday in the UK):
            The fourth expansion game. This pack allows Sims to go on holiday. This pack features a new neighbourhood- Vacation Island. The Sims can choose to visit the Beach, Forest or a Snow Capped mountain. Souvenirs can be received from the holidays.

            The Sims: Unleashed:
            The Fifth expansion game released. This pack allows the Sims to adopt pets such as cats and dogs. These animals are treated as Sims. Other pets can be adopted but these aren't treated like Sims but as objects. Over 40 houses can now be built on each lot.

            The Sims: Superstar:
            The Sixth expansion game. The pack allows the Sims to become entertainment figures. Many celebrities have been recreated into Sims for this game.

            The Sims: Makin' Magic:
            This is the last game. This pack allows the Sims to conjure up magic, spells and charms. It also introduces baking and nectar-making.

            All these expansions really do make playing the Sims an enjoyable experience. The game is much more fulfilling with more things to do


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          • Product Details

            The entire lineup of the original version of The Sims and all it's expansion packs! Get the best-selling PC game of all time and all seven of it's expansion packs. Create and control people in the game where you decide the fate of your Sim's lives. With over 1 000 items and building options there's never been a more complete compilation of the Sims all in one box! The Sims Complete Collection includes The Sims The Sims: Livin' Large The Sims: House Party The Sims: Hot Date The Sims: Vacation The Sims: Unleashed The Sims: Superstar and The Sims: Makin' Magic.

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